Week 28

18 Aug -24 Aug 2008

I thought I would be too busy to visit my favourite place – my allotment – this week  as there are many visitors come from faraway land but they all love to visit this down to earth ground, especially my Mum.  Mum said that the allotment is  the jewel of this visit… Mum I love you, really love you very very much, you are the true beauty of my heart….

Highlights of this week

Visitors from HK

My mum the chief judge, is really happy to see all plants growing big and small, on the plates or in the vase, she has given all merits on all my projects…..the rest of the visitors seems enjoy the visit too…..

Produce of this week


Dug up the giant turnip to make the beef stew and while I was at the plot, I was given some young turnips from Melvin at plot 6…. well the stew was delicious with all these turnips ……


Week 27

11 August – 17 August 2008

Enjoy watching the Olympic Games on TV, watching these athletic movements that make me feel the power of human force ….. drain the sea and move mountain …. and I can dig and weed too….. my medals are all these juicy vegetables on my dinner plates….. really not bad.

Well this week visitors start rollin in ….. my niece visit first then my sisters and mother in the coming week.  They all will visit my plot and set out the judging marks ….. am I nervous ….. of course ….non…..

Highlights of this week

visitor no. 1 from HK

Nat was amazed of hows and whats on all the plants in my allotment, hasn’t seen how sweet corns growing stage and how come the sizes of potatoes can be that big, she just ‘Oh Oh Oh’ all the time ……


We have bumper harvest of courgettes ……

Project of this week


At long last the shed has been moved to the right spot at my plot with great help from giant friends …..

Well, next two weeks will be busy with visitors and friends, so wait and see the next saga of my plot…..