Week 25 – Year 2

27th July – 2nd August 2009

Constant picking at this time of year and admiring and pick up tips from others….

Here is one example of someone’s allotment….

Pat & Barry (plot 9)

A mini garden with mini pond created at their front row… attract wild lives like frogs and all kinds of flying insects helpers for pollinating veggie plants…. they dry the onions above ground under plastic cover with air through both ends and bottom… grow left over beans from pots….

plot 9 w25y2

Parsnips, Potatoes and Turnips

Decided to dig out some parsnips to check how it looks like and found myself very satisfy by the look of them….some said it best to leave till the first frost.  Dug out some more potatoes too.

parsnips & spuds w25y2

I love Turnips especially use them to make savoury Turnips cake… my first time growing of the Red Globe type is successful and definitely will  grow more next year… my plotter friends Bill and Philp who have their special type of Turnips at the plot and kindly share some with me…. all tasted wonderful….sweet and yummy….

Turnips galore w25y2

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Week 24

19 July – 27 July 2008

Just a few days away from the plot and what amazing to see all the plants taking up paces in growing……

Highlight of this week

Flower plants

Vegetable plants


Produces of the week

This week really a bumper harvest, there are so many to choose to put into the pots, the chef has no problem to whiz up any meals but where can she find the time to do it as she is busy picking at the plot…..

Sweet Peas

This is really a sweet sight with this lovely plant, they are just keep on producing these lovely scented dinky petals……..

New plants

The young sweetcorn seedlings was kept at plot 6’s cold frame while I am away, so the first thing when I am back is to put them into ground.  As Hazel was going to discard all her French dwarf beans and leeks seedlings, I rescued them and put them into my plot.  Also I have to transplant the marigold plants to new ground as the old sweet corns need space.  The butternut squash which grow in pot at home has move to the plot so it can spread its wings……..

New additions

It is a long story from how I got this two compost bins, cut it short and that is from John’s old plot.  They are quite sturdy and will put into good purpose use in the future…….

Bits & Pieces

As the allotment now becomes my daily business, there are so many to take notes on as nature is playing magic all the time, one minute the ground is bare and barren and suddenly it shoot out the most amazing things, just browse on……….

Apple Tree & Poppy

My neighbour plotter’s apple tree looks really strong and healthy and there are so many apples probably can feed for the whole year.  This lovely poppy suddenly coming up from Pat’s plot looks very pretty…….

Slow worm

Still keep an eye on Bill’s slow worms, and since Bill now leave the compost tip alone for the slow worms, aren’t they lucky living in this 5*+ hotel……

Week 19

16 June – 22 June 2008

Front View

Here are some of our delicate allotment plotters, their efforts to put their plot front so beautiful, all credits to them that we have the secret garden…….

My plot is not too bad, here is one taken from the back looking toward the front, next week I shall take a front view of my plot……..

Highlight of this week


Sweet Peas

Mini Pumpkins


“Harvesting” sounds great and a lot of fun too, the produces are absolutely satisfactory…..

New Plants of the week

Produces of the week

All these produces are yummy, feast on green that grown under sun and rain and lots of TLC are wonderful.