Week 16

26 May – 1 June 2008

Plot 25A

At week 16, the plot looks thriving, most of the vegetables seem doing well.



The radish has been a great success and all gone to our stomach. The patch of ground is now prepare to grow mooli, wait and see.


The cabbage from Pat’s seedlings has been doing brilliantly, they are Winnigstadt, a must for the future.

Chard & Spinach

Both spinach and chard are super too, especially we all love spinach and the chard has come up our favour now.


Unfortunately, not all successful as others, 2 courgette plants has failed, so I have dug out the area and regrow something later.

Produces of the week

Bits and Pieces


The tadpoles I’ve got them since week 8, and now they are one by one turn to froglets, it is amazing to watch…..

Sowing seeds

I have found that sowing fine seeds are really tedious, and by browsing on the net here I learnt how to make it easy……


Week 15

19 May – 26 May

Fleece Up

The weather in May is unpredictable as it should be, it may be feeling summery one moment and it may be back to wintry feel next. The forecast at the beginning for this week is cold and some places may have frost warning, so here I am get my plants especially the young ones wrapped up with fleece.


Whatever rain and shine, cold or warm, if the vegetable plants grow and so does weed, here come Bernard give a hand to help weedling…..

Planting of this week

Pak Choi

Spaghetti Squashes

Brussels Sprouts


Produce of this week

Bits and Pieces


Home made organic pesticide

Week 13

3 May – 10 May

As planned I’ve put in my sweetcorn and sunflowers young plants, they were all grow from seeds at home. Also I have filled in the gaps of the plot with carrots seeds, radish seeds, onions set and beetroot seeds. In between the board beans plants I have inserts 4 little jam lattices.

In between growing and weeding I did some picking too, I’ve started thinning some seedlings and crowded young veg, and made use of them to start my culinary activity, happy to check it out from Thin Out Greens from my Vegetplotlot Feast page.

The cabbage plants seems growing strong and generally plot 25A looking good….

Go back to my tadpoles, check them out this week, they seems OK with the frog in the same pond so far……

Week 10

Looking for liquid fertilizer and bump to this valuable information, Comfrey is the magic plant of its own can help to boasting both all vegetables and soil. So I have order a bock of 5 from The Organic Gardening Catalogue, hope for the better plants in the future. By browsing around found John Harrison has written “Vegetable Growing Month by Month” and got myself a copy, well; knowledge is always an asset and my vegetable’s growing success mainly depend on how much asset I have acquired…….

Easter holidays for the school children for last and this week, the weather is a bit ups and downs means cold and wet with sunny intervals. I managed to fix all the pathway with bark chips, B came with the saw and helped in fixing all the edge on all plots. The allotment now looks quite tidy.

Besides fixing all the edges, B and I has build up 2 posts for supporting Raspberry (which are growing in pots at the moment). Also remember the tadpoles from Week 8, they are nearly double in sizes……..

Week 8

A productive week: Put some of the board beans that I have harden at home green house into ground with help. Also we have set up some guard and dangling some old CDs to deter flying predators.

After the board beans, I decided to get the garlic and onions in the ground, here they are……

Then I decided that is about time to get my potatoes in the plots and here comes the potato grower…..

Bernard helps in repair one of the plot row’s edge, it was hard work, the result that make the plot look tidy and organise…..

The Allotment fox appear again, well I call him or her the allotment guard as they seems deter those pigeons and crows away while they are there, well as they do not border us much they are OK….enjoy their sun bathing as it is……..

Janet was away for holiday, she has missed the blooming of her double daffodil, so I took a picture for her sake.

Wala…. at last the water butt fixed with help from allotment neighbour Mike, the pipe joint attached and water now can flow into my butt and richer for my crops…….

I get along very well with all the allotment neighbours, Pat from 9 gave me some tadpoles from her ponds, I transfer some into my little pond at home and some left in the bucket for further relocation, they are really very cute…..