Week 31

8th – 14th September 2008

Another miserable week on the weather side, wet wet wet, even get me under the weather, had got a slight damp chill …… may so get a rest to get it over.  Still the walk to the allotment raise my spirit because there are plants growing there, they are small and simple but beautiful ….

Highlights of this week

Dashed in between the rain I managed to get some plants in….

New plants


The radish has germinated within a week’s time, it must be the moist in the air…..


Got a glimpse of my sunflower on top of roof, how come they grow that tall ………

Produce of this week

Decided to collect all the sweetcorns and keep on picking all the mature vegetables, all delicious in taste too ……

Looking forward for a better next week, but the forcast is still not stable, well I just have to dash in and out again ……


Week 13

3 May – 10 May

As planned I’ve put in my sweetcorn and sunflowers young plants, they were all grow from seeds at home. Also I have filled in the gaps of the plot with carrots seeds, radish seeds, onions set and beetroot seeds. In between the board beans plants I have inserts 4 little jam lattices.

In between growing and weeding I did some picking too, I’ve started thinning some seedlings and crowded young veg, and made use of them to start my culinary activity, happy to check it out from Thin Out Greens from my Vegetplotlot Feast page.

The cabbage plants seems growing strong and generally plot 25A looking good….

Go back to my tadpoles, check them out this week, they seems OK with the frog in the same pond so far……