Three sisters planting trial 2011

This year I have put bed no. 10 be my trialling bed for my ‘Three Sisters’ planting’… that is putting Sweet corns, Beans and Squashes together in one bed…. this mix and match planting has its own advantage for these three different kinds of plants….. 

Since this bed has been dug over during the winter months 2010, best bed to try on…..

The end result of all these three was the Squashes…. really champion for all my last three years outputs and that means I have lots of Courgettes, Marrows, Patti Pans, bountiful of those Lebanese white Bush Marrows…. Next best was the beans, my Borlotti Beans has a good year, my 2 tepees had bountiful and I have to recruit a helper for my beans harvest…. Unfortunately my sweet corns were not as my expect… mistake noted that they were put in centre of the bed as a crowd, which looks nice at the beginning but I found it difficult to access into the enlarged crowd to apply any TLC at the mid of its growing stage, therefore the yield was only half alright….

Here are some images I took for this project…..

3 sisters a 2011

3 sisters b 2011

3 sisters c 2011

3 sisters d 2011

3 sisters e 2011

3 sisters f 2011

3 sisters g 2011

3 sisters h 2011

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Week 26 – Year 2 (Christmas Trees?)

3rd August – 9th August 2009

The height of summer is here and the mid of my year cycle… most crops either still growing or maturing ready to pick… the best time to stay around at the allotment… as I have found out…

Christmas Trees?

I have noticed all the Bean Posts including mine at the allotment are fully covered with bean flowers and runner beans and they just look like Christmas trees loaded with trimmings….

Bean posts w26y2

Blooming at others Allotment plot

Here comes some flower power at the site….

Sunflowers w26y2

Gladiolus & Globe Artichoke

Besides flowers plants … the apple and pumpkins are catching up too…

apples & pumpkins

What about my plot….

This week I have planted in about 100 leeks and direct sowed in some Mooli Radish seeds in the ground…. continue digging out potatoes…. keeps on feeding the Chinese Cabbages and Pak Choi…. My Sweetcorns has growing fairly well although a bit squashed up with my bean post and other squashes growing together… My Three Sisters Planting trial seems working and in the future make sure space out further and use support cane for beans….

leeks w26y2

Mooli Radish

Pak Choi & C Cabbage w26y2


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Week 38

27th October – 2nd November 2008

A real cold and frosty week, a winter feel, as the bird bath turned in ice block.  Happy to collect all the sweet corns and dug up the ground, physical exercise in the cold can only be done in short period of time, because of the cold air I have to keep on moving as I don’t want to catch the cold ….

Highlights of this week

Here are some photoes taken before and after the frost……….

Harvested all the 2nd crops of sweet corns and pak choi ……………

Still many vegetables standing for this winter and keeps on growing, there are always something to do even in the winter days…….

Week 22

7 July – 10 July 2008

A short week to dash around in the allotment as family call for a break to Cornwall the following week.  When it said a week, that means add a couple days to prepare (packing and lock up) before the away saga and a couple days after to reset (cleaning and ironing) back to routine…… what a bumper……somehow I do consider the allotment is my real holiday dent…..

Highlights of this week

Here are some of the highlights of this week……

I have tried weedling most of the time in this week but I do bet they will shoot back up while I am away…….