Week 30

1st – 7th  September 2008

What a wash out week, more than 60 flood warnings in this country during the week and you can imagine how wet situation we are having…… miserable also for the people like me who love the gardening…….

At least I manage to dash in and out of the rain to the allotment to get some photos and get some work done …

Highlights of this week

General View



Runner Bean Posts


The rain seems not going away for awhile as the coming week still wet and gloomy, we definately had a washout summer.  Plot 6 & 7 had announced never grow tomato outside as blight had attacked and all ruined.  It seemed blight occured in continued wet period.


Week 21

30 June – 6 July 2008

Now I found another meaning of “make hay while the sun shines”, every plants seems growing fast and the  speed rate of seeds germinating also fast too, and of course weeds too.  Here are some highlights of this week, so busy that nearly forget to record all the coming and going…..

Highlights of this week


Oriental Salad Leaves


Bought from John plot 18 all these plastic plant protectors, just in time for my left over swedes from attacks by piegons or some other flying ailens ….

JCB & HandyMan BIA

Here are my JCB and HandyMan back in action to help along……

New Plants of this week

Keep on planting, the continuing produce is one of allotmenting fun…..

Wild Rockets

French Dwarf Beans

Chinese Cabbage WongBok

Bits & Pieces


I shall grow lettuces like this in the future, they are really delicious fresh …….

Slow Worms

Pay another visit to Bill’s compost bin and have a wonderful found and here they are….. healthy and prosperous….