Flower show @ vegetplotlot 2011

I can say this is a brilliant year for flowers at my plot.  As you can see in the follow images that I took from my plot…blooming beauty.

Planting flowers at the plot is really benefit for all the other vegetable and fruit crops… as they attract insects to speed up the pollinate process… my saying is without bees there is no honey, and without flowers there is no bees….

Mainly I have planted my flowers at the front and bottom of my plot… in between bed’s corner dotted some flower plants too… a collective way to round-up the insects in my plot… I think this may work for me…..

Bed 1

The front…. In this bed I have cramped in Rudbeckia, Sweet Peas, Gladioli… they are really fantastic…

Bed 1 flower galore 2011

Sweet Peas galore…. have lots of cut flowers throughout the summer… scents in heaven…..

Sweetpeas 2011

Bed 15

The bottom…. this is suppose my wild flower patch… last year I had scatter some wild flower seeds and let the nature takes the hand to see to it…It did have a very attractive result…

This year I have this Malva flowers plants coming up which I did not sow particularly, I guess it must from last year’s seeds which coming up this year… and I research about this and found that this is a perennial plant and the variety of this one is ‘Windsor Castle’…. so I have got a royal structure at my bottom of my plot…

The wonderful thing is my Raspberry bed is nearby, and with the blooming Malva not far from it…. my raspberry did have a bonus benefit….

 Malva 'Windsor Castle' 2011

Last year I saw people having good time growing Sunflowers at the plot, so I decided to grow some this year… not too bad… if I stack them up properly they may shoot up taller… by and by they look stunning when open up…..

my sunflowers 2011

Here is a clip to catch some of their beauty,…

I still looking for the name of the bee plant that I planted in between the bed… the flowers of this plant is like a tiny mini orchid and when it starts blooming… imagine many mini orchids open up and the bees are in heaven to take the nectar…… since I planted this at home seven years ago, I always fascinated when I see the attraction of the bees….. unfortunately I have misplaced this plant’s name and I given its name ‘Bees plant’… and hoping one day I’ll find its real id….

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Week 26 – Year 2 (Christmas Trees?)

3rd August – 9th August 2009

The height of summer is here and the mid of my year cycle… most crops either still growing or maturing ready to pick… the best time to stay around at the allotment… as I have found out…

Christmas Trees?

I have noticed all the Bean Posts including mine at the allotment are fully covered with bean flowers and runner beans and they just look like Christmas trees loaded with trimmings….

Bean posts w26y2

Blooming at others Allotment plot

Here comes some flower power at the site….

Sunflowers w26y2

Gladiolus & Globe Artichoke

Besides flowers plants … the apple and pumpkins are catching up too…

apples & pumpkins

What about my plot….

This week I have planted in about 100 leeks and direct sowed in some Mooli Radish seeds in the ground…. continue digging out potatoes…. keeps on feeding the Chinese Cabbages and Pak Choi…. My Sweetcorns has growing fairly well although a bit squashed up with my bean post and other squashes growing together… My Three Sisters Planting trial seems working and in the future make sure space out further and use support cane for beans….

leeks w26y2

Mooli Radish

Pak Choi & C Cabbage w26y2


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Week 31

8th – 14th September 2008

Another miserable week on the weather side, wet wet wet, even get me under the weather, had got a slight damp chill …… may so get a rest to get it over.  Still the walk to the allotment raise my spirit because there are plants growing there, they are small and simple but beautiful ….

Highlights of this week

Dashed in between the rain I managed to get some plants in….

New plants


The radish has germinated within a week’s time, it must be the moist in the air…..


Got a glimpse of my sunflower on top of roof, how come they grow that tall ………

Produce of this week

Decided to collect all the sweetcorns and keep on picking all the mature vegetables, all delicious in taste too ……

Looking forward for a better next week, but the forcast is still not stable, well I just have to dash in and out again ……

Week 13

3 May – 10 May

As planned I’ve put in my sweetcorn and sunflowers young plants, they were all grow from seeds at home. Also I have filled in the gaps of the plot with carrots seeds, radish seeds, onions set and beetroot seeds. In between the board beans plants I have inserts 4 little jam lattices.

In between growing and weeding I did some picking too, I’ve started thinning some seedlings and crowded young veg, and made use of them to start my culinary activity, happy to check it out from Thin Out Greens from my Vegetplotlot Feast page.

The cabbage plants seems growing strong and generally plot 25A looking good….

Go back to my tadpoles, check them out this week, they seems OK with the frog in the same pond so far……