Spring View 2012–year 5

My fifth year into allotment and the feel is still going strong……

Especially seeing the beautiful colour suddenly appear among the dull and grey wintry scene…… that is Spring ….

Lots of young buds appear in the fruit plants…. blueberries, black currents, red currents are covering full of buds….

Already started chitting my potatoes at my cool bedroom and they will be down to earth around Eastertime…..

Also some young plants has been started growing steadily in the greenhouse….

Here are the Spring views at the home front and those of the allotment will be posting next…..

Spring 2012 a copy



potato chitting 2012 copy

greenhouse seedlings 2012

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Spring into Spring – week 5, 6 – year 3

8th March -19th March 2010

There are appearance signs of Spring at long last put on the show…. definitely a month later than last few years’ Spring show….

Fox caught in action

While plotting around at the allotment, here comes Fox taking his lunch and having a nap…. I have to hold my breath to catch this lovely scenes…. beautiful moments…

Fox nap

Spring Colour

The first splash of Spring colour is in bloom… Crocuses galore…. a month later than last year…..

Spring Crocuses bloom

Footpath Refill

At last I have got some time to clear up all the weed fill paths with some new bark chips… Spring in action…

second refill March Y3

Steam Sponge Cake

Found this steaming method of making the sponge cake recipe online, just could not help to make one to see the outcome…. it was perfect and taste fantastic… very softy soft…..


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Week 5 – Year 2

9th March -15th March 2009

Just planting more seeds at home, tidy up and have the lawn mower did the first job this year…

The two rhubarb plants growing happily in the pots at my home front…. they are a trial and hope it will produce good tasty rhubarb this summer…..


Renew some recycled flying objects and this time made it sturdy…. with strong tape heated by hair dryer to stick it tight, this is an improvement for strong wind but have to test for gale force wind …..

recycled bottles

Spring feel is everywhere and here is some of the splash at the home front…


The weather forecast for the coming week is beautiful sunny and dry, I expect lots of activities at the allotment….

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