Week 29

25 Aug – 31 Aug 2008

The last week of August, my family from Hong Kong continued their enjoyable visit here.  They had a great time last week, besides visiting my plot, tour around Wales, Peak District, especially the Shakespeare county and this week they planned to visit both of this country’s top persons’ lodgings…..the Queen and the Prime Minister’s….then shop till drop at London and that is to buy and shop the whole England home ….. their wishes …..

Highlights of this week


Mum is having fun at my allotment especially the action of picking and harvesting, we had a bucketful of potatoes and load of cherry green tomatoes…….

JCB back in action

After harvesting all the potatoes, thanks for the JCB have the ground dug over and wait for composting to fill in a few days later ……….(for someone don’t know what is a JCB feel free toclick on the link)

Week 29 plants

Here are some highlights on the plants around the plots, the front view…. Pak Choi starts appear to grow ….. the 2nd crop of sweetcorn and the cabbage January King taking up paces too …..

Spaghetti Squashes

They are pumping up inside the column, at least three biggie and two babies ……….

Bee plants

This bee plants was transplant from home, and I still looking for the right name for it ….. they are fantastic attracting hundreds of bees which are mates for all vegetables and plants…..

Produces of this week

There are so many beans and mange touts, they are growing faster than our consume, sweet corns are ready to harvest, the giant courgette is ready to pick for next week church festival …….

Bits and Pieces

Apple Tree

This is from plot 24, really a gem at our allotment site……..

Slow Worms

Bill showed me the slow worms @ his compost pile, they are fantastic healthy and lovely, well done Bill……..


The shed stood fine at my plot…. really pleased with the move ………..


Week 27

11 August – 17 August 2008

Enjoy watching the Olympic Games on TV, watching these athletic movements that make me feel the power of human force ….. drain the sea and move mountain …. and I can dig and weed too….. my medals are all these juicy vegetables on my dinner plates….. really not bad.

Well this week visitors start rollin in ….. my niece visit first then my sisters and mother in the coming week.  They all will visit my plot and set out the judging marks ….. am I nervous ….. of course ….non…..

Highlights of this week

visitor no. 1 from HK

Nat was amazed of hows and whats on all the plants in my allotment, hasn’t seen how sweet corns growing stage and how come the sizes of potatoes can be that big, she just ‘Oh Oh Oh’ all the time ……


We have bumper harvest of courgettes ……

Project of this week


At long last the shed has been moved to the right spot at my plot with great help from giant friends …..

Well, next two weeks will be busy with visitors and friends, so wait and see the next saga of my plot…..

Week 26

3 Aug – 10 Aug 2008 Rain drops keep falling on my head…… this song has been spinning round the whole week synchronise with the weather, we have very humid wet days.  This affect most plants to puff up and the warm sunny spell in short appearance really did stimulate the growth too.  Besides busy at the plot, I have to whiz up a birthday roast for handy man, I would not miss the open ceremony of the Olympic Game too….. I shall glue in front the screen for my favourite sports for a while in the coming two weeks…. really where to find time to dig my plot…..

Highlights of this week

Flower power

The real bloom is catching up in this wet and humid plus the sudden sunny spell weather, you can see that all flowering and vegetating are doing all right…..

French runner beans

New Project of this week


The intended shed relocation has started rolling, catch in between wet and dry spell, hopefully will be fixed it next week…..

Pumpkin supporter

After harvesting and cut down the worn out sweet peas, the tripod use as the mini pumpkin support…..

Produces of this week

Beans and cabbages, beetroot and carrots…. eat as much as my hearty please….

Bits & Pieces

I have caught some glimpse of other plotter’s progress in their achievement…..very interesting, lot of successes except for one….

Week 25

28 July – 2 Aug 2008

July and August, my most busy time of the year and every years besides the Christmas…..this is because both my children birthdays are within two weeks, summer breaks means hosting their friends and our friends and relatives….. and come to realise that this is the high time of the allotment too, well isn’t it wonderful that life is so full of events that boredom is unthinkable ……………..

Highlight of this week


The tomato plants ‘money maker’ starting its ripening process …………

Sweet corn

So does the first crop of sweet corns, the rain can help to puff up ………


Courgettes are harvesting in large, both quantity and sizes, about to run out with recipes to do with them……

Mini Pumpkin

They are puffing up in sizes …………….

Flower power

Gladioli now in full bloom and so does marigolds and sweet peas, keeping all the flying insects frenzies …

Produces of this week

Lots of produces these days, still the fast eating cannot match up with the rate of produces……look at my turnip, like a football, took us four meals the consume it… stew, tarts,stir fry…..yum yum….

New project – shed

Bought a second hand half shed from John’s plot, ending up working full force in building from foundation, thanks both the handy man and JCB to contribute their strength and time…… just watch this space in the coming weeks …..

New plants of this week

January King

Put in six January King cabbages…….

Bits & Pieces

Just for inform, the first time seeing the flower form of globe artichoke …