Week 12 – Year 2

27th April – 3rd May 2009

Wet wet wet this week to start with……

The beginning of a new month with promising a month of growth in agricultural products…. the rain do a lot of good to the ground for the growth…

Highlights for the week:

Bee plant… my name to it as it does attract a lot of bees and flying insects, the orchid like mini flowers are most beautiful and attractive, I transplant them from home to the allotment and it seems growing fine there.. and this is the second year there and it has a lot of new shoots coming up… looks like a promise….

My salad corner, seedling bed, beetroot, parsnips and Jerusalem artichoke plants are thriving, especially the Jerusalem Artichokes where I have left some roots from last year and they have new one shooting up, so I have the gold dust for this year again…..

bee plant salad corner seedlings w12y2 beetroot

parsnips Jerusalem Artichokes


The report on the potato growth is OK, they have been in the ground 4 weeks old now, the first early type are shooting up fine and the main crops has showing lives too, Bernard (my JCB) has been busy earthling up with 2 x 100 litres multi composts around them …..

potato view w12y2


The most exciting thing in allotment is the harvest picking, there are a lot from my plot even as early as in the year… I have not waste all my effort and they are so yummy to taste…

Harvast w12y2 board beans' tip

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