Fantastic beans – my Trinity 2012

My Trinity apply to the Runner Beans, Climbing Beans and Borlotti Beans…… I put them all in one whole row at bed no. 8 this year 2012….

I have constructed the beans supported frame with special care and planning….. noticed that the weather can destruct any weak workmanship in the past…. my frame was built with lots of canes and steel poles and it has stood real wonder this year…. Also the bed has been used as compost trench during the winter months…. with all the goodies underground…. the result harvest was very satisfactory….

June view…. at the beginning of June, the young beans started to move upwards….

beginning of June 12 copy

July view….. from mid of July the runner beans has taken off like true runners…. beans flowers blooming and young beans has formed….

end of July 12

August has been the busiest time to gather runner beans… they grow faster than I gather….

runner beans at Aug 12 copy

Here are the runner beans… the variety ‘Liberty’ from Bert….. another name is ‘Long as an arm’…..

Liberty runner beans 2012

Next is the climbing beans…. catching up with the runner beans……

climbing beans Aug 12 copy

‘Cobra’ the variety I planted this year…. used in lots of stir fried recipes….

cobra climbing bean 2012

Finally the Borlotti beans has appeared in August and continue forming till late September…..

Borlotti beans Sept 12 copy

Have collected lots of Borlotti beans, after drying them for a while, shelling them gave lots of pleasure…. like the jewels popping out one by one… the nature artist has painted each bean a master piece with vibrant and subtle colour all at once…. love it all….

borlotti beans harvest copy

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Three sisters planting trial 2011

This year I have put bed no. 10 be my trialling bed for my ‘Three Sisters’ planting’… that is putting Sweet corns, Beans and Squashes together in one bed…. this mix and match planting has its own advantage for these three different kinds of plants….. 

Since this bed has been dug over during the winter months 2010, best bed to try on…..

The end result of all these three was the Squashes…. really champion for all my last three years outputs and that means I have lots of Courgettes, Marrows, Patti Pans, bountiful of those Lebanese white Bush Marrows…. Next best was the beans, my Borlotti Beans has a good year, my 2 tepees had bountiful and I have to recruit a helper for my beans harvest…. Unfortunately my sweet corns were not as my expect… mistake noted that they were put in centre of the bed as a crowd, which looks nice at the beginning but I found it difficult to access into the enlarged crowd to apply any TLC at the mid of its growing stage, therefore the yield was only half alright….

Here are some images I took for this project…..

3 sisters a 2011

3 sisters b 2011

3 sisters c 2011

3 sisters d 2011

3 sisters e 2011

3 sisters f 2011

3 sisters g 2011

3 sisters h 2011

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Height of the summer… July… year 3

Weeds are blooming and growing wild…. that is the down drill of gardening… whatever tools to use to get rid of them, you still have to kowtow hand pick them out or they’ll come back in double and treble….. But at the same time the good bits are the plants purposely planted in are doing the growing beautifully well too……

The on Growing…


All the beans included Borletto beans, Climbing beans and Runner beans are starting producing lots of beans…… the best of all and I like most is the Climbing beans… I just can’t eat enough of them…

Beans galore 1


I planted all the summer squashes included Courgettes, Patty Pan, De Nice round courgette and Lebanese together with Sweetcorns within the Beans bed, they are producing lots lots of squashes….


Spaghetti Squashes

At Bed 3, 4 and 8 I have planted in a few Spaghetti Squashes and so far they are in good growing form…. I am still figuring how to make a supporting frame to hold up squashes….

Spaghetti Squash


Lots of my Sweet Million tomato are appearing on my row of tomato plants….. Bed 13…

Tomato copy

Wild Flowers

My wild flower patch at Bed 15 is blooming, the hidden pond is now frequent visited by frogs….

WildFlower Patch


The beginning of many picking at this time of year… squashes, beans, spinach, turnips, potatoes etc. etc…… I just love to pop down to the allotment picking armful of goodies…. what a wonderful feel…..

Harvest 1

Harvest 2


After dug up all the potatoes at Bed 9 at the end of this month, we have the whole bed dug over with lots of manure…. both pathways have created and filled with new bark chips….

new pathway

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Week 20

23 June – 30 June 2008

Front View

The last week of June and here I came to week 20 of my allotmenting, so far so good, enjoying every moment working out there. Here is the front view I promised to post up this week…..

Plants List

Doing a bit of calculation of how many plants I have within this 127 square yards, and this is the list so far….

Highlights of this week

Every plants are growing fine, especially the runner beans and the spaghetti squashes……..

Runner Beans

Spaghetti Squashes

JCB+HandyMan BIA (back in action)


The produces from the allotment are now constantly making progress,,,,,,bountiful …..deliciously yummy…

New plants of this week

Here are some newly plants into the plot……

Bits & Pieces


Thank goodness not in my plot, this happened at plot 10, all cabbages stripped off by pigeons…….. so netting is vital to protect all your hard work…..

Week 11

19th April to 26th April 2008

A lot have been done this week, especially raising up the front edge, it took Bernard some manly power to dig and fill to make it look nice.

I have also designed the plot plate and now is up at the front, looks quite nice.

The sudden warmth air did it, made me feel that Spring is here, so I decided to immediate wire up the posts and planted in all those berries plants that I have got them since week 3, they are the raspberry, tayberry, blackberry and gooseberry.

April shower does good for plants, see my onions are shooting up….

I have planted in my sweetpeas and runner beans in this week too, as they both have been in the cold frame for more than 2 weeks and they should have harden enough to stand for themselves, touch wood and cross my fingers…………….

Fred from plot 13 had gave me some lattice seedlings and here they are, well protect from pigeons and slugs……