Easter season – Week 7 – Year 3

End week of March 2010

Here comes the busy Easter Festival… I said, as it is really a celebration of the  reborn, relive and refresh for all…. as a church goer and believer, this is another big time besides Christmas… busy both in mind and physical….

My favourite hymn at this time of the year… Now the Green Blade Rises… great lyrics and soothing hopeful tune….


Noted that new grasses has appeared in the newly dug footpath by JCB, at last we shall walk on balance steps in the coming years ….



We decided to plant in the First Early potatoes in Bed 4 and Bed 6…. traditional saying that plant in potato around Easter time and gradually plant in First Early, Second Early and then Main Crops…. My First Early are Arran Pilot, Foremost and Pentland Javelin and I have only limited space to plant in this year’s First Early potatoes… as I am well advised not to grow potatoes in the same spot in concession at least 2 years… rotation… rotation and rotation…..

Early potatoes w7y3


My spring salad radish has germinated well… looking forward to have some munch…..


Easter Feast

I couldn’t help to upload this photo of my loved main character of this festival feast, it has served us well satisfactory and have great honour on our table… thank Lord of our great bounty….

Feast for Easter

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Beginning of March – year 3

Beginning of March 2010…..week 3 & 4 Year 3

JCB in action

This part of the path has been slopping to one side for sometime, in fact long before we took over the plot, we have been walking on this part of the path in an unbalance way that something has to be done to make it right….. so here comes my loved JCB…. first task of this year…. to balance the walking path….


There we are having Parsnips for tea, they are from Fred’s plot, he kindly share some of his last year grown and this year’s very early harvest……


In Bed 8, I have sowed 2 small rows of Radish seeds…. 25th Feb 2010….

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Week 11 – Year 2

20th April – 26th April 2009

Pick lots of radish for salad lunch…. just like them young and crunch and have to pick them before the slugs… a competition with the pest…. last year they won first round, this time I am looking out….


Onion & Beetroot

Put in all the onions set that I bought sometime ago…. also planted in the seedlings of beetroot…

onion sets


Cabbage: Spring Hero

the cabbage just looking good and taste yummy… the thing is I put in 39 Spring Hero cabbages and only 2 passed away in mid of the winter, I have 37 cabbage to consume, well obviously not all at the same time, even I have given out a few to friends and plotters still have a lot to munch on.. feeling very satisfactory to have this wonderful achievement… from week 33 last year late September grounded the seedling at the plot…

spring hero

Tea Leaves compost

Tea leaves composting…. which I have tried to recycle the tea leave from those used tea bags… although they can be recycled the whole inside the compost bin, I decided to get the tea leaves out and use it as a concentrated compost to put in around young plants… a booster drink for the plants growth…

tea leaves 1

tea leaves 2 tea leaves 3

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Week 10 – Year 2

13th April – 19th April 2009

Suppose raining most of the week, but the rain cloud must have slip 1 degree further away and we have dry sunny beautiful Spring days for the week….

Lots of activities at the plot… transplanting, JCB project, seeds sowing and harvesting…. and some highlight of the season….


Sowed some more seeds and they are runner beans, climbing beans and mousy squashes, I soaked them overnight before sowed in pots later replant them at the plot…


New Plants to the plot

Put some flower plants at strategic areas where companion planting flourish… David from plot 23B gave me some of his germinated onion seedlings and I have popped them in the plot…. during the week I have planted in my germinated Lettuce, Salad Rockets and beetroot… also planted in the main crops potatoes Desiree…..

new plants 2 new plants 3

new plants 1

Harvest – Radish

Well, my best harvest at this time is Radish, they look so pretty like Ruby jewel on the ground, and the new season always taste better…. young, crunchy, fresh, sweet and lush….

radish w10y2

Projects – Painting & Patio

During the holidays both my favourite handy men (JCB) started paving a small patio in front of my wooden sheds plus put a coat of paint to the shed…. aren’t they deserve well fed?!….



Highlights – Slow worms, Apple Blossom, Hoops Pipe and Bees

There are lots of highlights when new season just began and different activates and happening at the allotment…. such as Slow worms are stirring around after hyphenated from the winter months…. thank you Bill keeping the compost bin nice and warm special for the slow worms…

slow worm w10y2

Bees are busy doing their pollinating job….


The blooming of the apple tree is a delightful view for all….

apple blossoms

Lots of Hoops Pipe erected around at the allotment, a genius idea for keeping the berries for human consume instead of birdies…..


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Week 33

22nd – 28th September 2008

Nearly the end of the month, we definately not have any seriously heatwave this year, and to my memory I have not use the fans that I had prepared when supposed summer started in June….. but I like this cool weather instead the furious heat hot summer….. Well this week the sun is out beautifully during the day and the best place to go, of course the allotment …. to tend my plants and soil ….

Highlights of this week

This is the first time use the gallery to upload the above photos, it seems quicker to use this way, but I shall use all the captions and photo magic to describe the link of these photoes.  More learning and….

Next week is excited and fun as dual core motherboard, window vista and new kits are bought to upgrade the computing system, plenty of anxiety to chew on…….

Week 31

8th – 14th September 2008

Another miserable week on the weather side, wet wet wet, even get me under the weather, had got a slight damp chill …… may so get a rest to get it over.  Still the walk to the allotment raise my spirit because there are plants growing there, they are small and simple but beautiful ….

Highlights of this week

Dashed in between the rain I managed to get some plants in….

New plants


The radish has germinated within a week’s time, it must be the moist in the air…..


Got a glimpse of my sunflower on top of roof, how come they grow that tall ………

Produce of this week

Decided to collect all the sweetcorns and keep on picking all the mature vegetables, all delicious in taste too ……

Looking forward for a better next week, but the forcast is still not stable, well I just have to dash in and out again ……

Week 30

1st – 7th  September 2008

What a wash out week, more than 60 flood warnings in this country during the week and you can imagine how wet situation we are having…… miserable also for the people like me who love the gardening…….

At least I manage to dash in and out of the rain to the allotment to get some photos and get some work done …

Highlights of this week

General View



Runner Bean Posts


The rain seems not going away for awhile as the coming week still wet and gloomy, we definately had a washout summer.  Plot 6 & 7 had announced never grow tomato outside as blight had attacked and all ruined.  It seemed blight occured in continued wet period.