Bumper Produces of October – Year 3

I have to add this second post for October as there are so much to record….  besides the fall of the big tree… digging trenches and the itching wild fox…. My very joy is the outcome of all the hard work…

Pumpkins and Squashes

Before I am to show off this year’s Pumpkins and Squashes, I have to post the images how the work of God’s art in the display of the plants…. could not believe a tiny seed can flourish the beauty of all those vines, leaves and giant yellowish flowers…. and the squashes are all hidden under the layers of leaves and vines…. amazing…

Squashes plants1 copy

Squashes plants2 copy

Here are the lots of Pumpkins and Squashes I have been harvested from my plot….

Pumpkins & Squashes1 copy

Pumpkins & Squashes2 copy

Harvest Galore

I am very pleased with the Pak Choy, Chinese Green Rocket Cabbage, Fennels, Raspberry and ….

Pak Choi1 copy

Green Rocket cabbage copy

Fennels1 copy


Growing successful this year and they have met my merit and my steamed Mooli cake is really yummy….


Besides  Mooli cake, here are some more feasting dishes for the month…..

4 inches high chocolate cake….

4 inches tall Chocolate Cake copy

Make use the Raspberry Coulis to sandwich sponge cake, this one with cream and strawberry too….

Raspberry Couli Cake copy

Besides Mooli cake, here is Mooli and Potatoes curry……

Mooli & Spud curry copy

Mooli cake… one more to look at….

Mooli Cake copy

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September Bliss – year 3

September 2010

There are always jobs when there is a plot ….. I mean allotment plot….


Bed number 10 has been dug out a trench by my loving JCB for composting…. well prepare for my three sisters planting in the coming new year……


This is the month to finish digging out all the main crop potatoes…. I have store them in sacks in the garage… not too bad this year and expected the stock will last till next Spring…

last dug spuds copy

Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes

The Spaghetti Squashes and Pumpkins are looking good… lots of pumpkin flowers and those tuned into pumpkins are pumping up even though mines are mini pumpkins origin…. Suddenly the Spaghetti Squashes plants are growing up and up and I have a few mounts of them in my beds…..

pumkin glow copy

Spaghetti Squashes view copy

Wild Patch

My wild flower patch has its height of showing off the full colour…. notice some lodgers are happy at my provided lodging place…. (frogs in my pond)

going wild copy

plot friend copy

Home sown & Home grown

I have sown some more Pak Choy, Spring Cabbages and winter onions & shallots at home and they are now ready to plant out at my plot….

My must Chilli plants again produce lots of Chilli and this is the time for them turn into reddish colour…

Home grown view copy

View at the plot

At the end of this month, I have planted out Bed number 9 with winter onions, shallots, Pak Choy, Spring cabbages and Mooli radish….

September grow 1 copy

Another great beauty at my plot are the Raspberry plants, the autumn fruiting one are keep on producing juicy berries… made lots of jams and coulis….

The new trial… Globe Artichoke is taking on fine and looking for my next year’s crop… Fennel plants are successful growing at my plot this year although I have planted them late and expected a none result…

September grow 2 copy

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Week 49 – Year 2

11th January – 17th January 2010

A tiny thaw with another snowfall afterward, everything turn white again… dé⋅jà vu or ground hog…. By the look of those berries still hanging on those branches (which I have noticed they were all bare without berries by this time of last few years…) the winter is going strong this time….

Snow Scenes

The snow does really have its attraction and see how it does to my camera….

Snow scene

Mini Pumpkin

We decided to use the Pumpkin, one of my supposed Mini Pumpkins which I have harvested during October last year… have made one third of it into Pumpkins and Carrots soup (my sunshine input)… the rest is going to roast… the seeds are collected either for the coming year grow or for my snacks….

Mini Pumpkin


The soil has loosen up after the thaw so we decided to dig out all the Parsnip… We all feel very pleased for the result of the growth of Parsnips this time especially the first trial… We have made chips, stews and roast Parsnip so far… they are just sweet and tasty … Definitely will grow more this coming year…


Spaghetti Squash Seeds

We had use the Spaghetti Squash too and here are the seeds that I pick out for growing this year and the rest has been roasted to be snacks…

Seeds of Spaghetti Squash

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Week 36 – Year 2

12th October – 18th October 2009

Thanks for a couple decent days in this week, popped down to the allotment picking most the Spaghetti Squashes and all pumpkins…. very please for this year’s fine grows…

Spaghetti Squashes & Pumpkins

Pumpkins & S Squashes

Mooli Radish

A big improvement from my last year growth and as the usual saying “got plenty room to progress”… at least this years I can cook some of the picking while last year mostly go to the compost bin… learned that they are better grow in early Spring or after the heat of Summer…

Moli Radish


My parsnips are produce good roots this time and as I planted in plenty in different beds this year, I have picked quite a few and they are really sweeter than the one bought from supermarket…



These are from Bert’s @ plot 19, as I said this year is good year with Beetroot, most plots have plenty and good stock of beetroot this year.  I pickle, salad and get them into soup… they are super yummy…


Board Beans

Planted in the Winter growth Board Beans @ Bed 4 & 5 top half, as I found that the growth is better planted in early than the one planted in Springtime, less Black fly trouble…..

Board Beans


Planted in some Winter Onions at Bed 8, they will grow through the winter…. pick as it grow for winter use…

Winter Onions

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Week 34 – Year 2

28th September – 4th October 2009

The sunny weather made me popped down to the allotment frequently and noted the seasonal change in progress….


It has started blooming late this year and at the same time last longer… lot of big blooms and real nice… love to highlight it with Photoshop…



My first trial of the pumpkins growing is real nice, they are pumping in sizes and will be harvest in couple weeks’ time …..

pumpkins 1


Picked up 2 more Spaghetti Squashes and they are real heavy in weight… finished pick up all the Chinese Leaves and what a success this year, real please with myself… Salsify harvested too, though not as I have expected, I learnt their appearance and supposed characterize forms so will be better next time….

Harvest w34y2

Spring Onions

More Spring Onions seeds germinated and hope they will grow stronger in the coming season…

spring onions


I have established a dozen strawberry plants in this patch of bed and looking forward for the next year flaming June…..


Winter Cabbages

I have planted out all my Winter Cabbages and they will be grow through this winter month here and hope for their best performance….

winter cabbages

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Week 28 – Year 2 (Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes)

17rh August – 23rd August 2009

Noticed both my Pumpkins and Spaghetti Squashes are showing, if we have some sunny spell to help them maturing in the near future…. I shall be very happy have some Pumpkins and Spaghetti Squashes to present….

Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes

Here are some glimpses of my both beauty…


Spaghetti Squashes

Mooli Radish

The third week of my Mooli Radish, noticed I used some of my Tansy plants flowers laid along both side of the Mooli… a myth of Tansy plant that said can ward off pests this way ???…. just for trial…


Strawberry Plants

I have to move the Strawberry plants from Bed 7 to Bed 5, as they are too crowd with other Berry plants, this marks the first year of the three year cycle of the Strawberry planting….

Stawsberry plants

Tundra Cabbage

After all the ups and here is my downs, noticed the Tundra cabbages seemed caught some sickness, outer leaves dying, and pick one up and saw that the roots have puff up with knots and lumpy, sign of clubroot?…. that means this patch of bed need sterilised and liming for the future growing… the immediate action is get all 10 Tundra out…

Tundra cabbage


This week have lots of pickings, the best bits are my Pak Choi and the Patty Pan squashes… especially the Patty Pan squashes which look so lovely and pretty…. a wonder of nature…

Harvest w28y2

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Week 24 – Year 2 (Rain Rain Rain…)

20th July 26th July 2009

It rains for days, absolutely soaking wet everywhere…. my front and back yards, my allotment plots…. only one thing that is happy for the rain is the Weeds, they are thriving mad… they never drown, never rot, never have blights…..

Popped down to the allotment while there has a gap of dry spell and look what I’ve found…

The Wrong Carrot

the wrong carrot

Pak Choi & Black Choi

At last planted in all the Pak Choi and Black Choi…. the waiting game is on… the wet and warm weather will speed up the growth… 2 to 3 weeks will be on my dinner plate…

Pak Choi & Black Choi w24y2


I can see that they are forming nicely, I must have mixed up with the mini pumpkin seeds with the yellow pumpkins seeds… never mind… wait and see when October come… watch this space….

pumpkins w24y2


What a sight to see a ton of manure delivered at the site and found there are viewers sitting comfortably viewing the mount….. I prefer view them through the snap instead….

Manure   2

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