Update potato log–May & June 2012

This was taken at the end of May, all my potato beds has good signs of the crops…..

End of May look

Here comes the rainy June, no flood here at my plot, except the speedy growth of the crops… they are thriving through the wettest month of the record years past…..

P1080060-1 copy





The flowers indicated the skin of the crops, white petals more less are white skin potato which the purple more less are the red skin potato….. nice to seeing all these flowers…. they looks pretty and another signs of good crops underneath…..

P1080066  P1080074

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Beginning of May–year 5

Here are the views of all my beds at the allotment at the beginning of May, some are already filled and some are preparing for the newbies….

Bed 1 – Rhubarbs are flourishing…. Gladiolus, Sweet peas has planted in….. on the side the hardy Lovage, Chives and Welsh onions are coming back to live….     

Bed 1 early May 2012

Bed 2 – prepared half of the bed to become seed bed which has been sown in Pak Choy, Iceberg Lettuces, Spring Onions, Spinach, Radish, Parsley and Parsnip….. the second half of the bed has set aside for the Mange touts peas, Iceberg Lettuce….

Bed 2 early May 2012

Bed 3 – planted in some Iceberg Lettuces in between the First Early potatoes…

Bed 3 early May 2012 copy

Bed 4 – same as bed 3…..

Bed 4 early May 2012

Bed 5 – Board beans and Strawberries….

Bed 5 early May 2012 copy

Bed 6 – Main crops of potatoes…

Bed 6 early May 2012 copy

Bed 7 – Main crops of potatoes too…

Bed 7 early May 2012 copy

Bed 8 – one fifth of the plot has been planted with Board Beans through winter months… the rest of the bed will be dug for Cabbages, Calabrese and Cauliflower…(the treble C)…. Bed 9 has been dug over with compost trench through the winter months and at the moments is waiting for plants….

Bed 8 early May 2012 copy

Bed 10 – the bed of Onion (both white and red), Shallots, Garlic… this has been through the winter months…. Bed 11 is being dug over ready for Beetroot, Carrots and Sweet corns..…

Bed 9 early May 2012 copy

Bed 12 – the Raspberry bed need a bit of tidy up…. otherwise it looks promising….

Bed 10 early May 2012 copy

Bed 13 – this bed is temporary made and still a testing ground…. by the compost bin I have transplant some Spinach seedlings there and the long end has been planted in main crops Potato….

Bed 11 early May 2012 copy

Bed 14 – the Tansy plants, Comfrey plants gets along fine, and the Globe Artichoke has some new shoots showing too…. Bed 15 the wild flower bed has just sown some new wild flowers seeds……

Bed 12 early May 2012 copy

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Potato Log – year 5

30th March – 11th April 2012

This year I decided only to plant First Early and Main Crop potatoes in my allotment plot.  The week before Easter, we planted in all the First Early…. the variety contains Winston and Casablanca.  After the Easter week we planted in the rest of the Main Crop…. they are Desiree, Romano, Sante and Valor.

We have a near summer effect of the weather in the month of March, most days sunny and warm (sign of globe warming…?…) plus the dry winter months, the news of drought has been broadcasting in all the media….. 

I have used lots of grass cuttings as mulch on top of the ground especially where I have planted the potatoes, hoping this will help to conserve the moist for the growth…. anyhow just watch this space and record the progress later on….

bed 3 copy

bed 4 copy

bed 6 copy

bed 7 copy

bed 13 copy

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Spring View 2012–year 5

My fifth year into allotment and the feel is still going strong……

Especially seeing the beautiful colour suddenly appear among the dull and grey wintry scene…… that is Spring ….

Lots of young buds appear in the fruit plants…. blueberries, black currents, red currents are covering full of buds….

Already started chitting my potatoes at my cool bedroom and they will be down to earth around Eastertime…..

Also some young plants has been started growing steadily in the greenhouse….

Here are the Spring views at the home front and those of the allotment will be posting next…..

Spring 2012 a copy



potato chitting 2012 copy

greenhouse seedlings 2012

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Potato Log 2011–my plot

The simple beauty is to plant a potato and see what it can give… Thank you Lord… I am very pleased with the outcome of the bountiful of yield….

Seeds potato

From King’s Seeds catalogue, I invested in Winston, Sante, Cara and Desiree. From B&Q there are Arron Pilot and Desiree…. chitted all of them inside at the conservatory and in G’s bedroom before planting out before Easter …. (as the Easter was late this year, on the 22nd of April…)

seed potato 2011

Bed 2

Planted Arron Pilot and Winston in this bed, 2 long rows each variety….. Arron Pilot did well as usual like my last three years, flowers well indicated the yield underground. My last post Extraordinary Harvest shown that can be grow large if planting them near compost bin or some sort of nutrient centre (like next my carrot bin)….

Winston – this early variety has not much flowers shown as much as Arron Pilot, but still an Early crop.  Like treasure hunt, I found the jewel as this variety has a subtle sugary taste…. simply boil them, they keep in whole even over boil, even without any seasoning…. my world…. they just taste above class…. wonderful… the real beauty….

Bed 2

Bed 8 and bottom half Bed 7

Planted in Sante, the early main crops variety, good yield though have a dry summer….

Bed 7 & 8 copy

Bed 11

Planted in late main crops of Cara and Desiree…. the reliable Desiree done well and the yield is excellent… but Cara is not as good as Desiree, some of them has been attacked by slugs and once they got in they just made lots of small holes…. I shall give Cara a miss for next year and try another variety…. like I said, keep on the treasure hunt…..

Bed 11


When harvesting potato, it is always full of fun and excitement…… my JCB enjoy working on this task too….


Here are some footage of the fun work…..

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Extraordinary harvest–year 4

2nd of July 2011

Giant or mutant potato

I should put it extraordinary… as this is my very first found…. the variety is Arron Pilot, first early…. it weights 1360g, 3 pounds on its own…. just dug out from bed 7 by the carrot bin….

super king size

the follow are from the same mother potato, my second, third and fourth largest so far…

2nd large     3rd in size     4th in size

These four potatoes easy fit in one basket….

potato 1  potato 3

The king size one is larger than the hand trawl ……

Giant potato 1

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Newbies & Oldies – Year 4

April onwards 2011

We have a whole month bathing with sunshine… forget about April showers… carrying cans and cans of water became the main task….


Sowed bundle of seeds at home’s conservatory…. they are the newbies for this year…

Onions for this summer, I have grown them from seeds for trials, sowed them in February, here they are sprouts nicely and I shall let them grow on then re-pot them and plant out in May….

Pak Choy is my favourite… sowed in seeds within a few days they are out and thriving strong, re-pot them in March and plant out soon …

pak choy & onion seedlings

Soak some other seeds like squashes, sweet corns, beans , cucumber, tomato…… in water and covered with wet kitchen paper then cover with the cling film…. when seeing the little sprouts from the seeds then transplanted into pots with soil… sows in a little TLC plus some luck they will grow on….

seedlings 1

But then they are real pain when you got thousand matters to deal with and ops forget to check them and…. they dried out… the allotment just the safe backup….. sowed seeds direct into the seed bed prepared at the end of past winter….. prayers say for morning dews and night moist… even a dry April, here comes the sprouts of radishes, beetroot, turnips, parsnips and spinach etc. …… the thinning can be uses as salad…

seedlings 2

April is the month or After Easter period is for most plants restart their new life… it makes you feel joy and wonder too by seeing the sprouting from seeds that you have sown…. look at the potato sprouting… a sign of newbies reborn…

potato sprouts

At the beginning of April, I have planted out the Pak Choy… from the seeds I sowed in pot at home…

pak choy


I have planted out lots of Board beans in October last years, but they have been killed off by the severe winter early this year, so I have sowed some more seeds in February and planted them out in late March, look like that they have catching up and thriving at the end of April…..


Planted lots of Garlic in November and December time last year and they have shown sturdy growth sign….


Last autumn sown Onions are showing great growing sign too… TLC is important…


Leeks has been touch and go… planted in June July time last year…. been attacked by leek moths… still keep on standing through the winter months and here I have harvest them all at the end of April….

Learnt that they can be planted out even in August time to avoid the moths breeding period… so I shall try this year…..


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