Potato Yield 2012

Finally the potato planted around Easter time are ready to harvest…..

With so much rain this year….. though not suffer from any flooding scenario, caught the blight in some and have to cut down the top part in earlier stage and left the tuber in the ground continue to grow on before the harvest….

Here are the look of my this year’s yield….

First Early….

First Early July 2012 a 

Mid July harvest…. First Early type….

Mid July harvest 2012 

End July harvest… First Early type…

End July harvest 2012

the Main Crops harvested during August…..

Main crop Aug 12 a

Main crop Aug 12 b

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Potato Log-other’s plot

Just couldn’t help to see what other plotters doing with their growth of tattie and spuds….


Mike potato 2011a copy

Mike potato 20111b copy


Eric potato 2011 copy


Bill's potato 2011 copy

It has been good year for potato growing of 2011…. despite the dry spell of Spring and Summer….keep up the hope for the next coming year…

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