Potato Yield 2012

Finally the potato planted around Easter time are ready to harvest…..

With so much rain this year….. though not suffer from any flooding scenario, caught the blight in some and have to cut down the top part in earlier stage and left the tuber in the ground continue to grow on before the harvest….

Here are the look of my this year’s yield….

First Early….

First Early July 2012 a 

Mid July harvest…. First Early type….

Mid July harvest 2012 

End July harvest… First Early type…

End July harvest 2012

the Main Crops harvested during August…..

Main crop Aug 12 a

Main crop Aug 12 b

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Update potato log–May & June 2012

This was taken at the end of May, all my potato beds has good signs of the crops…..

End of May look

Here comes the rainy June, no flood here at my plot, except the speedy growth of the crops… they are thriving through the wettest month of the record years past…..

P1080060-1 copy





The flowers indicated the skin of the crops, white petals more less are white skin potato which the purple more less are the red skin potato….. nice to seeing all these flowers…. they looks pretty and another signs of good crops underneath…..

P1080066  P1080074

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Potato Log 2011–my plot

The simple beauty is to plant a potato and see what it can give… Thank you Lord… I am very pleased with the outcome of the bountiful of yield….

Seeds potato

From King’s Seeds catalogue, I invested in Winston, Sante, Cara and Desiree. From B&Q there are Arron Pilot and Desiree…. chitted all of them inside at the conservatory and in G’s bedroom before planting out before Easter …. (as the Easter was late this year, on the 22nd of April…)

seed potato 2011

Bed 2

Planted Arron Pilot and Winston in this bed, 2 long rows each variety….. Arron Pilot did well as usual like my last three years, flowers well indicated the yield underground. My last post Extraordinary Harvest shown that can be grow large if planting them near compost bin or some sort of nutrient centre (like next my carrot bin)….

Winston – this early variety has not much flowers shown as much as Arron Pilot, but still an Early crop.  Like treasure hunt, I found the jewel as this variety has a subtle sugary taste…. simply boil them, they keep in whole even over boil, even without any seasoning…. my world…. they just taste above class…. wonderful… the real beauty….

Bed 2

Bed 8 and bottom half Bed 7

Planted in Sante, the early main crops variety, good yield though have a dry summer….

Bed 7 & 8 copy

Bed 11

Planted in late main crops of Cara and Desiree…. the reliable Desiree done well and the yield is excellent… but Cara is not as good as Desiree, some of them has been attacked by slugs and once they got in they just made lots of small holes…. I shall give Cara a miss for next year and try another variety…. like I said, keep on the treasure hunt…..

Bed 11


When harvesting potato, it is always full of fun and excitement…… my JCB enjoy working on this task too….


Here are some footage of the fun work…..

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Extraordinary harvest–year 4

2nd of July 2011

Giant or mutant potato

I should put it extraordinary… as this is my very first found…. the variety is Arron Pilot, first early…. it weights 1360g, 3 pounds on its own…. just dug out from bed 7 by the carrot bin….

super king size

the follow are from the same mother potato, my second, third and fourth largest so far…

2nd large     3rd in size     4th in size

These four potatoes easy fit in one basket….

potato 1  potato 3

The king size one is larger than the hand trawl ……

Giant potato 1

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Week 29 – Year 2 (Potato Feast)

24th August – 31st August 2009

Decided to dig out all the main crops potatoes and prepare the ground for next planting season…

Potato Galore

It was absolutely fun and hilarious wonderful to dig and harvesting the potatoes from the ground. I have my spuds and they are alright, reasonably in size and good texture for my cooking up a Potato Feast….

Potato Feast

Here is my last pick of my main crop potatoes…. not bad for my second trial this year….

vegetplotlot spuds

I couldn’t help to take a peek on how others doing with their spuds growing and what a good found…..

Mike spuds

Bill & Rose's spuds


So I have a good pick this week, lots of spuds now store in stacks in my garage, and the rest are Runner Beans, Beetroot, Sweetcorns…..



I have noticed that my first trial of Chilli which I sowed from seeds are fruiting and have lots of promises….


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Week 23 – Year 2

12th July – 19th July 2009

Back from the holiday break and in fact I need another holiday to recover the holiday just had…. the washing and all…..

We moaned of the flaming heat and now we moaned for where the heat gone…. too many rain showers now… don’t know when to due with the mountain of weeds at the allotment… and on the other hands all crops properly all juice up and ripe to pick….


Picking is a cheerful motion and definitely plenty to pick… I have bumper good crops of potatoes this year, still plenty left in the ground to enlarge the sizes….. Besides my stocks there are others who are generous to share their pickings…. Thanks you Bill’s red currents and Barry’s cabbages…

bumper pckings w23y2

potato w23y2

General View @ week23 year2

Been away for a week but take a good look and it seems a lot has changed… pumpkins plants has taken shapes, cabbage Tundra has triple the size, Sweet Peas has blamed my away and started to fade… but my Jerusalem Artichoke has shot up in height and taller than the grower too……..

General view w23y2


After harvested all the potatoes at row number 3, my JCB hubby kindly offered to repair all the planks around the row… At least there are 2 rows out of 8 have fully renew all the edges at my plot.

row 3 w23y2

Chinese Cabbage

The Chinese cabbage seedlings shown strong growth, so I have cleared the Board Beans patch at row 2 and planted all the young plants in…. now just have to wait and see….

new plants in w23y2

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Week 17

2 June – 8 June 2008

Farewell Uncle

4th of June a phone call from home told me Uncle SeaFull has passed away, feeling sad. May 12th the earthquake disaster still raw fresh, June 4th; a memorable date to remember those students and civilians in China voiced their rights and got killed in 1989. Rest in peace Uncle SeaFull, you’ll always in my prayers and in my thoughts.

Highlight @ 25A this week

Weeding does help in soothing all these up and down emotions, the best healing potion is the pick and dump action, it does good to the vegetable and good exercise both mind and body too. Here are some highlight of this week….

Potato rows

This is more than the highlight, they are really growing fantastic….

The follow one is from plot 26, noticed their planting strategy and that is every few weeks in between….

Plan for next planting

To make the allotment work for you, plan ahead is the advise being given by all allotment geeks, so here is my little seedlings ready to be plant next ……

Produce of the week

Cabbage ‘spring hero’ is really yummy, will try in the future in my plot….

Bits and Pieces


The growing speed of all those tadpoles in my rock pool really catching up, see here they are…..