Beginning of March – year 3

Beginning of March 2010…..week 3 & 4 Year 3

JCB in action

This part of the path has been slopping to one side for sometime, in fact long before we took over the plot, we have been walking on this part of the path in an unbalance way that something has to be done to make it right….. so here comes my loved JCB…. first task of this year…. to balance the walking path….


There we are having Parsnips for tea, they are from Fred’s plot, he kindly share some of his last year grown and this year’s very early harvest……


In Bed 8, I have sowed 2 small rows of Radish seeds…. 25th Feb 2010….

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Week 10

Looking for liquid fertilizer and bump to this valuable information, Comfrey is the magic plant of its own can help to boasting both all vegetables and soil. So I have order a bock of 5 from The Organic Gardening Catalogue, hope for the better plants in the future. By browsing around found John Harrison has written “Vegetable Growing Month by Month” and got myself a copy, well; knowledge is always an asset and my vegetable’s growing success mainly depend on how much asset I have acquired…….

Easter holidays for the school children for last and this week, the weather is a bit ups and downs means cold and wet with sunny intervals. I managed to fix all the pathway with bark chips, B came with the saw and helped in fixing all the edge on all plots. The allotment now looks quite tidy.

Besides fixing all the edges, B and I has build up 2 posts for supporting Raspberry (which are growing in pots at the moment). Also remember the tadpoles from Week 8, they are nearly double in sizes……..

Week 5

Watch Bid Dig on UKTV gardening programme, have some more discovery on Biodynamic cycle planting, done a few research and have order a calender to try the experience. Hope it work. Also read a lot on this companion planting, I found the logic of it, I shall experience of it at my plot, just wait and see. This week spend a lot of time on line to study the WordPress tutorial and tips, very educational.

We have the first stormy weather this year, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were hit by strong wind, the largest howling wind in this winter and hope this is the last, then we have the sky open with buckets of rain, rain and rain and forecast for a come back cold spell. When there was a dry spell and splint down to the plot to check for any storm damage and only found that one of the compost bin top has blown off, when I was there I lay out the chip barks between two rows for easy access and stop weeds to grow.

runner-beans-sweet-peas-seem-cant-wait.jpg fill-in-my-greenhouse.jpgparepare-to-fill-in-bark-chips.jpga-bit-wet-on-chip-side.jpg100-ltrs-bark-chip-for-the-base.jpgnot-bad-for-first-go-and-4-more-to-go.jpg