Beginning of May–year 5

Here are the views of all my beds at the allotment at the beginning of May, some are already filled and some are preparing for the newbies….

Bed 1 – Rhubarbs are flourishing…. Gladiolus, Sweet peas has planted in….. on the side the hardy Lovage, Chives and Welsh onions are coming back to live….     

Bed 1 early May 2012

Bed 2 – prepared half of the bed to become seed bed which has been sown in Pak Choy, Iceberg Lettuces, Spring Onions, Spinach, Radish, Parsley and Parsnip….. the second half of the bed has set aside for the Mange touts peas, Iceberg Lettuce….

Bed 2 early May 2012

Bed 3 – planted in some Iceberg Lettuces in between the First Early potatoes…

Bed 3 early May 2012 copy

Bed 4 – same as bed 3…..

Bed 4 early May 2012

Bed 5 – Board beans and Strawberries….

Bed 5 early May 2012 copy

Bed 6 – Main crops of potatoes…

Bed 6 early May 2012 copy

Bed 7 – Main crops of potatoes too…

Bed 7 early May 2012 copy

Bed 8 – one fifth of the plot has been planted with Board Beans through winter months… the rest of the bed will be dug for Cabbages, Calabrese and Cauliflower…(the treble C)…. Bed 9 has been dug over with compost trench through the winter months and at the moments is waiting for plants….

Bed 8 early May 2012 copy

Bed 10 – the bed of Onion (both white and red), Shallots, Garlic… this has been through the winter months…. Bed 11 is being dug over ready for Beetroot, Carrots and Sweet corns..…

Bed 9 early May 2012 copy

Bed 12 – the Raspberry bed need a bit of tidy up…. otherwise it looks promising….

Bed 10 early May 2012 copy

Bed 13 – this bed is temporary made and still a testing ground…. by the compost bin I have transplant some Spinach seedlings there and the long end has been planted in main crops Potato….

Bed 11 early May 2012 copy

Bed 14 – the Tansy plants, Comfrey plants gets along fine, and the Globe Artichoke has some new shoots showing too…. Bed 15 the wild flower bed has just sown some new wild flowers seeds……

Bed 12 early May 2012 copy

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May 2010 – Year 3

The working out at the extended plot is in the heights…. planting, watering and weeding…. as a saying “Nothing sow nothing gain”…. so here I am ready for the ball rolling…..

We still have not much rain during this month….. so watering is essential… elbow grease is needed….

Here is photo of collage view of my plot in May….

May begin collage copy

Beginning of May

Lots of seedlings are ready to plant out at the plot, some has been germinated well at the plot, such as beetroots, turnips, Spring Onions….

A short clips of what is happening………

Into the Mid of May…

At last the bed 11th has been dug over and ready to plants out young plants….. a lot of ad hoc works around the plot…… just keep life more entertaining…

Mid May planting copy

Coming to the End of May….

We have been busy around the plot just the busy bees, planting in tomatoes, corns, beans, Comfrey, Spinach, Lettuce…..  Weedlings has a big bloom too….. where is the supposed moist May…. we are having fun carrying water here and there…..

End May 1 copy

End May 2 copy

End May 3 copy

Obviously the joy is having the goodies after all the hard work, we have start the bumper harvest now and watch this space and more to the storeroom….

End May 4 copy

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Week 19 – Year 2

15th June – 21st June 2009

I said it would be busy picking from now on, and I have great fun picking all the produces and stir up feasts….


New potatoes, carrots, Pak Choi, lettuce, beetroot, Mangetouts, Peas, Rhubarb, Board Beans, onions and a box of strawberries from Ron…. Beside food for taste, there are flowers for the sight and scent for appreciation too…..

Harvest1 w19y2

Harvest 2 w19y2

sweet peas   Iris w19y2

New Plants

I have sowed some Pak Choi and Chinese cabbage seeds a week ago and have pick them into individual pots…. sowed some Dwarf Beans too…. The problems is I have to clear up some space for them in the coming weeks….

10 winter cabbages ‘Tundra’ will be planted in next week… for better or worse as they are growing really fast in my tiny pots….

Spaghetti Squashes have planted in too…. triple tripod is up for the climbing habit….

new seeds in w19y2

Tundra cabbage w19y2

w19y2 Spaghetti Squash 2


I put the name Harem because the colour of the material…. so pinky…. Mike from plot 11 gave me some of his covering material for my berries protecting them from the flying intruders and they are pigeons….. the main culprit….

Harem w19y2

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Week 10 – Year 2

13th April – 19th April 2009

Suppose raining most of the week, but the rain cloud must have slip 1 degree further away and we have dry sunny beautiful Spring days for the week….

Lots of activities at the plot… transplanting, JCB project, seeds sowing and harvesting…. and some highlight of the season….


Sowed some more seeds and they are runner beans, climbing beans and mousy squashes, I soaked them overnight before sowed in pots later replant them at the plot…


New Plants to the plot

Put some flower plants at strategic areas where companion planting flourish… David from plot 23B gave me some of his germinated onion seedlings and I have popped them in the plot…. during the week I have planted in my germinated Lettuce, Salad Rockets and beetroot… also planted in the main crops potatoes Desiree…..

new plants 2 new plants 3

new plants 1

Harvest – Radish

Well, my best harvest at this time is Radish, they look so pretty like Ruby jewel on the ground, and the new season always taste better…. young, crunchy, fresh, sweet and lush….

radish w10y2

Projects – Painting & Patio

During the holidays both my favourite handy men (JCB) started paving a small patio in front of my wooden sheds plus put a coat of paint to the shed…. aren’t they deserve well fed?!….



Highlights – Slow worms, Apple Blossom, Hoops Pipe and Bees

There are lots of highlights when new season just began and different activates and happening at the allotment…. such as Slow worms are stirring around after hyphenated from the winter months…. thank you Bill keeping the compost bin nice and warm special for the slow worms…

slow worm w10y2

Bees are busy doing their pollinating job….


The blooming of the apple tree is a delightful view for all….

apple blossoms

Lots of Hoops Pipe erected around at the allotment, a genius idea for keeping the berries for human consume instead of birdies…..


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Week 36

13th October – 19th October 200

Nice weather this week…. Gordon Brown showed some signs of pulling the slump of recent financial downfalls…wait and see then…..

Prefer to the allotment, if really I have a disaster of bad spell on the plants I just have to regrow them in other time with another way or even go for other variety….

Highlights of this week

A Happy Grower

This week we have our happy Mike who is happy for what he grow…..big sweet parsnips and juicy carrots….love to see all these wonderful produces and the happy grower too.

Crops of this week

At this pleasent weather all the existing crops at the plots seem catching up the growth, here are some of them…..


This week my dear and wonderful JCB always handy to help in doing the donkey work….dig and turn over the soil….love this humanoid machinery dearly……

Produces & New plants

Obviously this is the time to pick as much as you can, and at the same time I have sow in some seeds at home, winter lattuce, more cabbages and sweet peas ……


Composts keep on filling into the trench and even created a mini hole to fill in more composts for the soil….

We have two consecutive pleasent weeks so far, full of anxious to see how the change of weather affecting the growth with all the veggies, lots of to learn about this…..

Week 35

6th – 12th October 2008

News of the stock market really gloomy, like avalanche or afterwards of a tsunami…..expect will last for sometime, probably the next few years…..(Bible said having seven years good harvest, follow by seven years draught)……I think it is time to back to basic….do some caring around us…people and nature….

We had beautiful sunny days this week to compensate the bad news….spent most days at the plot, keep filling my compost heaps, did some picking too; the highlight of this week is the Spaghetti Squashes. At the same time planted out some boardbeans, strawberry plants and put in couple sprouted potatoes into the grow bag and cross my fingers plus a prayer and hope they grow for the coming Christmas…..having fun at the plot….

The weather forecast for next week is not too bad, still carrying on sunny spell and may be an odd shower…..