Blooming June – Year 3

High season…. Heating up weather…. Sunny and not much rain…

The hard work of watering the crops has started paying back some results…. Runner beans’ pods has swollen, Mangetouts peas has lots of young peas showing among the bushed up plant and same as the Kelvedon Wonder Peas plants…. Pak Choy and Choy Shum are ready to pick too… the excitement is the first early potato are ready to dig out…..

Here are some of the highlights this time of my year 3 allotmenting….

Beans & Peas

Beans & Peas copy

Wild views of the others

This is Mike’s wild flower patch…. have lots of bees and butterflies attracted to his plot….

Mike flower patch copy

Shirley’s also has her wild moment…. blooming foxgloves and poppies…. the best of all is the edible Cauliflower which she has a bumper harvest….

Shirley's flower patch copy

June Feast

This is the real beauty of growing my own vegetable, from ground to pot through my own hands…. as fresh as it is…..

June feast copy

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Week 15 – Year 2

18th May – 24th May 2009

A busy week at the allotment and lots of happening……

My JCB + Handy Man

After a year having the allotment we decided to repair some of the rows edges at my plot, and here comes my humanoid JCB plus handy man…. measure and saw to it….

Three sister planting

Here is the link for how to do the Three Sister planting, in fact try Google it, there are more informs of this…. here I have tried at my plot to grow the corns, beans and squashes together. this is my first trial and my version of it, so watch this tiny space…..

2 & 3 sisters planting

Highlights of the week

Board beans

The early sown over the winter ones are fruiting nicely and looking forward to have some to taste next week.  The second crops are catching up and they are taller and start having baby beans… By the way I have pinched most of the tops of the board beans plants in my stir fry dinner, they are the most delicacy, the best of all green veggie…..

w15y2 board beans

Jerusalem Artichoke

I have left some Jerusalem Artichoke roots from last year’s harvest in the ground, and I have dug in lots of goodies in the area in late winter, and here they are…. the back to live of “gold dust”.

w15y2 Jerusalem Artichoke

Peas & Mangetouts

I saw that there are flower buds and flowers in my Early peas and Mangetouts plants and they are taller than my supported cages, that means I shall have the peas feast soon….. some said that when the peas are ready to pick, is the time to harvest the first early of potatoes too…

peas & mangetouts


Loads of potato flower buds and some starts blooming too….

potato flowers

Summer Cabbage

After the success of the “Spring Hero”, I decided to go for the summer variety “Winnigstat” at this time of the year and hope for some good eating later on…..

w15y2 summer cabbage

Salad leaves & Lettuce

Among all the cabbage, beans, peas and potatoes, here comes the salad leaves of Pak Choi, Lettuce, Mizuna leaves… they are yummy…

w15y2 salad leaves

Spring Onion

After the taste of the home grown spring onion, this is a must to repeat growing, so I get another pack of spring onion seeds and sow them in between rows of veggie…

w15y2 spring onion


I could not waste all the effort to grow all these veggie, they are have to be appreciated by putting into the dinner plate to achieve their highest honour…..

w15y2 harvest

Next week is half term holiday, busy time suppose ….

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Week 8 – Year 2

29th March – 5th April 2009

This week we have not much rain here as expected instead mostly sunny fine days with chilly nights, no frost too, some said this Spring has arrived 9 days earlier than usual….

Potatoes: first early

After reading the informs of the moon calendar, I have sown my first early potatoes on the 1st of April, they are Lady Crystal, Swift, Accent and Aaron Pilot, even put some in 2 grow bags too….

moon calendar 010409


Early Peas & Mangetouts

Have transplant all the peas which I have prepared from the green house to the plot, I have collect some twigs and here they are, two giant bird nest….


Harvest: leeks & cabbage

Manage to get some harvest from the leeks which left behind from last season, took out all the Stonehead and purple cabbages which I bought from Henleaze Garden shop as young plants last year, I found that they were not perform as good as home sow seeds, so a lesson learnt…..


Chicken & Crows

Recently one of the plotter have started rear chicken at the plot, they look a bit skinny at the moment, we plotters have different opinions on this move and mostly thought that the fox will have a good feast on them, well watch this space….

The different kind of freedom wings are the Crows, they are really thriving at the allotment and compare with the caged chicken they seem happier to waddle about, though they are not guarantee with feed like the chicken, there are plenty to look for….

chicken & crows

Project: tea leave mix

Another new project is to collect used tea bags, as the whole family is tea drinker we have lots of tea leaves leftover, I normally dumped them in the compost heaps, and I now actually mix them up with some topsoil scatter on top of the planting area, act as a blanket, this is a trial and watch this space too….

tea leaves mix

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