January 2013–Year 6

Decided to post some news of what has been happened in the plot so far….

During January…..

The general view of the plot still flourishing…. winter bloom….

General view copy


Broad Beans at bed 2….

broad beans copy

Lettuce at the edge of bed 2…

letuce copy

Purple sproutings were growing strong….

purple sproutings copy

Winter Spring cabbage……. Spring Hero

spring hero copy

Rhubarb showed new growth in January….

rhubarb copy

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Hong Kong Trip (1) Discovery

Spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong after the Christmas, among all the happenings over there…. I discovered a small paradise… a drop of greenery within the concrete buildings and blocks… and the people who look after them are real gardeners who know the best… that is grow the plants that suit the local climate and it always work out fine…..


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