Onion, Garlic & Leek–2012 Year 5

Onions, Garlics and Leeks……. the growth and harvest of my fifth year allotment…..


onion 12 copy


garlic 12 copy


leeks 12 copy

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Newbies & Oldies – Year 4

April onwards 2011

We have a whole month bathing with sunshine… forget about April showers… carrying cans and cans of water became the main task….


Sowed bundle of seeds at home’s conservatory…. they are the newbies for this year…

Onions for this summer, I have grown them from seeds for trials, sowed them in February, here they are sprouts nicely and I shall let them grow on then re-pot them and plant out in May….

Pak Choy is my favourite… sowed in seeds within a few days they are out and thriving strong, re-pot them in March and plant out soon …

pak choy & onion seedlings

Soak some other seeds like squashes, sweet corns, beans , cucumber, tomato…… in water and covered with wet kitchen paper then cover with the cling film…. when seeing the little sprouts from the seeds then transplanted into pots with soil… sows in a little TLC plus some luck they will grow on….

seedlings 1

But then they are real pain when you got thousand matters to deal with and ops forget to check them and…. they dried out… the allotment just the safe backup….. sowed seeds direct into the seed bed prepared at the end of past winter….. prayers say for morning dews and night moist… even a dry April, here comes the sprouts of radishes, beetroot, turnips, parsnips and spinach etc. …… the thinning can be uses as salad…

seedlings 2

April is the month or After Easter period is for most plants restart their new life… it makes you feel joy and wonder too by seeing the sprouting from seeds that you have sown…. look at the potato sprouting… a sign of newbies reborn…

potato sprouts

At the beginning of April, I have planted out the Pak Choy… from the seeds I sowed in pot at home…

pak choy


I have planted out lots of Board beans in October last years, but they have been killed off by the severe winter early this year, so I have sowed some more seeds in February and planted them out in late March, look like that they have catching up and thriving at the end of April…..


Planted lots of Garlic in November and December time last year and they have shown sturdy growth sign….


Last autumn sown Onions are showing great growing sign too… TLC is important…


Leeks has been touch and go… planted in June July time last year…. been attacked by leek moths… still keep on standing through the winter months and here I have harvest them all at the end of April….

Learnt that they can be planted out even in August time to avoid the moths breeding period… so I shall try this year…..


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First of Winter Touch – Year 3

We have the coldest December 2010 in record for a century, it started at the end of November, gradually getting colder and colder by Christmas…. had a few nights down to –10 Celsius…..

It is just the beginning of the winter month, we have January, February and March to follow…..

Seeing a lot of snow recently and caught a lot of snow scene photos and here are some of my pick for the blog post….

Snow view…

Snow day without snowman is not snow day…. made by Franc, Chris and G….

snowman copy

Snow fakes fall onto my fig tree… see all the snow figs….

Snow Figs copy

Snow web…. as WordPress.com add snow across the web pages during Christmas period, here is another snow web I have picked….

snow web copy

The Hawthorn covered with berries this year, the snow dusts give it an icing on cake look….

snow hawthorn fruit copy

Caught a lone Heron in mid of December after a thaw of the first snow hit… looks like it need to fuel up before the next snow fall…..

Heron copy

Plot view…

Popped down to the plot during December…. Leeks has recovered from whatever attacked during the warm period and started to look like Leeks…. Board Beans sown in late October has survived the first snow hit (beginning of December), but the second big snow hit during Christmas period has actually look worse from the photo, lots has blacken and down….. Strawberries plants look OK so far even after the biggest freeze….

Mid December plot view 1 copy

Planted in some winter red onions on the 8th January 2011 while the weather has soften a bit and the ground permitted. Couple days afterward when I went back to check them, all of them are being picked out by whatever (probably by pigeons), I have to replant them and erect all sorts of wire cages and flying planes to deter another attacks… I have to laugh it off…

While I was there at the plot, harvested my last lot of Parsnips, they look alright when I dig them out…. the saying of the Parsnips went through freezing weather will tasted sweeter…. I absolutely agreed as when I cooked them later the day, they are heavenly sweet….

Mid January plot view 2 copy

The second Trench particularly wonderful as I have use it to compost most of the veggie stuffs… still waiting patiently for my JCB to make my Leaf mould compost cage… those sacks of leaves by the trench are waiting too….

Trench view copy

My winter Lettuce are still growing fine under my mini poly tunnel… this tiny investment has shown some interest…

Winter lettuce copy

Spring Hero Cabbage

What a wonderful view to see them all standing upright and shown some growth too during this severe weather… just well suit its given name…. more images follow with my YouTube link…

Spring Hero Cabbage

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Week 51 – Year 2 (Foxes @ plot)

25th January – 31st January 2010

Not too long ago we were greeting with Happy New Year, and here we are the last week of the first month….. whatever iPhone 3G is the new gadget… a virtual Time gadget is fine for me…

Although it is cold, the temperature somehow has climb up above freezing figure… even has some sunshine… while I was emptying the compost material to the bin at the plot, I have noticed the allotment foxes have a good time there too…


There are TWO lazy foxes having sun bathing on one sunny winter afternoon at the allotment…


Leeks & Garlic

While I was there at the plot I have picked up some young leeks and 2 juicy garlic…  potato leeks & garlic soup is the day’s dinner menu….

Leeks & Garlic

Jerusalem Artichoke

Dug out some Jerusalem Artichoke at my front bed, they are still edible even after the big freeze… even sweeter…

Jersuelum Artichoke

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Week 48 – Year 2 (the Big Freeze)

3rd January – 10th January 2010

For this beginning week of the year, we are all stay low for the Big Freeze, from Tuesday (5th) onwards of the week we are all ice in, no school, no transport, no shopping, no digging…. but plenty of snow and ice to see and feel….

These were taking while I popped down to the allotment to empty the vegetable peelings to the bin…

Frozen Leeks & Onions

They will be covered by ice and snow in the coming few days, I hope they will survive and recover… wait and see…..



When I caught a bit dry spell, hang out all the birdies treat… so they wont suffer too much during the big freeze….


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Week 40 – Year 2 (blown Brussels Sprout)

9th November – 15th November 2009

The whole week is wet wet wet, cloudy and at the end of this week we had gale wind and heavy rainfalls.   I caught the small gap of clear spell and popped down to empty the veggie peelings to the compost bin …. And…

Brussels Sprout (blown)

Failure is a step to success….. decided to finish off the blown Brussels Sprouts, cut off five of them and dump them into the compost bin and there is only one left and look a bit a lonely to struggle this year…… learn the mistake: get a strong type of seeds and firm up the ground before planting next time….

Brussel sprouts w40y2

Brussel sprouts bruied


Harvested some Leeks that I have planted in early this year, they are not as big as I have expected, probable the dry spell in September and October… I am looking forward for the one I planted in late summer…. still eat lots not waste, these leeks all gone to make Potato & Leek soup…


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Week 26 – Year 2 (Christmas Trees?)

3rd August – 9th August 2009

The height of summer is here and the mid of my year cycle… most crops either still growing or maturing ready to pick… the best time to stay around at the allotment… as I have found out…

Christmas Trees?

I have noticed all the Bean Posts including mine at the allotment are fully covered with bean flowers and runner beans and they just look like Christmas trees loaded with trimmings….

Bean posts w26y2

Blooming at others Allotment plot

Here comes some flower power at the site….

Sunflowers w26y2

Gladiolus & Globe Artichoke

Besides flowers plants … the apple and pumpkins are catching up too…

apples & pumpkins

What about my plot….

This week I have planted in about 100 leeks and direct sowed in some Mooli Radish seeds in the ground…. continue digging out potatoes…. keeps on feeding the Chinese Cabbages and Pak Choi…. My Sweetcorns has growing fairly well although a bit squashed up with my bean post and other squashes growing together… My Three Sisters Planting trial seems working and in the future make sure space out further and use support cane for beans….

leeks w26y2

Mooli Radish

Pak Choi & C Cabbage w26y2


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