Highlights of other plotters – Year 3

July & August 2010

Here are some collected images of other plotters of their fantastic growth….


Bill’s unknown variety of spuds has a super sizes outcome…..

Bill's delighted harvest copy

Shirley & Eric…

These two have a bumper harvest with Butternut squashes…. so much pickings that Shirley has to put an arm for a rest…..

Butternut Squashes & Spuds copy

Mike 11…

Mike @ plot 11 has a number successful years of growing pumpkins and no doubt this year he’ll champion of this again…. by the way his manured bed has a good crop of beetroots, parsnips, carrots …. and many more…

discovery copy

picking copy


A very environment friendly plotter has grown some goodies (Thistle) for the allotment pollination teams….

Hazel thirstle copy

Mike 10…

Mike @ plot 10 has a bumper harvest of onions…. the idea of drying them in the greenhouse is genius…

onion galore copy

Mike 24…

It does again, the apple tree at Mike’s (plot 24) front bed has another bumper apples…. lot of windfalls and still tons hanging on….

Mike's apples copy

Barry & Pat…

Everytimes when I walk pass their plot… wouldn’t help to notice their beautiful front bed with seasonal display…. this year the giant Hollyhocks keep on catching my sights…..

Pat & Barry copy


Another colour lover… her seasonal display is real marvellous… rows of medium stems sunflowers are cheerful to look at….. the recent dancing Cosmos really brighten up the change of season…

Shula's delights copy

Shula's delights2


His first trial of sunflower growing is a success… he has got the sunflowers grow on each of his bed… they look like a mini sun when the petal all blooming…. he is really please… you can see his sunny face….

sunflower Paul copy

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Week 15 – Year 2

18th May – 24th May 2009

A busy week at the allotment and lots of happening……

My JCB + Handy Man

After a year having the allotment we decided to repair some of the rows edges at my plot, and here comes my humanoid JCB plus handy man…. measure and saw to it….

Three sister planting

Here is the link for how to do the Three Sister planting, in fact try Google it, there are more informs of this…. here I have tried at my plot to grow the corns, beans and squashes together. this is my first trial and my version of it, so watch this tiny space…..

2 & 3 sisters planting

Highlights of the week

Board beans

The early sown over the winter ones are fruiting nicely and looking forward to have some to taste next week.  The second crops are catching up and they are taller and start having baby beans… By the way I have pinched most of the tops of the board beans plants in my stir fry dinner, they are the most delicacy, the best of all green veggie…..

w15y2 board beans

Jerusalem Artichoke

I have left some Jerusalem Artichoke roots from last year’s harvest in the ground, and I have dug in lots of goodies in the area in late winter, and here they are…. the back to live of “gold dust”.

w15y2 Jerusalem Artichoke

Peas & Mangetouts

I saw that there are flower buds and flowers in my Early peas and Mangetouts plants and they are taller than my supported cages, that means I shall have the peas feast soon….. some said that when the peas are ready to pick, is the time to harvest the first early of potatoes too…

peas & mangetouts


Loads of potato flower buds and some starts blooming too….

potato flowers

Summer Cabbage

After the success of the “Spring Hero”, I decided to go for the summer variety “Winnigstat” at this time of the year and hope for some good eating later on…..

w15y2 summer cabbage

Salad leaves & Lettuce

Among all the cabbage, beans, peas and potatoes, here comes the salad leaves of Pak Choi, Lettuce, Mizuna leaves… they are yummy…

w15y2 salad leaves

Spring Onion

After the taste of the home grown spring onion, this is a must to repeat growing, so I get another pack of spring onion seeds and sow them in between rows of veggie…

w15y2 spring onion


I could not waste all the effort to grow all these veggie, they are have to be appreciated by putting into the dinner plate to achieve their highest honour…..

w15y2 harvest

Next week is half term holiday, busy time suppose ….

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Week 12 – Year 2

27th April – 3rd May 2009

Wet wet wet this week to start with……

The beginning of a new month with promising a month of growth in agricultural products…. the rain do a lot of good to the ground for the growth…

Highlights for the week:

Bee plant… my name to it as it does attract a lot of bees and flying insects, the orchid like mini flowers are most beautiful and attractive, I transplant them from home to the allotment and it seems growing fine there.. and this is the second year there and it has a lot of new shoots coming up… looks like a promise….

My salad corner, seedling bed, beetroot, parsnips and Jerusalem artichoke plants are thriving, especially the Jerusalem Artichokes where I have left some roots from last year and they have new one shooting up, so I have the gold dust for this year again…..

bee plant salad corner seedlings w12y2 beetroot

parsnips Jerusalem Artichokes


The report on the potato growth is OK, they have been in the ground 4 weeks old now, the first early type are shooting up fine and the main crops has showing lives too, Bernard (my JCB) has been busy earthling up with 2 x 100 litres multi composts around them …..

potato view w12y2


The most exciting thing in allotment is the harvest picking, there are a lot from my plot even as early as in the year… I have not waste all my effort and they are so yummy to taste…

Harvast w12y2 board beans' tip

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Week 46 & 47 Christmas 2008 & New Year 2009

22nd December 2008  – 4th January 2009

Christmas week ~~~ cloudy with drizzle of rain and the temperature is around 11ºC and 12ºC but the cold did arrive on the Christmas Eve and back to single figure temperature… and the frosty bitterly cold is still going through the New Year ~ week 47.

My wish list for the Santa this year was a wormery composter, but at the last minute I have changed for a laptop computer….. the high tech just won over tbis time ….. the wormery composter have to wait for another occasion.

Remember the Comfrey plants that I bought from mail order at week 14, I have planted them at the front yard near home, they have boosting into life and in full flourish in summer, during the growing season I have collected the leaves and made bottles of comfrey liquid… they are one of the best fertilizer for growing plants.

During the festival weeks, we have a full house and as long as food prepared…. everybody happy.   I have use the mini pumpkin to made soup which is wonderful to have during this cold spell, ….. popped down to the allotment a few time, mainly disposed the vegetable peelings to the compost bins (which we have a lot of peelings of potatoes, parsnip, carrots and all sort of greens left over)…. collect some Brussels sprouts to show off on the Christmas table …. picked some Mizuna leaves for the salad starter …. picked some cress salad leaves for Turkey sandwich meals….  Noted that the garlic plants seems growing fine in this frosty weather, the board beans and cabbages are OK too.

When the weather is too cold to venture out to the allotment, the next best thing is to do some preparation for the coming Spring such as sorting out seeds …. make out some recipe to plan for what to plant in coming Spring….. that is easy to think about….. as for myself  most of the time I was getting familiar with my Christmas present……

My first year allotmenting journals shall come to end in week 52 around the first week in February 2009.  It will be a full year since I have started on the 8th Februay 2008.  Obviously I shall continue to allotmenting and definately there are more new venues to be explored, and another gismo is about this blogging and probably get it to develope more mature (don’t know what yet and we shall see)…..

Here are some highlights photoes of these two weeks…….

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week 41

17th November – 23rd November 2008

Forecast the cold front will arrive on Friday this week, during the week we have excellent weather, dry and bright for a change of the dull days…….


During this week I have harvested the Jerusalem Artichoke, absolutely deliciously when cooked, sweet in taste and yummy and true to the word that they sometime refer to gold-dust.  I have sowed some cress and they have germinated and ready to go with my sandiwich.  Also I have done some autumn digging to prepare the soil for the coming new year……..

Week 38

27th October – 2nd November 2008

A real cold and frosty week, a winter feel, as the bird bath turned in ice block.  Happy to collect all the sweet corns and dug up the ground, physical exercise in the cold can only be done in short period of time, because of the cold air I have to keep on moving as I don’t want to catch the cold ….

Highlights of this week

Here are some photoes taken before and after the frost……….

Harvested all the 2nd crops of sweet corns and pak choi ……………

Still many vegetables standing for this winter and keeps on growing, there are always something to do even in the winter days…….

Week 37

20th October – 26th October 2008

My niece came to stay for this 2 weeks, show her lots of informs about allotmenting while she following me to the plot.  I hope she will get some interest about this nature sightseeing than the Cabot Circus……

Highlight of this week

At last I have pulled down and collect all my spaghetti squashes, not too bad as I have got totally six large squashes, 4 medium sizes and half dozen small sizes from 2 seeds that I pot them in April this year.  Now I have got the plant to put to composting, the best way of recycling…….

Plot 11 Mike gave me a pumpkin and I have quite a few collection of the squashes and pumpkin this year….pie, cake, soup and a few for roast is in order for the coming glooming cold winter…..

My brussel spouts still standing fine and already have a few for sup the other day, really yummy…..

The rest of plants still growing and I think when the frost come next week, I shall get all the sweet corn down ….. collect the corn hair and use the corn for soup ingredients…….