Board Beans & Mangetout Peas 2012

There are more to add on my Trinity in beans area…… the Board Beans and the Mangetout Peas…..

Board beans has been planted in late November the year past, though the cold weather has snapped down a few I have replanted some in February…..they has produced another bumper lots at harvest time….

Mangetout Peas has been sowed and planted during May …. since the stir fry call for more and I have planted some more during June…. they are another kind of beauty with the juicy green jackets…. another must for every year to plant for…..

June View of the Board Beans… the wet June kept fatten the beans and heavily laden the plants…

Board Beans 2012 copy

one bag of Board beans weighted around 12 pounds (5.5kg)….

Board Beans harvest 2012 a copy

another sack harvested another day weighted 22 ponds (10kg)…

Board Beans harvest 2012 b copy

watching couples episodes of NCIS and shelling all these beans at the same time…. great fun…

Board Beans harvest 2012 c copy

Mangetout Peas too has a great show this year even with all the downpour of rain… have to play the seeker role very sharp as they like to hide…

Mangetout 2012 copy

Stir fried recipes to call for when harvested all these juicy peas with its green jackets…. even put them in simple salad has its many encores too….

Mangetout harvest 2012

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Fantastic beans – my Trinity 2012

My Trinity apply to the Runner Beans, Climbing Beans and Borlotti Beans…… I put them all in one whole row at bed no. 8 this year 2012….

I have constructed the beans supported frame with special care and planning….. noticed that the weather can destruct any weak workmanship in the past…. my frame was built with lots of canes and steel poles and it has stood real wonder this year…. Also the bed has been used as compost trench during the winter months…. with all the goodies underground…. the result harvest was very satisfactory….

June view…. at the beginning of June, the young beans started to move upwards….

beginning of June 12 copy

July view….. from mid of July the runner beans has taken off like true runners…. beans flowers blooming and young beans has formed….

end of July 12

August has been the busiest time to gather runner beans… they grow faster than I gather….

runner beans at Aug 12 copy

Here are the runner beans… the variety ‘Liberty’ from Bert….. another name is ‘Long as an arm’…..

Liberty runner beans 2012

Next is the climbing beans…. catching up with the runner beans……

climbing beans Aug 12 copy

‘Cobra’ the variety I planted this year…. used in lots of stir fried recipes….

cobra climbing bean 2012

Finally the Borlotti beans has appeared in August and continue forming till late September…..

Borlotti beans Sept 12 copy

Have collected lots of Borlotti beans, after drying them for a while, shelling them gave lots of pleasure…. like the jewels popping out one by one… the nature artist has painted each bean a master piece with vibrant and subtle colour all at once…. love it all….

borlotti beans harvest copy

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Beaming Beans 2011

I decided to delicate the post for my visiting helper who popped down to my plot and gave me a hand…..

It was a glorious last day of September, noticed that those Borlotti Beans are ready to pick, so here we go…. have a happy harvest…

Nat's beans picking 2011 copy

My dear friend have a green dose of nature living… the knowing of where all those beans come from…. not from book or from other media…. most of all not come from Super Stores…

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Bumper Harvest – August Year 3

August 2010….

So far we have a nice glorious summer…. by seeing all the vegetables at the plot … healthy and lots lots produces…..

The project for this month is laying a decent patio at the front of the shed…. no more slipping or treading when the ground is wet…. thanks my 2 JCB workers….

New Patio

Good job has been done by these 2 JCBs … slabs laid… solid and decent look…. patio made…. very well done…

new patio copy

Glad to see visitors can have a nice place to sit around on the new built patio…..


Home Made…

Keep picking of the seams everlasting Raspberry…. the plants are just keep producing berries, guessed that in April and May time has put in loads of manure and fertilizer plus the wild flower patch near by… all helps for the outcome…. I have made load of Raspberry jams and Raspberry coulis, which definitely will last us for the next season… To make use of all these jams and coulis …the next production line is making sponge cakes and biscuits…. all fun around….

Rapsberry cake copy

Chutney, jam and jelly are the wonderful ways to keep and lasting the produces…. spiced them up and become real treat for munching the lunch, dinner and tea….. even gifts too…… I have made lots this year and even have to order some jars from Lakeland… very satisfactory customer….

chutney galore copy


Feeling wonderful to pick all these produces from ground… all come from just a tiny seed… make you wonder of nature can give….. plus the hard labour of work did paid off well….. Alleluia…

Bumper Harvest copy

tomatoes galore copy

Squashes galore copy

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Week 34 – Year 2

28th September – 4th October 2009

The sunny weather made me popped down to the allotment frequently and noted the seasonal change in progress….


It has started blooming late this year and at the same time last longer… lot of big blooms and real nice… love to highlight it with Photoshop…



My first trial of the pumpkins growing is real nice, they are pumping in sizes and will be harvest in couple weeks’ time …..

pumpkins 1


Picked up 2 more Spaghetti Squashes and they are real heavy in weight… finished pick up all the Chinese Leaves and what a success this year, real please with myself… Salsify harvested too, though not as I have expected, I learnt their appearance and supposed characterize forms so will be better next time….

Harvest w34y2

Spring Onions

More Spring Onions seeds germinated and hope they will grow stronger in the coming season…

spring onions


I have established a dozen strawberry plants in this patch of bed and looking forward for the next year flaming June…..


Winter Cabbages

I have planted out all my Winter Cabbages and they will be grow through this winter month here and hope for their best performance….

winter cabbages

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Week 33 – Year 2

21st September – 27th September 2009

Plenty sunshine this September, and this helps all plants develop what they should be….


This is my wish and if I can grow this beautiful cauliflower like Bill’s… so cauliflower will be my next trial next year…



Been busy harvesting all kinds of vegetables, Spaghetti Squashes, Sweetcorns and Chinese Cabbages are doing fine this year, also very happy with all the pickings sharing with other plot growers too…..

Harvest w33y2


Took this photo to remind that I have to sit down to chop up all the Sweetcorns stems in the plot bed… while I was cutting down the stems I discover that the sweet juice within the stems, so I have saved some cut up stems for cooking stocks and soup…

clear sweetcorn bed

Winter Lettuces & Spring Onions

Decided to plant in the winter lettuces and in between I have sowed in 3 x rows of Spring Onions…..

winter lettuce


Made a lot of Chutney with all the allotment collected fruit and vegetables… apples, pear, tomatoes, courgette onion and Chilli… especially the courgette, apple and tomatoes, these are my main ingredients this year….

Chutney 1

Rolled Herbs

Learned from other web blog on freezing herbs and found this method really useful, this ‘use as your cook’ version.  Wash and dry the herbs and tightly rolled in freezer bags before put into freezer. When required just take it out and cut the amount to put in sauces or soup, the rest wrapped up then go back to the freezer for next time. This certainly last till the next season when fresh herb available…. see I have made Chives, Lovage, mints and Chilli rolls, all tuck up in my freezer for my attention when require…

rolled herbs

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Week 32 – Year 2

14th September 2009 – 20th September 2009

Into the mid of September, we are having good sunny weather this year, noticed that plot 1’s tomato plants has picking up the ripening colour….

Tomato @ plot 1

tomato @ plot 1


The plants needs to turn the colour is in the right time, here is my Chilli plants at home are doing fine to turn to reddish too….

red chillies


It is around this time of the year to empty the compost bin as it has been working a year round to produce rich compost at the bottom base….. here come the JCB giving a hand to empty the compost manure to the plot’s beds….

Soil carer 1

soil carer 2


Pick my first Spaghetti Squash and the other mature plants, one of my Chinese Leaves weighted nearly 4 pounds….

harvest w32y2

Winter Cabbages

I have put all my young toddlers winter cabbages outside for days and nights now to let them climatise before planting them into the plot bed…..

winter cabbages

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