April 2010….. Year 3

This was a month of happening of all things great and small…. Easter holiday…. reground plot 25B…. seeds germinated in rocket way….plus the unexpected Icelandic volcano eruption

Volcanic Ashes visitor

My sis was unfortunately caught up with the Icelandic volcano disruption on all flights, and she stayed at my home for a few days…. ended we had a good time together and she really enjoyed my allotmenting lifestyle and helped in doing a bit of planting too…..

Veronica BD

Home Front Garden

April is a month of colour appearing…. Tulips and Daffodils and many more….

Home plants


Sowed lots of seeds at home’s tiny greenhouse, it works fine and most seeds has germinated and ready to plant out…….

seedlings for plot

General view of the plot during April

During the month, I have planted in all Mangetouts and Peas, onions, sowed in Beetroot, Parsnips….

Dug out some unsuccessful Board Beans which has been suffered from the severe winter…

new plants 2

new plants 1

Noted that Ladybirds has appeared and Board Beans flower started blooming…..

Board beans flower ladybird


Board beans out

Reforming of plot 25B

My JCB and I have work up a wonder to reform this plot 25B….

We have created bed 9, 10 and 11….. Both bed 9 & 10 have planted in potatoes to kick off a start… dug over bed 11 for future plantings…

Cleared up the jungle of Raspberry bed, recover some and planted out some donation form Janet…. now we have bed 12 as our fruit bed….

At the back of the plot, we planed to create 3 tiny beds…. bed 13, 14 & 15… watch this space…

Bed 9 & 10

Bed 9, 10,11

Bed 12 after aka25B

Bed 13,14,15 before ala 25B

Views at the end of the month

We normally have April showers during the month, but this year we have sunny dry weather instead…..

I have to fill in water into holes before planting in…..

Popped into the plot mostly for watering and watering…..

Bed 5

Borrowed the roller to roll out the bed before planting out my Brussels Sprouts….

Turnips has germinated….

Started the clearing job at the back of plot…. dump dump dump……

growing and dumping

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Week 44 – Year 2

7th December – 13th December 2009

Getting colder this week, the forecast was still 50 to 50 on White Christmas, but definitely a cold Christmas as usual… here in UK…


Dug out some Parsnips for Christmas do as it may be too frosty to try the ground….


General View

The plot still looking fine at the moment and it will take the test when the bad weather approach…

General View w44y2

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Week 23 – Year 2

12th July – 19th July 2009

Back from the holiday break and in fact I need another holiday to recover the holiday just had…. the washing and all…..

We moaned of the flaming heat and now we moaned for where the heat gone…. too many rain showers now… don’t know when to due with the mountain of weeds at the allotment… and on the other hands all crops properly all juice up and ripe to pick….


Picking is a cheerful motion and definitely plenty to pick… I have bumper good crops of potatoes this year, still plenty left in the ground to enlarge the sizes….. Besides my stocks there are others who are generous to share their pickings…. Thanks you Bill’s red currents and Barry’s cabbages…

bumper pckings w23y2

potato w23y2

General View @ week23 year2

Been away for a week but take a good look and it seems a lot has changed… pumpkins plants has taken shapes, cabbage Tundra has triple the size, Sweet Peas has blamed my away and started to fade… but my Jerusalem Artichoke has shot up in height and taller than the grower too……..

General view w23y2


After harvested all the potatoes at row number 3, my JCB hubby kindly offered to repair all the planks around the row… At least there are 2 rows out of 8 have fully renew all the edges at my plot.

row 3 w23y2

Chinese Cabbage

The Chinese cabbage seedlings shown strong growth, so I have cleared the Board Beans patch at row 2 and planted all the young plants in…. now just have to wait and see….

new plants in w23y2

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