Week 48

5th January – 11th January 2009

Cold, frosty and even go down to -6ºC  in one night…. mind that it is the first part of the winter season and who know this winter will step up or down..

Popped down to the allotment to see the frosty view and what a sight of it………..


During the week went up to the B&Q and found they are already started selling the potatoes seeds, and the bargain is 2 x 2.5kg bags for £5, and I have bought myself 2 x Arran Pilot, 1 x Desiree and 1 x Charlotte.  I have already put them all in empty egg cases and started the chitting process……

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Week 38

27th October – 2nd November 2008

A real cold and frosty week, a winter feel, as the bird bath turned in ice block.  Happy to collect all the sweet corns and dug up the ground, physical exercise in the cold can only be done in short period of time, because of the cold air I have to keep on moving as I don’t want to catch the cold ….

Highlights of this week

Here are some photoes taken before and after the frost……….

Harvested all the 2nd crops of sweet corns and pak choi ……………

Still many vegetables standing for this winter and keeps on growing, there are always something to do even in the winter days…….