Week 16 – Year 2

25th May – 31st May 2009

The last week of May and half term of school holidays…. weather fine and sunny most of the week… we took a bike ride to Forest of Dean …

Bike ride Forest of Dean 290509

Board Beans

My second crops of Board Beans doing well, they have gained height and width and lots of baby beans….

2nd crop Board Beans w16y2

Brussels Sprouts

At last I have planted in my six Brussels Sprouts plants (last year I have 4 successful plants)…..  before I have dug in lots of manures and firming the ground, after the planting I have covered with leaves mould and nettings….. now just wait…..

Brussel Sprouts w16y2

The Front View

The front row is very cottage style, lots of different variety of plants there… Garlic, Spring Onion, Salisfy, chives, Rhubarbs, Sweet Peas, Dahlia , Lovage, Horseradish, Tansy, Shoo Fly, Gladiolus, Lemon Balm…. and I thoughts they are weeds and nearly kill them all and just in time to save all these Chard and Spinach… all in this tiny front row…..

w16y2 front view weeds or plants


My first new potato at last on my dinner plate, they are the first early one, those planted in the first of April, prefer the right size, not too big, skin can rub off… 5 minutes in the boiling water, the taste is heavenly sweet…. Besides potato, there are lots ready to pick… Board beans, Spring Onion, Lettuce… my first sweet pea too….

Potato first harvest w16y2 Harvest w16y2

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Week 29

25 Aug – 31 Aug 2008

The last week of August, my family from Hong Kong continued their enjoyable visit here.  They had a great time last week, besides visiting my plot, tour around Wales, Peak District, especially the Shakespeare county and this week they planned to visit both of this country’s top persons’ lodgings…..the Queen and the Prime Minister’s….then shop till drop at London and that is to buy and shop the whole England home ….. their wishes …..

Highlights of this week


Mum is having fun at my allotment especially the action of picking and harvesting, we had a bucketful of potatoes and load of cherry green tomatoes…….

JCB back in action

After harvesting all the potatoes, thanks for the JCB have the ground dug over and wait for composting to fill in a few days later ……….(for someone don’t know what is a JCB feel free toclick on the link)

Week 29 plants

Here are some highlights on the plants around the plots, the front view…. Pak Choi starts appear to grow ….. the 2nd crop of sweetcorn and the cabbage January King taking up paces too …..

Spaghetti Squashes

They are pumping up inside the column, at least three biggie and two babies ……….

Bee plants

This bee plants was transplant from home, and I still looking for the right name for it ….. they are fantastic attracting hundreds of bees which are mates for all vegetables and plants…..

Produces of this week

There are so many beans and mange touts, they are growing faster than our consume, sweet corns are ready to harvest, the giant courgette is ready to pick for next week church festival …….

Bits and Pieces

Apple Tree

This is from plot 24, really a gem at our allotment site……..

Slow Worms

Bill showed me the slow worms @ his compost pile, they are fantastic healthy and lovely, well done Bill……..


The shed stood fine at my plot…. really pleased with the move ………..

Week 22

7 July – 10 July 2008

A short week to dash around in the allotment as family call for a break to Cornwall the following week.  When it said a week, that means add a couple days to prepare (packing and lock up) before the away saga and a couple days after to reset (cleaning and ironing) back to routine…… what a bumper……somehow I do consider the allotment is my real holiday dent…..

Highlights of this week

Here are some of the highlights of this week……

I have tried weedling most of the time in this week but I do bet they will shoot back up while I am away…….

Week 20

23 June – 30 June 2008

Front View

The last week of June and here I came to week 20 of my allotmenting, so far so good, enjoying every moment working out there. Here is the front view I promised to post up this week…..

Plants List

Doing a bit of calculation of how many plants I have within this 127 square yards, and this is the list so far….

Highlights of this week

Every plants are growing fine, especially the runner beans and the spaghetti squashes……..

Runner Beans

Spaghetti Squashes

JCB+HandyMan BIA (back in action)


The produces from the allotment are now constantly making progress,,,,,,bountiful …..deliciously yummy…

New plants of this week

Here are some newly plants into the plot……

Bits & Pieces


Thank goodness not in my plot, this happened at plot 10, all cabbages stripped off by pigeons…….. so netting is vital to protect all your hard work…..

Week 19

16 June – 22 June 2008

Front View

Here are some of our delicate allotment plotters, their efforts to put their plot front so beautiful, all credits to them that we have the secret garden…….

My plot is not too bad, here is one taken from the back looking toward the front, next week I shall take a front view of my plot……..

Highlight of this week


Sweet Peas

Mini Pumpkins


“Harvesting” sounds great and a lot of fun too, the produces are absolutely satisfactory…..

New Plants of the week

Produces of the week

All these produces are yummy, feast on green that grown under sun and rain and lots of TLC are wonderful.