Week 17

2 June – 8 June 2008

Farewell Uncle

4th of June a phone call from home told me Uncle SeaFull has passed away, feeling sad. May 12th the earthquake disaster still raw fresh, June 4th; a memorable date to remember those students and civilians in China voiced their rights and got killed in 1989. Rest in peace Uncle SeaFull, you’ll always in my prayers and in my thoughts.

Highlight @ 25A this week

Weeding does help in soothing all these up and down emotions, the best healing potion is the pick and dump action, it does good to the vegetable and good exercise both mind and body too. Here are some highlight of this week….

Potato rows

This is more than the highlight, they are really growing fantastic….

The follow one is from plot 26, noticed their planting strategy and that is every few weeks in between….

Plan for next planting

To make the allotment work for you, plan ahead is the advise being given by all allotment geeks, so here is my little seedlings ready to be plant next ……

Produce of the week

Cabbage ‘spring hero’ is really yummy, will try in the future in my plot….

Bits and Pieces


The growing speed of all those tadpoles in my rock pool really catching up, see here they are…..


Week 12

27 April – 2 May.

After last week heavy labouring work, the new front look is a lot better.

April shower does a lot of good to the plants and so does weeds too, I did mostly weeding this week. Also I have not forget my home garden, did some spring cleaning, remove old plants and cleaned most pots for the new season dressing. Lawn mowing is another task, I prefer dig out all the weeds instead pouring chemical stuff, and see the nice neat lawn under my green finger plus back ache.

Here are some of my spring plants doing their best cheerio before the new season.

Remember my little tadpole and my frog pond, and here they are…..

The plan for next week is planting lattice, sun flowers or may be sweet corn, put lobelia and fuchsia into flower pots and baskets….