Livings at the plot – beginning of March year 4

Besides soil and plants at the plot… the other living things are foxes, birds, butterfly and many more…..

this time caught by my camera are…


Pauline caught sight of this butterfly at her plot and leading me to shoot out a few images of it, it is early to see them around… those who study butterfly must know its species and name… not I…



Seen the foxes on and off at the plot, and this time seeing two together in this playful scene is first time…


While I was clearing out the back plot, here comes this live music from this little Robin, so very delicate and sweet and yet so close that can nearly touch it… obviously not doing so… just enjoy this wonder of nature beauty….

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Fall in October – year 3

Looks like we are into the Autumn time and seeing leaves had turn yellowish…that is time for harvest all to prepare the ground for the coming winter months…

Trench 2

Bed no. 10 has got the full treatment this time, after filled in one trench with all the composted materials, my JCB has dug the second trench on the other half of the bed…. this certainly a good job done for the next planting season…..

Trench 2 copy

Timber Master

The biggest tree at our allotment has a new dress up during this month, the fantastic timber men has pruned down the far out stretch branches.  At last those plots under the shadow of the tree has given the chances to share the sunlight as it should be. Thanks to all the marvellous timber masters….

Timber Master1 copy

Timber Master2copy

Timber Master3 copy

Wild Life of the plot – Fox

Here comes the the plot Fox, caught him again while I am harvesting my Mooli.  Still do not know whether he or she fox, looks like he’s mange infected, scratching briskly most of the time…

Wild Life copy

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Spring into Spring – week 5, 6 – year 3

8th March -19th March 2010

There are appearance signs of Spring at long last put on the show…. definitely a month later than last few years’ Spring show….

Fox caught in action

While plotting around at the allotment, here comes Fox taking his lunch and having a nap…. I have to hold my breath to catch this lovely scenes…. beautiful moments…

Fox nap

Spring Colour

The first splash of Spring colour is in bloom… Crocuses galore…. a month later than last year…..

Spring Crocuses bloom

Footpath Refill

At last I have got some time to clear up all the weed fill paths with some new bark chips… Spring in action…

second refill March Y3

Steam Sponge Cake

Found this steaming method of making the sponge cake recipe online, just could not help to make one to see the outcome…. it was perfect and taste fantastic… very softy soft…..


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Week 52 – Year 2 (Final week of 2nd Year)

1st February – 8th February 2010

My second year of Allotment has reached the day on the eighth of February, the very day when I took over the plot on the 8th February 2008.

Vegetplotlot… my allotment journals has reached the second year end too…. really time flies while you are in depth of it….

Conclusion of my second year allotmenting was real fun plus added on great experiences on planting…. the bonus is the techno on record this project and got myself learning, reading and seeing more… “throw a stone and caught more  than 2 birds”….

Fox at the Plot

One of the bird that I caught is to meet the real wild life; the chance that I can meet a relaxing fox having his sun bathing is absolutely impossible until I have a allotment and meet this wild visitor every so often over there….

Fox in sun 1

Foxes are clever, they know when is the best time to pick up all these free dose of Vitamin C from the winter sunshine….

Fox in sun 2

Compost Bin

While I was at the plot with the lovely weather, I have cleared up the last compost bin and spread out the rich composted stuff around the plot… feeds for the earthworms….

Compost bin

Swiss Chard

Noticed the severe weather this year still have not affected much of the Swiss Chard, new leaves still shooting out…..

Swiss Chards

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Week 51 – Year 2 (Foxes @ plot)

25th January – 31st January 2010

Not too long ago we were greeting with Happy New Year, and here we are the last week of the first month….. whatever iPhone 3G is the new gadget… a virtual Time gadget is fine for me…

Although it is cold, the temperature somehow has climb up above freezing figure… even has some sunshine… while I was emptying the compost material to the bin at the plot, I have noticed the allotment foxes have a good time there too…


There are TWO lazy foxes having sun bathing on one sunny winter afternoon at the allotment…


Leeks & Garlic

While I was there at the plot I have picked up some young leeks and 2 juicy garlic…  potato leeks & garlic soup is the day’s dinner menu….

Leeks & Garlic

Jerusalem Artichoke

Dug out some Jerusalem Artichoke at my front bed, they are still edible even after the big freeze… even sweeter…

Jersuelum Artichoke

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Week 2-Year 2

16th February – 22nd February 2009

The weather turn from snow cold to a touch of spring feel, there has a get up and do something urge. Decided to get the home front garden tidy up as much as I can……, trim the dead branches, collect all the derbies after the severe weather…..

The seeds of the Marigold, Cornflowers and Shoo Fly plants has germinated and took me sometime to get them in individual pots…….

Erect the plastic cold frame and put the winter sowed sweet peas there…..


Popped down to the plot, noticed that the fox still looking fine….

Fox on plot w2y2

Brussels Sprouts

My four Brussels sprouts did a wonderful job for my plot and my dinner plates, we had enjoyed the great taste and have a successful growing time with my 4 plants.  I shall double the growth and hope double the yields next time…

brussels sprouts w2y2


Well done with my favourite JCB and he did a wonderful manly work on the area that he can do well…. the rake and dig….

JCB w2y2

and we can see how nice the rows now looking neat and tidy and is now we have to patiently wait for the right warm moment to sow the seeds…..timing is vital….

Ground force w2y2

Recycle plastic bottles

What a sight with all the plastic bottle planes flying around at the plot…..

recycle bottles w2y2

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Week 43

1st December – 7th December 2008

The first week of last month of this year, forcasting cold frosty at the end of this week, pop down couples time to the plot do some picking of sprouts and carrots……

Have never seen this before…… funny-carrot2

Highlights of this week

Did some more pickings beside the funny look carrot, B always said that home grown carrots are sweeter than the shop bought one ….. dug up the biggest minicol cabbage, picked some brussel sprouts and there are more growing from my four brussel plants.  I have noticed the garlic bulbs which I have sowed couple weeks ago have shooted up to brave the cold weather …..well done garlic.  While I was at the plot I was being entertained by a clever fox, he was getting sun bathing one minute and the next  jumped up to the thicket of a tree after the pigeons and magpies for his tea…. obviously the fox has missed a pair of wings…..