Update potato log–May & June 2012

This was taken at the end of May, all my potato beds has good signs of the crops…..

End of May look

Here comes the rainy June, no flood here at my plot, except the speedy growth of the crops… they are thriving through the wettest month of the record years past…..

P1080060-1 copy





The flowers indicated the skin of the crops, white petals more less are white skin potato which the purple more less are the red skin potato….. nice to seeing all these flowers…. they looks pretty and another signs of good crops underneath…..

P1080066  P1080074

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Spring View 2012–year 5

My fifth year into allotment and the feel is still going strong……

Especially seeing the beautiful colour suddenly appear among the dull and grey wintry scene…… that is Spring ….

Lots of young buds appear in the fruit plants…. blueberries, black currents, red currents are covering full of buds….

Already started chitting my potatoes at my cool bedroom and they will be down to earth around Eastertime…..

Also some young plants has been started growing steadily in the greenhouse….

Here are the Spring views at the home front and those of the allotment will be posting next…..

Spring 2012 a copy



potato chitting 2012 copy

greenhouse seedlings 2012

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Flower show @ vegetplotlot 2011

I can say this is a brilliant year for flowers at my plot.  As you can see in the follow images that I took from my plot…blooming beauty.

Planting flowers at the plot is really benefit for all the other vegetable and fruit crops… as they attract insects to speed up the pollinate process… my saying is without bees there is no honey, and without flowers there is no bees….

Mainly I have planted my flowers at the front and bottom of my plot… in between bed’s corner dotted some flower plants too… a collective way to round-up the insects in my plot… I think this may work for me…..

Bed 1

The front…. In this bed I have cramped in Rudbeckia, Sweet Peas, Gladioli… they are really fantastic…

Bed 1 flower galore 2011

Sweet Peas galore…. have lots of cut flowers throughout the summer… scents in heaven…..

Sweetpeas 2011

Bed 15

The bottom…. this is suppose my wild flower patch… last year I had scatter some wild flower seeds and let the nature takes the hand to see to it…It did have a very attractive result…

This year I have this Malva flowers plants coming up which I did not sow particularly, I guess it must from last year’s seeds which coming up this year… and I research about this and found that this is a perennial plant and the variety of this one is ‘Windsor Castle’…. so I have got a royal structure at my bottom of my plot…

The wonderful thing is my Raspberry bed is nearby, and with the blooming Malva not far from it…. my raspberry did have a bonus benefit….

 Malva 'Windsor Castle' 2011

Last year I saw people having good time growing Sunflowers at the plot, so I decided to grow some this year… not too bad… if I stack them up properly they may shoot up taller… by and by they look stunning when open up…..

my sunflowers 2011

Here is a clip to catch some of their beauty,…

I still looking for the name of the bee plant that I planted in between the bed… the flowers of this plant is like a tiny mini orchid and when it starts blooming… imagine many mini orchids open up and the bees are in heaven to take the nectar…… since I planted this at home seven years ago, I always fascinated when I see the attraction of the bees….. unfortunately I have misplaced this plant’s name and I given its name ‘Bees plant’… and hoping one day I’ll find its real id….

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New upgrade made delay–year 4

Catching up March, April and May’s updates….

The new upgrade of the computer made all delay to upload the posts. It is real nice to have the new gadgets… new upgrade and I have been looking forward to have it… then it all comes to a halt as I have to get it familiar and to search for files here and there… my my, it is a long trip back to normal mode….. (still worth the trouble)..

March, April and even May comes and gone….

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami hit it hard to earth planet in March…. sadden by so many lost lives…

April…it is not fair but it is…we have joyful moment here in England… the Royal Wedding… it cheers up you and I…

May… Bin Laden at long last being caught and paid for his crime… how one human being can inflict so many pain to other human beings and created so much ruins and thinks that he can get away of the crime….. history told us all that is impossible…

My favourite HK dj has been sacked unfairly according from news…. I missed my routine to hear his programme on radio….

We have a dry Spring this year… climate change is the answer…. from March, April and early May we have plenty sunshine and dry heat…. even have forest fires caused by the dry weather…. made most people think England turn to down under…

Easter was late till 22 of April…. by that time I have already planted out all my this year’s potatoes… started from end of March…


Bed 2: Arron Pilot and Winston, both First Early…

Bed 8: Sante, Early Main crop

Bed 11: Desiree, Early Main crop and Cara, the Late Main crop….

Bed 7 (top half, 3 short rows): Desiree

Bed 13 (near compost bin, 1 short row): Cara

During April they are gradually sprouts and shooting out through the soil, just like the hymn Now the green blade rises….. finally during the last week of May I have dug out couple Arron Pilot to taste the new potatoes, though they are still in the small fist size and some even tinnier… but the new earth sweet taste is heaven…

Potato early view


Harvest all the last Autumn planted Spring Hero and Spring Green cabbages… a bumper success and shall try to grow again this coming autumn…

SpringGreen in March y4

SpringHero cabbage in March y4

Spring Flowers

Since we have a dry Spring, most the potted flowers look a bit tired, those on the ground looks a bit better but still they seems just have a short bloom then wilted away… here are some of my best… Primrose, Tulips and Wallflowers are planted last Autumn and the Roses have been here since we move in here, give them a feed during the growing seasons and tidy up (a slight prune) at the end of the season and they just up come again year after year (more than 20 years)…long live the Roses…

Primrose @ homefront y4

Trulips @ backyard y4

wallflowers @ homefront y4

rose @ home front y4

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Week 21 – Year 2 (flaming & flower)

29th June – 3rd July 2009

We had a heat touch in England, ‘flaming’ June at least lived up the name given… all my fans been taken out from the loft and have a good turn on….

The heat gives out the best colour on all the flower plants and here are some I caught their best poise….

Plot Neighbour’s front row

This one is from Mike plot 11….. wild flower patch…

Mike's patch

Pat & Barry’s plot 9, a mini garden with pond feature ….

Plot 9 flowers

Mike from plot 24… looking forward for the bumper apples….

Mike's apple

Sweet Peas

My sweet Peas have a big splash of colour this year and I have picked a lot of them…..

SweetPea w21y2

speechless Sweet Peas.....

SweetPeas2  w21y2

sweetpeas   cornflowers w21y2


This is a continuing job…  really satisfactory and delightful one….

w21y2 pickings

Next week we’ll pop to Cornwall for our annual break…. chase the seagulls ….

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