Week 34 – Year 2

28th September – 4th October 2009

The sunny weather made me popped down to the allotment frequently and noted the seasonal change in progress….


It has started blooming late this year and at the same time last longer… lot of big blooms and real nice… love to highlight it with Photoshop…



My first trial of the pumpkins growing is real nice, they are pumping in sizes and will be harvest in couple weeks’ time …..

pumpkins 1


Picked up 2 more Spaghetti Squashes and they are real heavy in weight… finished pick up all the Chinese Leaves and what a success this year, real please with myself… Salsify harvested too, though not as I have expected, I learnt their appearance and supposed characterize forms so will be better next time….

Harvest w34y2

Spring Onions

More Spring Onions seeds germinated and hope they will grow stronger in the coming season…

spring onions


I have established a dozen strawberry plants in this patch of bed and looking forward for the next year flaming June…..


Winter Cabbages

I have planted out all my Winter Cabbages and they will be grow through this winter month here and hope for their best performance….

winter cabbages

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Week 30 – Year 2 (JH Newman – Littlemore)

1st September – 6th September 2009

Littlemore Visit

We went for a coach trip to visit John Henry Newman’s Littlemore near Oxford.  After this trip I know more about this person and what a good found.  One of his quotation “Nothing would be done at all if one waited until one could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.” that I truly agreed and has become  my motto too…Another quotation “Growth is the only evidence of life.” and this one I fully apply to the plants here at the allotment…. excellent great quote…..

Back to my plot, everything seem in the right track… Chinese leaves (cabbage) are ready to pick and have picked my first one this week….. the Pak Choi is nearly at the end of the season and I have made good use of them so far(in stir fry cooking)…..  French Runner Beans and the rest of the climbing beans has been very good this year and my freezer is full of them now….

Harvest w30y2

Gladiolus & Dahlia

At the front bed, the Gladiolus seemed has a succession of second growth which is quite nice…  recently found out … The plant Gladiolus is named after the Roman word for a gladiator’s sword, gladius, as the plant’s leaves are strikingly similar……

The late burst of Dahlia from where I have left the tubers from last year add some colourful beauty at this time of the year too….

Gladiolus & Dahlia w30y2

Spaghetti Squashes

They are getting bigger every time when I check and always coming up with one more hidden here and there…..

Spaghetti Squashes w30y2

Primo Cabbages

I have planted in 7 young Primo Cabbages which was given from Mike C’s seedlings…. they are supposed summer cabbage and I hope they can make up with the India Summer here and get growing…..

Primo Cabbage

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Week 33

22nd – 28th September 2008

Nearly the end of the month, we definately not have any seriously heatwave this year, and to my memory I have not use the fans that I had prepared when supposed summer started in June….. but I like this cool weather instead the furious heat hot summer….. Well this week the sun is out beautifully during the day and the best place to go, of course the allotment …. to tend my plants and soil ….

Highlights of this week

This is the first time use the gallery to upload the above photos, it seems quicker to use this way, but I shall use all the captions and photo magic to describe the link of these photoes.  More learning and….

Next week is excited and fun as dual core motherboard, window vista and new kits are bought to upgrade the computing system, plenty of anxiety to chew on…….