First of Winter Touch – Year 3

We have the coldest December 2010 in record for a century, it started at the end of November, gradually getting colder and colder by Christmas…. had a few nights down to –10 Celsius…..

It is just the beginning of the winter month, we have January, February and March to follow…..

Seeing a lot of snow recently and caught a lot of snow scene photos and here are some of my pick for the blog post….

Snow view…

Snow day without snowman is not snow day…. made by Franc, Chris and G….

snowman copy

Snow fakes fall onto my fig tree… see all the snow figs….

Snow Figs copy

Snow web…. as add snow across the web pages during Christmas period, here is another snow web I have picked….

snow web copy

The Hawthorn covered with berries this year, the snow dusts give it an icing on cake look….

snow hawthorn fruit copy

Caught a lone Heron in mid of December after a thaw of the first snow hit… looks like it need to fuel up before the next snow fall…..

Heron copy

Plot view…

Popped down to the plot during December…. Leeks has recovered from whatever attacked during the warm period and started to look like Leeks…. Board Beans sown in late October has survived the first snow hit (beginning of December), but the second big snow hit during Christmas period has actually look worse from the photo, lots has blacken and down….. Strawberries plants look OK so far even after the biggest freeze….

Mid December plot view 1 copy

Planted in some winter red onions on the 8th January 2011 while the weather has soften a bit and the ground permitted. Couple days afterward when I went back to check them, all of them are being picked out by whatever (probably by pigeons), I have to replant them and erect all sorts of wire cages and flying planes to deter another attacks… I have to laugh it off…

While I was there at the plot, harvested my last lot of Parsnips, they look alright when I dig them out…. the saying of the Parsnips went through freezing weather will tasted sweeter…. I absolutely agreed as when I cooked them later the day, they are heavenly sweet….

Mid January plot view 2 copy

The second Trench particularly wonderful as I have use it to compost most of the veggie stuffs… still waiting patiently for my JCB to make my Leaf mould compost cage… those sacks of leaves by the trench are waiting too….

Trench view copy

My winter Lettuce are still growing fine under my mini poly tunnel… this tiny investment has shown some interest…

Winter lettuce copy

Spring Hero Cabbage

What a wonderful view to see them all standing upright and shown some growth too during this severe weather… just well suit its given name…. more images follow with my YouTube link…

Spring Hero Cabbage

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Fall in October – year 3

Looks like we are into the Autumn time and seeing leaves had turn yellowish…that is time for harvest all to prepare the ground for the coming winter months…

Trench 2

Bed no. 10 has got the full treatment this time, after filled in one trench with all the composted materials, my JCB has dug the second trench on the other half of the bed…. this certainly a good job done for the next planting season…..

Trench 2 copy

Timber Master

The biggest tree at our allotment has a new dress up during this month, the fantastic timber men has pruned down the far out stretch branches.  At last those plots under the shadow of the tree has given the chances to share the sunlight as it should be. Thanks to all the marvellous timber masters….

Timber Master1 copy

Timber Master2copy

Timber Master3 copy

Wild Life of the plot – Fox

Here comes the the plot Fox, caught him again while I am harvesting my Mooli.  Still do not know whether he or she fox, looks like he’s mange infected, scratching briskly most of the time…

Wild Life copy

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September Bliss – year 3

September 2010

There are always jobs when there is a plot ….. I mean allotment plot….


Bed number 10 has been dug out a trench by my loving JCB for composting…. well prepare for my three sisters planting in the coming new year……


This is the month to finish digging out all the main crop potatoes…. I have store them in sacks in the garage… not too bad this year and expected the stock will last till next Spring…

last dug spuds copy

Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes

The Spaghetti Squashes and Pumpkins are looking good… lots of pumpkin flowers and those tuned into pumpkins are pumping up even though mines are mini pumpkins origin…. Suddenly the Spaghetti Squashes plants are growing up and up and I have a few mounts of them in my beds…..

pumkin glow copy

Spaghetti Squashes view copy

Wild Patch

My wild flower patch has its height of showing off the full colour…. notice some lodgers are happy at my provided lodging place…. (frogs in my pond)

going wild copy

plot friend copy

Home sown & Home grown

I have sown some more Pak Choy, Spring Cabbages and winter onions & shallots at home and they are now ready to plant out at my plot….

My must Chilli plants again produce lots of Chilli and this is the time for them turn into reddish colour…

Home grown view copy

View at the plot

At the end of this month, I have planted out Bed number 9 with winter onions, shallots, Pak Choy, Spring cabbages and Mooli radish….

September grow 1 copy

Another great beauty at my plot are the Raspberry plants, the autumn fruiting one are keep on producing juicy berries… made lots of jams and coulis….

The new trial… Globe Artichoke is taking on fine and looking for my next year’s crop… Fennel plants are successful growing at my plot this year although I have planted them late and expected a none result…

September grow 2 copy

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Week 34

29th September -5th October 2008

Fantastic to use this new computing system, mind you it is all learning and improving at the same time, it requires mostly is patience and at the end is patience win it all.

The allotment becomes my relaxing field, pop in and out most of the days in this week, dug up the second half compost trench, picking what is available and such as carrots, parsnips, chinese cabbages, beetroot and thanks for the other plotter for the butternut squash and cheery tomatoes, the cooking of Chinese cabbages  really satisfactory….boil, fry and chop them small mix in the wontons …..yum yum, a must for next year.

Pauline’s pumpkins really growing attactive big and have different variety too, I think I shall try it next year, and join in the pumpkin growing group…..

Highlights of this week

The weather forecast for next week is brilliant fine, so I shall looking forward spend some time at the allotment to catch some sunshine vitamin….

Week 33

22nd – 28th September 2008

Nearly the end of the month, we definately not have any seriously heatwave this year, and to my memory I have not use the fans that I had prepared when supposed summer started in June….. but I like this cool weather instead the furious heat hot summer….. Well this week the sun is out beautifully during the day and the best place to go, of course the allotment …. to tend my plants and soil ….

Highlights of this week

This is the first time use the gallery to upload the above photos, it seems quicker to use this way, but I shall use all the captions and photo magic to describe the link of these photoes.  More learning and….

Next week is excited and fun as dual core motherboard, window vista and new kits are bought to upgrade the computing system, plenty of anxiety to chew on…….