Beginning of May–year 5

Here are the views of all my beds at the allotment at the beginning of May, some are already filled and some are preparing for the newbies….

Bed 1 – Rhubarbs are flourishing…. Gladiolus, Sweet peas has planted in….. on the side the hardy Lovage, Chives and Welsh onions are coming back to live….     

Bed 1 early May 2012

Bed 2 – prepared half of the bed to become seed bed which has been sown in Pak Choy, Iceberg Lettuces, Spring Onions, Spinach, Radish, Parsley and Parsnip….. the second half of the bed has set aside for the Mange touts peas, Iceberg Lettuce….

Bed 2 early May 2012

Bed 3 – planted in some Iceberg Lettuces in between the First Early potatoes…

Bed 3 early May 2012 copy

Bed 4 – same as bed 3…..

Bed 4 early May 2012

Bed 5 – Board beans and Strawberries….

Bed 5 early May 2012 copy

Bed 6 – Main crops of potatoes…

Bed 6 early May 2012 copy

Bed 7 – Main crops of potatoes too…

Bed 7 early May 2012 copy

Bed 8 – one fifth of the plot has been planted with Board Beans through winter months… the rest of the bed will be dug for Cabbages, Calabrese and Cauliflower…(the treble C)…. Bed 9 has been dug over with compost trench through the winter months and at the moments is waiting for plants….

Bed 8 early May 2012 copy

Bed 10 – the bed of Onion (both white and red), Shallots, Garlic… this has been through the winter months…. Bed 11 is being dug over ready for Beetroot, Carrots and Sweet corns..…

Bed 9 early May 2012 copy

Bed 12 – the Raspberry bed need a bit of tidy up…. otherwise it looks promising….

Bed 10 early May 2012 copy

Bed 13 – this bed is temporary made and still a testing ground…. by the compost bin I have transplant some Spinach seedlings there and the long end has been planted in main crops Potato….

Bed 11 early May 2012 copy

Bed 14 – the Tansy plants, Comfrey plants gets along fine, and the Globe Artichoke has some new shoots showing too…. Bed 15 the wild flower bed has just sown some new wild flowers seeds……

Bed 12 early May 2012 copy

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Week 32 – Year 2

14th September 2009 – 20th September 2009

Into the mid of September, we are having good sunny weather this year, noticed that plot 1’s tomato plants has picking up the ripening colour….

Tomato @ plot 1

tomato @ plot 1


The plants needs to turn the colour is in the right time, here is my Chilli plants at home are doing fine to turn to reddish too….

red chillies


It is around this time of the year to empty the compost bin as it has been working a year round to produce rich compost at the bottom base….. here come the JCB giving a hand to empty the compost manure to the plot’s beds….

Soil carer 1

soil carer 2


Pick my first Spaghetti Squash and the other mature plants, one of my Chinese Leaves weighted nearly 4 pounds….

harvest w32y2

Winter Cabbages

I have put all my young toddlers winter cabbages outside for days and nights now to let them climatise before planting them into the plot bed…..

winter cabbages

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Week 30 – Year 2 (JH Newman – Littlemore)

1st September – 6th September 2009

Littlemore Visit

We went for a coach trip to visit John Henry Newman’s Littlemore near Oxford.  After this trip I know more about this person and what a good found.  One of his quotation “Nothing would be done at all if one waited until one could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.” that I truly agreed and has become  my motto too…Another quotation “Growth is the only evidence of life.” and this one I fully apply to the plants here at the allotment…. excellent great quote…..

Back to my plot, everything seem in the right track… Chinese leaves (cabbage) are ready to pick and have picked my first one this week….. the Pak Choi is nearly at the end of the season and I have made good use of them so far(in stir fry cooking)…..  French Runner Beans and the rest of the climbing beans has been very good this year and my freezer is full of them now….

Harvest w30y2

Gladiolus & Dahlia

At the front bed, the Gladiolus seemed has a succession of second growth which is quite nice…  recently found out … The plant Gladiolus is named after the Roman word for a gladiator’s sword, gladius, as the plant’s leaves are strikingly similar……

The late burst of Dahlia from where I have left the tubers from last year add some colourful beauty at this time of the year too….

Gladiolus & Dahlia w30y2

Spaghetti Squashes

They are getting bigger every time when I check and always coming up with one more hidden here and there…..

Spaghetti Squashes w30y2

Primo Cabbages

I have planted in 7 young Primo Cabbages which was given from Mike C’s seedlings…. they are supposed summer cabbage and I hope they can make up with the India Summer here and get growing…..

Primo Cabbage

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Week 23 – Year 2

12th July – 19th July 2009

Back from the holiday break and in fact I need another holiday to recover the holiday just had…. the washing and all…..

We moaned of the flaming heat and now we moaned for where the heat gone…. too many rain showers now… don’t know when to due with the mountain of weeds at the allotment… and on the other hands all crops properly all juice up and ripe to pick….


Picking is a cheerful motion and definitely plenty to pick… I have bumper good crops of potatoes this year, still plenty left in the ground to enlarge the sizes….. Besides my stocks there are others who are generous to share their pickings…. Thanks you Bill’s red currents and Barry’s cabbages…

bumper pckings w23y2

potato w23y2

General View @ week23 year2

Been away for a week but take a good look and it seems a lot has changed… pumpkins plants has taken shapes, cabbage Tundra has triple the size, Sweet Peas has blamed my away and started to fade… but my Jerusalem Artichoke has shot up in height and taller than the grower too……..

General view w23y2


After harvested all the potatoes at row number 3, my JCB hubby kindly offered to repair all the planks around the row… At least there are 2 rows out of 8 have fully renew all the edges at my plot.

row 3 w23y2

Chinese Cabbage

The Chinese cabbage seedlings shown strong growth, so I have cleared the Board Beans patch at row 2 and planted all the young plants in…. now just have to wait and see….

new plants in w23y2

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Week 22

7 July – 10 July 2008

A short week to dash around in the allotment as family call for a break to Cornwall the following week.  When it said a week, that means add a couple days to prepare (packing and lock up) before the away saga and a couple days after to reset (cleaning and ironing) back to routine…… what a bumper……somehow I do consider the allotment is my real holiday dent…..

Highlights of this week

Here are some of the highlights of this week……

I have tried weedling most of the time in this week but I do bet they will shoot back up while I am away…….

Week 21

30 June – 6 July 2008

Now I found another meaning of “make hay while the sun shines”, every plants seems growing fast and the  speed rate of seeds germinating also fast too, and of course weeds too.  Here are some highlights of this week, so busy that nearly forget to record all the coming and going…..

Highlights of this week


Oriental Salad Leaves


Bought from John plot 18 all these plastic plant protectors, just in time for my left over swedes from attacks by piegons or some other flying ailens ….

JCB & HandyMan BIA

Here are my JCB and HandyMan back in action to help along……

New Plants of this week

Keep on planting, the continuing produce is one of allotmenting fun…..

Wild Rockets

French Dwarf Beans

Chinese Cabbage WongBok

Bits & Pieces


I shall grow lettuces like this in the future, they are really delicious fresh …….

Slow Worms

Pay another visit to Bill’s compost bin and have a wonderful found and here they are….. healthy and prosperous….