42 Dumplings

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II has granted us extra day holiday, supposed made use of the time plotting at the allotment…. but weather forbid plus wouldn’t want to miss the television show on the celebration….. the next best thing is to cook out something to enjoy…. and one of my favour is making dumplings…. As the title said this time I have made just a total forty two dumplings…..

dumplings 1

dumplings 2

Here are the 42 dumplings I have made….

dumplings 4

They are served in two version, fired and soupy….. with my favourite vegetable Broccoli….. the sauce goes with it are my latest invention… thinly sliced ginger, garlic, spring onion and chilli with soy sauce…. (so deliciously yummy that has been rated Dip of the 2012)….  

dumplings 5

The fried one……

fired dumplings

The soupy one….

soupy dumplings

Inside the dumpling is the juicy meat and veg……

juicy meat & vegs

The end result is….. all gone with very satisfied feel…. fantastic good food with fantastic occasion…….

bots up all gone

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September Bliss – year 3

September 2010

There are always jobs when there is a plot ….. I mean allotment plot….


Bed number 10 has been dug out a trench by my loving JCB for composting…. well prepare for my three sisters planting in the coming new year……


This is the month to finish digging out all the main crop potatoes…. I have store them in sacks in the garage… not too bad this year and expected the stock will last till next Spring…

last dug spuds copy

Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes

The Spaghetti Squashes and Pumpkins are looking good… lots of pumpkin flowers and those tuned into pumpkins are pumping up even though mines are mini pumpkins origin…. Suddenly the Spaghetti Squashes plants are growing up and up and I have a few mounts of them in my beds…..

pumkin glow copy

Spaghetti Squashes view copy

Wild Patch

My wild flower patch has its height of showing off the full colour…. notice some lodgers are happy at my provided lodging place…. (frogs in my pond)

going wild copy

plot friend copy

Home sown & Home grown

I have sown some more Pak Choy, Spring Cabbages and winter onions & shallots at home and they are now ready to plant out at my plot….

My must Chilli plants again produce lots of Chilli and this is the time for them turn into reddish colour…

Home grown view copy

View at the plot

At the end of this month, I have planted out Bed number 9 with winter onions, shallots, Pak Choy, Spring cabbages and Mooli radish….

September grow 1 copy

Another great beauty at my plot are the Raspberry plants, the autumn fruiting one are keep on producing juicy berries… made lots of jams and coulis….

The new trial… Globe Artichoke is taking on fine and looking for my next year’s crop… Fennel plants are successful growing at my plot this year although I have planted them late and expected a none result…

September grow 2 copy

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Week 35 – Year 2 (Chilli & Beetroot)

5th October – 11th October 2009

At last we have rain, the sort of heavy rain that can soak through and through…. since we have a dry spell for a little while so this is very welcome for the ground soaking…..


Decided to clear out the patio and harvested all the Chilies, 4 x 10″ clay pots & 5 x 7″ plastic pots and what a bumper Chilli Galore…. very pleased for this first time experience….



All puff up in sizes with the comeback of the natural watering…. rain… I have pickle couple of them and end up with two big jars… the rest go to either salad or into my version of Russian oxtail beetroot soup…. they are delicious in whatever way of cooking…


Busy storing, pickling and freezing all the produces this week, the coming week is going to harvest some more…. truly experienced what harvest means in agricultural world….  besides ‘picking’, the following process ‘storage’ is vital too… that shows how you value the effort you put in making these vegetable grow…

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Week 32 – Year 2

14th September 2009 – 20th September 2009

Into the mid of September, we are having good sunny weather this year, noticed that plot 1’s tomato plants has picking up the ripening colour….

Tomato @ plot 1

tomato @ plot 1


The plants needs to turn the colour is in the right time, here is my Chilli plants at home are doing fine to turn to reddish too….

red chillies


It is around this time of the year to empty the compost bin as it has been working a year round to produce rich compost at the bottom base….. here come the JCB giving a hand to empty the compost manure to the plot’s beds….

Soil carer 1

soil carer 2


Pick my first Spaghetti Squash and the other mature plants, one of my Chinese Leaves weighted nearly 4 pounds….

harvest w32y2

Winter Cabbages

I have put all my young toddlers winter cabbages outside for days and nights now to let them climatise before planting them into the plot bed…..

winter cabbages

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Week 31 – Year 2

7th September – 13th September 2009

The weather forecast for sunny spell for a while, and I have noticed the flower patch at plot 22 have shown the height of its beauty….


Graham @ plot 22 have sowed a whole bed of Asters for cut flowers and they are blooming nicely…



My home grown Chilli plants has turned its colour from green to reddish, all benefited from the Autumn sunny spell….


Spaghetti Squash

My spaghetti Squashes has double the size and numbers too, they are hidden in their blanket of leaves, hard to spot too…

Spaghetti Squashes w31y2


Picking is non stop at this time of year, Harvest festivals held in everywhere should have lots to display….



The seedlings of the Wintergreen cabbage and EarlyQqueen cabbages now has move to 3″ pots and let them grow a bit more before plant into my plot….

cabbage seedlings

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Week 29 – Year 2 (Potato Feast)

24th August – 31st August 2009

Decided to dig out all the main crops potatoes and prepare the ground for next planting season…

Potato Galore

It was absolutely fun and hilarious wonderful to dig and harvesting the potatoes from the ground. I have my spuds and they are alright, reasonably in size and good texture for my cooking up a Potato Feast….

Potato Feast

Here is my last pick of my main crop potatoes…. not bad for my second trial this year….

vegetplotlot spuds

I couldn’t help to take a peek on how others doing with their spuds growing and what a good found…..

Mike spuds

Bill & Rose's spuds


So I have a good pick this week, lots of spuds now store in stacks in my garage, and the rest are Runner Beans, Beetroot, Sweetcorns…..



I have noticed that my first trial of Chilli which I sowed from seeds are fruiting and have lots of promises….


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