Beginning of May–year 5

Here are the views of all my beds at the allotment at the beginning of May, some are already filled and some are preparing for the newbies….

Bed 1 – Rhubarbs are flourishing…. Gladiolus, Sweet peas has planted in….. on the side the hardy Lovage, Chives and Welsh onions are coming back to live….     

Bed 1 early May 2012

Bed 2 – prepared half of the bed to become seed bed which has been sown in Pak Choy, Iceberg Lettuces, Spring Onions, Spinach, Radish, Parsley and Parsnip….. the second half of the bed has set aside for the Mange touts peas, Iceberg Lettuce….

Bed 2 early May 2012

Bed 3 – planted in some Iceberg Lettuces in between the First Early potatoes…

Bed 3 early May 2012 copy

Bed 4 – same as bed 3…..

Bed 4 early May 2012

Bed 5 – Board beans and Strawberries….

Bed 5 early May 2012 copy

Bed 6 – Main crops of potatoes…

Bed 6 early May 2012 copy

Bed 7 – Main crops of potatoes too…

Bed 7 early May 2012 copy

Bed 8 – one fifth of the plot has been planted with Board Beans through winter months… the rest of the bed will be dug for Cabbages, Calabrese and Cauliflower…(the treble C)…. Bed 9 has been dug over with compost trench through the winter months and at the moments is waiting for plants….

Bed 8 early May 2012 copy

Bed 10 – the bed of Onion (both white and red), Shallots, Garlic… this has been through the winter months…. Bed 11 is being dug over ready for Beetroot, Carrots and Sweet corns..…

Bed 9 early May 2012 copy

Bed 12 – the Raspberry bed need a bit of tidy up…. otherwise it looks promising….

Bed 10 early May 2012 copy

Bed 13 – this bed is temporary made and still a testing ground…. by the compost bin I have transplant some Spinach seedlings there and the long end has been planted in main crops Potato….

Bed 11 early May 2012 copy

Bed 14 – the Tansy plants, Comfrey plants gets along fine, and the Globe Artichoke has some new shoots showing too…. Bed 15 the wild flower bed has just sown some new wild flowers seeds……

Bed 12 early May 2012 copy

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Week 24 – Year 2 (Rain Rain Rain…)

20th July 26th July 2009

It rains for days, absolutely soaking wet everywhere…. my front and back yards, my allotment plots…. only one thing that is happy for the rain is the Weeds, they are thriving mad… they never drown, never rot, never have blights…..

Popped down to the allotment while there has a gap of dry spell and look what I’ve found…

The Wrong Carrot

the wrong carrot

Pak Choi & Black Choi

At last planted in all the Pak Choi and Black Choi…. the waiting game is on… the wet and warm weather will speed up the growth… 2 to 3 weeks will be on my dinner plate…

Pak Choi & Black Choi w24y2


I can see that they are forming nicely, I must have mixed up with the mini pumpkin seeds with the yellow pumpkins seeds… never mind… wait and see when October come… watch this space….

pumpkins w24y2


What a sight to see a ton of manure delivered at the site and found there are viewers sitting comfortably viewing the mount….. I prefer view them through the snap instead….

Manure   2

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Week 7 – Year 2

23rd March – 29th March 2009

The week started with a change of sunny spring warm weather to a more like showery April, unstable with odd showers and a bit turn back to late wintry……

To start with the week I have upgrade the pot sizes of all the chilies and shoo flies plants at the greenhouse …..


Transplant some Lovage to home front and found that it is good for the plant to break up to replant after a few year at the same spot…..



The Rhubarbs plants are looking good and promising, will have my first pick soon….

rhubarbs w7y2

Board Bean

The 2 patch of Board Beans are all different in the look, the patch sown in early October last year been doing very well and even have flowers now.  The other patch sown in mid November was not that good, most of the seeds has not germinated well, the conclusion is the wet Autumn last year affected the vital moment.  The lesson learnt from this is to sown the Board Beans either in October or late March.  I have sown the second batch in those cardboard tissue rolls at the greenhouse in February time and gradually climatise in the cold frame then plant into the patch….

Board beans w7y2


The next proud achievement is all my Spring Hero cabbages, they are doing fine and making a good show and the taste are most deliciously yummy….

Spring Hero

New Plants : Carrots, Parsnips and Salisfy

Seeds and plants has been sown and planted during the week, Bernard has sown 3 rows of Carrots, I have planted in Parsnips and Salisfy which both are germinated and climatise in the cold frame first and now planted into the plot….

new plants


Wala the harvest at the plot always gave a fantastic feel, cabbages and the Swiss Chard are really tasty, so earthy and fresh, better than those vitamin pills …..

harvest cabbages

Project: old spade

This is a genius project, a great tip from Bill, to recycle an old old spade, saw it into 2 half, the spade part concreted at the edge becomes soil boots scraper, and the handle becomes a tool to help in planting leeks, potatoes and bulb plants….. this is a marvelous idea.

spade afterlife

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Week 43

1st December – 7th December 2008

The first week of last month of this year, forcasting cold frosty at the end of this week, pop down couples time to the plot do some picking of sprouts and carrots……

Have never seen this before…… funny-carrot2

Highlights of this week

Did some more pickings beside the funny look carrot, B always said that home grown carrots are sweeter than the shop bought one ….. dug up the biggest minicol cabbage, picked some brussel sprouts and there are more growing from my four brussel plants.  I have noticed the garlic bulbs which I have sowed couple weeks ago have shooted up to brave the cold weather …..well done garlic.  While I was at the plot I was being entertained by a clever fox, he was getting sun bathing one minute and the next  jumped up to the thicket of a tree after the pigeons and magpies for his tea…. obviously the fox has missed a pair of wings…..



Week 16

26 May – 1 June 2008

Plot 25A

At week 16, the plot looks thriving, most of the vegetables seem doing well.



The radish has been a great success and all gone to our stomach. The patch of ground is now prepare to grow mooli, wait and see.


The cabbage from Pat’s seedlings has been doing brilliantly, they are Winnigstadt, a must for the future.

Chard & Spinach

Both spinach and chard are super too, especially we all love spinach and the chard has come up our favour now.


Unfortunately, not all successful as others, 2 courgette plants has failed, so I have dug out the area and regrow something later.

Produces of the week

Bits and Pieces


The tadpoles I’ve got them since week 8, and now they are one by one turn to froglets, it is amazing to watch…..

Sowing seeds

I have found that sowing fine seeds are really tedious, and by browsing on the net here I learnt how to make it easy……