May 2010 – Year 3

The working out at the extended plot is in the heights…. planting, watering and weeding…. as a saying “Nothing sow nothing gain”…. so here I am ready for the ball rolling…..

We still have not much rain during this month….. so watering is essential… elbow grease is needed….

Here is photo of collage view of my plot in May….

May begin collage copy

Beginning of May

Lots of seedlings are ready to plant out at the plot, some has been germinated well at the plot, such as beetroots, turnips, Spring Onions….

A short clips of what is happening………

Into the Mid of May…

At last the bed 11th has been dug over and ready to plants out young plants….. a lot of ad hoc works around the plot…… just keep life more entertaining…

Mid May planting copy

Coming to the End of May….

We have been busy around the plot just the busy bees, planting in tomatoes, corns, beans, Comfrey, Spinach, Lettuce…..  Weedlings has a big bloom too….. where is the supposed moist May…. we are having fun carrying water here and there…..

End May 1 copy

End May 2 copy

End May 3 copy

Obviously the joy is having the goodies after all the hard work, we have start the bumper harvest now and watch this space and more to the storeroom….

End May 4 copy

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Week 40 – Year 2 (blown Brussels Sprout)

9th November – 15th November 2009

The whole week is wet wet wet, cloudy and at the end of this week we had gale wind and heavy rainfalls.   I caught the small gap of clear spell and popped down to empty the veggie peelings to the compost bin …. And…

Brussels Sprout (blown)

Failure is a step to success….. decided to finish off the blown Brussels Sprouts, cut off five of them and dump them into the compost bin and there is only one left and look a bit a lonely to struggle this year…… learn the mistake: get a strong type of seeds and firm up the ground before planting next time….

Brussel sprouts w40y2

Brussel sprouts bruied


Harvested some Leeks that I have planted in early this year, they are not as big as I have expected, probable the dry spell in September and October… I am looking forward for the one I planted in late summer…. still eat lots not waste, these leeks all gone to make Potato & Leek soup…


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Week 16 – Year 2

25th May – 31st May 2009

The last week of May and half term of school holidays…. weather fine and sunny most of the week… we took a bike ride to Forest of Dean …

Bike ride Forest of Dean 290509

Board Beans

My second crops of Board Beans doing well, they have gained height and width and lots of baby beans….

2nd crop Board Beans w16y2

Brussels Sprouts

At last I have planted in my six Brussels Sprouts plants (last year I have 4 successful plants)…..  before I have dug in lots of manures and firming the ground, after the planting I have covered with leaves mould and nettings….. now just wait…..

Brussel Sprouts w16y2

The Front View

The front row is very cottage style, lots of different variety of plants there… Garlic, Spring Onion, Salisfy, chives, Rhubarbs, Sweet Peas, Dahlia , Lovage, Horseradish, Tansy, Shoo Fly, Gladiolus, Lemon Balm…. and I thoughts they are weeds and nearly kill them all and just in time to save all these Chard and Spinach… all in this tiny front row…..

w16y2 front view weeds or plants


My first new potato at last on my dinner plate, they are the first early one, those planted in the first of April, prefer the right size, not too big, skin can rub off… 5 minutes in the boiling water, the taste is heavenly sweet…. Besides potato, there are lots ready to pick… Board beans, Spring Onion, Lettuce… my first sweet pea too….

Potato first harvest w16y2 Harvest w16y2

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Week 2-Year 2

16th February – 22nd February 2009

The weather turn from snow cold to a touch of spring feel, there has a get up and do something urge. Decided to get the home front garden tidy up as much as I can……, trim the dead branches, collect all the derbies after the severe weather…..

The seeds of the Marigold, Cornflowers and Shoo Fly plants has germinated and took me sometime to get them in individual pots…….

Erect the plastic cold frame and put the winter sowed sweet peas there…..


Popped down to the plot, noticed that the fox still looking fine….

Fox on plot w2y2

Brussels Sprouts

My four Brussels sprouts did a wonderful job for my plot and my dinner plates, we had enjoyed the great taste and have a successful growing time with my 4 plants.  I shall double the growth and hope double the yields next time…

brussels sprouts w2y2


Well done with my favourite JCB and he did a wonderful manly work on the area that he can do well…. the rake and dig….

JCB w2y2

and we can see how nice the rows now looking neat and tidy and is now we have to patiently wait for the right warm moment to sow the seeds…..timing is vital….

Ground force w2y2

Recycle plastic bottles

What a sight with all the plastic bottle planes flying around at the plot…..

recycle bottles w2y2

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Week 46 & 47 Christmas 2008 & New Year 2009

22nd December 2008  – 4th January 2009

Christmas week ~~~ cloudy with drizzle of rain and the temperature is around 11ºC and 12ºC but the cold did arrive on the Christmas Eve and back to single figure temperature… and the frosty bitterly cold is still going through the New Year ~ week 47.

My wish list for the Santa this year was a wormery composter, but at the last minute I have changed for a laptop computer….. the high tech just won over tbis time ….. the wormery composter have to wait for another occasion.

Remember the Comfrey plants that I bought from mail order at week 14, I have planted them at the front yard near home, they have boosting into life and in full flourish in summer, during the growing season I have collected the leaves and made bottles of comfrey liquid… they are one of the best fertilizer for growing plants.

During the festival weeks, we have a full house and as long as food prepared…. everybody happy.   I have use the mini pumpkin to made soup which is wonderful to have during this cold spell, ….. popped down to the allotment a few time, mainly disposed the vegetable peelings to the compost bins (which we have a lot of peelings of potatoes, parsnip, carrots and all sort of greens left over)…. collect some Brussels sprouts to show off on the Christmas table …. picked some Mizuna leaves for the salad starter …. picked some cress salad leaves for Turkey sandwich meals….  Noted that the garlic plants seems growing fine in this frosty weather, the board beans and cabbages are OK too.

When the weather is too cold to venture out to the allotment, the next best thing is to do some preparation for the coming Spring such as sorting out seeds …. make out some recipe to plan for what to plant in coming Spring….. that is easy to think about….. as for myself  most of the time I was getting familiar with my Christmas present……

My first year allotmenting journals shall come to end in week 52 around the first week in February 2009.  It will be a full year since I have started on the 8th Februay 2008.  Obviously I shall continue to allotmenting and definately there are more new venues to be explored, and another gismo is about this blogging and probably get it to develope more mature (don’t know what yet and we shall see)…..

Here are some highlights photoes of these two weeks…….

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Week 45

15th December – 21 December 2008

The first cold nip has retreat a bit, probably affected by the heat up approaching of coming Christmasy……
Wola as usual send off all the Christmas greetings to friends and family,  it is a kind of traditional and it seems the time to keep in touch with friends and family……

Next is the decoration the hall and all, I recognised  this is a pre Spring clean agenda…. while putting the trimmings and lightnings I noted down the area that has been elect during the past summer and places to clean or redecoration required in the coming Spring….

Follow up is to store up for the forthcoming banquet …. I have been to the allotment, dug up some more Jerusalem Artichokes, they are really sweet and tasty…. kept some small nodule of the artichoke in the ground and they will regrow next year and that is so simple to grow ……

Everything looks fine at the plot and I have decided to pick some Mizuna Leaves and cress next week before the feast day, and use them as salad for my starter….



On the way out just can’t help to note that Bill’s Brussels Sprouts and they are such big and fat and the amazing wonder is he grow them at the same area year after year and without fail the outcome is always  top mark ……


The forecast for the Christmas is cold and frosty and no sign of snow in this part of the country, the south west.  I wish you all have a Happy Christmas and despite all the ups and downs of the 2008 and lets have a Wonderful Peaceful New Year.

Week 44

8th December – 14th December 2008

We have a cold start of the week, frosty but no sign of snow, single figure of the temperature (in Celsius).  It is about time to do some Christmas preparation ………

Katherine, my sister asked what can be grown during wintry weather, for me to give an answer is a wonder….. I am still a new hand in this vegetable growing field, for the inform of other growers I learnt that there are many type of vegetable can be grown in tough weather and ways to keep things growing whatever situation…..

In my plot I have winter cabbages, Brussels sprouts, swedes, board beans, Swiss chard, Mizuna leaves,  garlic, onions, spring onions, leeks and even Jerusalem artichoke…..

Even though cold winter there are still jobs to do to keep things going,  just like eating and sleeping, the walk to the allotment is kind of exercise for me, and while I am there ……first thing to do is to keep the compost bin filled in all my vegetables peelings….. trim the pathway….. talk to my growing plants there to make sure they are happy….the leeks and the Brussels sprouts are doing fine this week and here they are:



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