Week 26

3 Aug – 10 Aug 2008 Rain drops keep falling on my head…… this song has been spinning round the whole week synchronise with the weather, we have very humid wet days.  This affect most plants to puff up and the warm sunny spell in short appearance really did stimulate the growth too.  Besides busy at the plot, I have to whiz up a birthday roast for handy man, I would not miss the open ceremony of the Olympic Game too….. I shall glue in front the screen for my favourite sports for a while in the coming two weeks…. really where to find time to dig my plot…..

Highlights of this week

Flower power

The real bloom is catching up in this wet and humid plus the sudden sunny spell weather, you can see that all flowering and vegetating are doing all right…..

French runner beans

New Project of this week


The intended shed relocation has started rolling, catch in between wet and dry spell, hopefully will be fixed it next week…..

Pumpkin supporter

After harvesting and cut down the worn out sweet peas, the tripod use as the mini pumpkin support…..

Produces of this week

Beans and cabbages, beetroot and carrots…. eat as much as my hearty please….

Bits & Pieces

I have caught some glimpse of other plotter’s progress in their achievement…..very interesting, lot of successes except for one….


Week 14

11 May – 18 May

China Earthquake

A sad week of what happened in China, felt very heavy, made you see that nature always got the upper hand. Please help what you can, there are many venues waiting for everyone’s generous help, you see this earthquake affected area is the same size as the whole Europe, real big disaster. My thanks for the Red Cross to pass our donation to help the needed…..our prayers are with all the people over there…..


With sunny temperature 24 °C warming up, basically watering become a major task, Bernard & I popped up to the plot either in the morning or evening mainly for this purpose.

Comfrey plants

My mail ordered comfrey plants has arrived, looks a bit pale and lanky, I’ll put them in pots to make sure they’ll grow before put them into the ground.


Weeds are flourishing as all vegetable growing, in nature’s eye they are all the same but not us human, we eat vegetable not weeds, so the battle is on, either vegetable win or weeds win…..here is my weapons use in this battlefield…..

Planting for this week

This week new vegetable put in the ground are butternut squash, courgette (green and yellow), pumpkin, celery and turnips…..

Vegetables shown this week

Carrot seeds has germinated, radish ripping, lattice looking greener, both potatoes in ground and in bags are floursing. At the front row there are some lovage appearing from the ground and it seems growing fine and I think I shall keep it. Generally the plot looks healthy…

Produces of the week

Cauliflower given by Janet @ ploy 6, that is so deliciously fresh and has made a meal ‘Cauliflower Delight’

Bits & Pieces

I was debating to use miscellaneous as the title but this one won at the end for the funny reason…. I have mail ordered a ladybird house from RSPB for the allotment, hoping the ladybirds will settle there and give me a hand to control aphids…..