Week 27 – Year 2 (Dinosaur’s Eggs)

10th August – 16th August 2009

At last we have some dry spell… happy go down to the plot to dig for triumph….

Potato (Arron Pilot)

Finally dug out most of this year’s First Early potatoes , some of them are huge, my joke of them like Dinosaur’s egg and am very please of them.  Noted that the big one are those grown near the compost bin, they must absorbs all the goodies and triple the size…..


Mooli Radish

Sown the Mooli Radish only just last week and here they are all become young shoots… this is the nature magic…

Mooli Radish


Not from my plot but at plot 22, and it will be my trial for next year…. they are really nice looking….



Plot 24’s apple tree fulfills its promise from April and has laden its bountiful of apples….

Apple tree

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Week 10 – Year 2

13th April – 19th April 2009

Suppose raining most of the week, but the rain cloud must have slip 1 degree further away and we have dry sunny beautiful Spring days for the week….

Lots of activities at the plot… transplanting, JCB project, seeds sowing and harvesting…. and some highlight of the season….


Sowed some more seeds and they are runner beans, climbing beans and mousy squashes, I soaked them overnight before sowed in pots later replant them at the plot…


New Plants to the plot

Put some flower plants at strategic areas where companion planting flourish… David from plot 23B gave me some of his germinated onion seedlings and I have popped them in the plot…. during the week I have planted in my germinated Lettuce, Salad Rockets and beetroot… also planted in the main crops potatoes Desiree…..

new plants 2 new plants 3

new plants 1

Harvest – Radish

Well, my best harvest at this time is Radish, they look so pretty like Ruby jewel on the ground, and the new season always taste better…. young, crunchy, fresh, sweet and lush….

radish w10y2

Projects – Painting & Patio

During the holidays both my favourite handy men (JCB) started paving a small patio in front of my wooden sheds plus put a coat of paint to the shed…. aren’t they deserve well fed?!….



Highlights – Slow worms, Apple Blossom, Hoops Pipe and Bees

There are lots of highlights when new season just began and different activates and happening at the allotment…. such as Slow worms are stirring around after hyphenated from the winter months…. thank you Bill keeping the compost bin nice and warm special for the slow worms…

slow worm w10y2

Bees are busy doing their pollinating job….


The blooming of the apple tree is a delightful view for all….

apple blossoms

Lots of Hoops Pipe erected around at the allotment, a genius idea for keeping the berries for human consume instead of birdies…..


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Week 29

25 Aug – 31 Aug 2008

The last week of August, my family from Hong Kong continued their enjoyable visit here.  They had a great time last week, besides visiting my plot, tour around Wales, Peak District, especially the Shakespeare county and this week they planned to visit both of this country’s top persons’ lodgings…..the Queen and the Prime Minister’s….then shop till drop at London and that is to buy and shop the whole England home ….. their wishes …..

Highlights of this week


Mum is having fun at my allotment especially the action of picking and harvesting, we had a bucketful of potatoes and load of cherry green tomatoes…….

JCB back in action

After harvesting all the potatoes, thanks for the JCB have the ground dug over and wait for composting to fill in a few days later ……….(for someone don’t know what is a JCB feel free toclick on the link)

Week 29 plants

Here are some highlights on the plants around the plots, the front view…. Pak Choi starts appear to grow ….. the 2nd crop of sweetcorn and the cabbage January King taking up paces too …..

Spaghetti Squashes

They are pumping up inside the column, at least three biggie and two babies ……….

Bee plants

This bee plants was transplant from home, and I still looking for the right name for it ….. they are fantastic attracting hundreds of bees which are mates for all vegetables and plants…..

Produces of this week

There are so many beans and mange touts, they are growing faster than our consume, sweet corns are ready to harvest, the giant courgette is ready to pick for next week church festival …….

Bits and Pieces

Apple Tree

This is from plot 24, really a gem at our allotment site……..

Slow Worms

Bill showed me the slow worms @ his compost pile, they are fantastic healthy and lovely, well done Bill……..


The shed stood fine at my plot…. really pleased with the move ………..

Week 24

19 July – 27 July 2008

Just a few days away from the plot and what amazing to see all the plants taking up paces in growing……

Highlight of this week

Flower plants

Vegetable plants


Produces of the week

This week really a bumper harvest, there are so many to choose to put into the pots, the chef has no problem to whiz up any meals but where can she find the time to do it as she is busy picking at the plot…..

Sweet Peas

This is really a sweet sight with this lovely plant, they are just keep on producing these lovely scented dinky petals……..

New plants

The young sweetcorn seedlings was kept at plot 6’s cold frame while I am away, so the first thing when I am back is to put them into ground.  As Hazel was going to discard all her French dwarf beans and leeks seedlings, I rescued them and put them into my plot.  Also I have to transplant the marigold plants to new ground as the old sweet corns need space.  The butternut squash which grow in pot at home has move to the plot so it can spread its wings……..

New additions

It is a long story from how I got this two compost bins, cut it short and that is from John’s old plot.  They are quite sturdy and will put into good purpose use in the future…….

Bits & Pieces

As the allotment now becomes my daily business, there are so many to take notes on as nature is playing magic all the time, one minute the ground is bare and barren and suddenly it shoot out the most amazing things, just browse on……….

Apple Tree & Poppy

My neighbour plotter’s apple tree looks really strong and healthy and there are so many apples probably can feed for the whole year.  This lovely poppy suddenly coming up from Pat’s plot looks very pretty…….

Slow worm

Still keep an eye on Bill’s slow worms, and since Bill now leave the compost tip alone for the slow worms, aren’t they lucky living in this 5*+ hotel……