Hong Kong Trip (1) Discovery

Spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong after the Christmas, among all the happenings over there…. I discovered a small paradise… a drop of greenery within the concrete buildings and blocks… and the people who look after them are real gardeners who know the best… that is grow the plants that suit the local climate and it always work out fine…..


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Week 25 – Year 2

27th July – 2nd August 2009

Constant picking at this time of year and admiring and pick up tips from others….

Here is one example of someone’s allotment….

Pat & Barry (plot 9)

A mini garden with mini pond created at their front row… attract wild lives like frogs and all kinds of flying insects helpers for pollinating veggie plants…. they dry the onions above ground under plastic cover with air through both ends and bottom… grow left over beans from pots….

plot 9 w25y2

Parsnips, Potatoes and Turnips

Decided to dig out some parsnips to check how it looks like and found myself very satisfy by the look of them….some said it best to leave till the first frost.  Dug out some more potatoes too.

parsnips & spuds w25y2

I love Turnips especially use them to make savoury Turnips cake… my first time growing of the Red Globe type is successful and definitely will  grow more next year… my plotter friends Bill and Philp who have their special type of Turnips at the plot and kindly share some with me…. all tasted wonderful….sweet and yummy….

Turnips galore w25y2

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Separation and Death – (Week 14 – Year 2)

11th May – 17th May 2009

Where do I start to write of this week…. a lot of happening and specially those of sad feeling involve…..


Monday, my neighbour finally decided to start the ball rolling; a sale sign now in front of their house. Their 47 years of marriage really come to end with their house sale finale.  A sad couples….. reference to my blog post Week 42-Year 1…. I still not believing that happen and really open my eyes…

sale sign

Rest In Peace

On Friday morning, when I popped down to the allotment to collect some spring onion, Hazel came up and told me our wonderful allotment mentor Mervin has passed away overnight at the plot, his body was discovered by Sheila this morning.

Obviously a shock to Hazel when she saw the ambulance and police at the plot, and from what I learnt later was Mervin went to his plot during the evening before, after he had locked up the shed, somehow he had a stroke or something happen and he fell down…. There was no one at the plot and no help there and he just passed away there.

We all feel very very sad and shock… he was such a friendly guy and full of planting knowledge, like our live librarian at the plot, he was very generous too as he gave out lots of his produces to others.  I did pair him up as my idol Geoff Hamilton in life.  How sad that both have the sudden call from up above to tend the garden there instead here.

We agreed that Mervin would be happy to choose the allotment to pass on as he has a true love to the allotment, a place he likes most, his ideal place to have his last touch.  I remembered that he once said that the allotment is like home to him, the place gives him a sense of peace… wish him now rest in peace and wish him get a allotment in heaven and continue to work on his favourite…

My offer to you… Mervin – dear friend…

Mervin Spring Hero……

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