Week 43

1st December – 7th December 2008

The first week of last month of this year, forcasting cold frosty at the end of this week, pop down couples time to the plot do some picking of sprouts and carrots……

Have never seen this before…… funny-carrot2

Highlights of this week

Did some more pickings beside the funny look carrot, B always said that home grown carrots are sweeter than the shop bought one ….. dug up the biggest minicol cabbage, picked some brussel sprouts and there are more growing from my four brussel plants.  I have noticed the garlic bulbs which I have sowed couple weeks ago have shooted up to brave the cold weather …..well done garlic.  While I was at the plot I was being entertained by a clever fox, he was getting sun bathing one minute and the next  jumped up to the thicket of a tree after the pigeons and magpies for his tea…. obviously the fox has missed a pair of wings…..




week 41

17th November – 23rd November 2008

Forecast the cold front will arrive on Friday this week, during the week we have excellent weather, dry and bright for a change of the dull days…….


During this week I have harvested the Jerusalem Artichoke, absolutely deliciously when cooked, sweet in taste and yummy and true to the word that they sometime refer to gold-dust.  I have sowed some cress and they have germinated and ready to go with my sandiwich.  Also I have done some autumn digging to prepare the soil for the coming new year……..

Week 39

3rd November – 9th November 2008

At long last the new USA president election is over, Barack Obama is the new guy for the country…..

Here in UK the interest rate slashed from 4.5% to 3%…….

My Plot 25A has experienced the first frost under my management….and this is important to me and I am going to deal with it…….It tells that things happening all around you and you can only manage what you can manage……..

Highlights of this week

The frosty weather only fly by this time, a starter of the winter sign.  When there has a dry warm spell, my dear JCB voluntarily to help to dig over some rows….. may be I can sow board beans later on……

Still I have plant some garlic bulbs this week and planted out 5 x autumn bliss raspberry plants given by Hazel…..

There are lots of plants still growing at this time of year…. carrots, leeks, cabbages, swedes and some more…..

Week 19

16 June – 22 June 2008

Front View

Here are some of our delicate allotment plotters, their efforts to put their plot front so beautiful, all credits to them that we have the secret garden…….

My plot is not too bad, here is one taken from the back looking toward the front, next week I shall take a front view of my plot……..

Highlight of this week


Sweet Peas

Mini Pumpkins


“Harvesting” sounds great and a lot of fun too, the produces are absolutely satisfactory…..

New Plants of the week

Produces of the week

All these produces are yummy, feast on green that grown under sun and rain and lots of TLC are wonderful.