Plot’s Weekly-Year 1

Week 52 …. Final week of my first year of allotmenting, excellent feel, will continue to explore this field…. snowfall make everything turn to white and frozen……

Week 51 ….. Chinese New Year celebration, lots of cooking and umptine dishes of food on the table plus gifts to & from everyone…….. discover rat sign at my compost bin……

Week 50 ….. popped down to the plot to cover up the newly planted winer lettuces with fleece…..lay out all the bought seed potatoes and started the chitting process…. thanks Catherine the garden vouches and enjoyed shopping for this allotmenting hobby…..

Week 49 …. noticed the 2nd lots of board beans has germinated which was sowed sometime at week 40….. get some picking (swedes, carrots and cabbage)…. planted in some winter lettuce and cross my fingers and hope it grows….

Wekk 48 …. too frosty to do anything at the allotment…. popped to the B&Q DIY shop and found that seed potatoes are on sale and bought some and start the chitting process…..

Week 46 & 47 …. the festive two weeks – the highlight of  every year…… mostly busy with family and friends gathering, wrapping with each other with all the Christmassy warmly gestures and New Year best wishes….. we needed the warmth very much this year as the cold really set in, from Christmas Eve onset and so far we have two weeks in frosty conditions…. great big dinner made with some contribution from the allotment….

Week 45 … popped down to the plot and dug up some Jerusalem Artichokes and they are really delicious…. amaze to see Bill’s Brussels sprouts growing so fat and big…..

Week 44 … cold and frosty week and best stay in to get some Christmas preparation……  answer Katherine’s query on winter planting ……

Week 43 … Dug up some funny look carrots….. the brussel sprouts at the plot produce wonderful tasting meal ….. garlic shows growing signs….. seen a tree climbing fox….

Week 42 … bombshell from neighbour that their 47 years marriage is in rock, seperation is imminent …. numb this sour news by making dumplings, weedlings and grass cutting at my plot ………

Week 41 …. the harvested Jerusalem Artichokes this week made good yummy dinner,….dug up some ground for the coming planting season…..

Week 40 …. noticed that the Jerusalem Artichokes ready to harvest….. sowed the second lots of board beans….Mizuna leaves are in good use in cooking………

Week 39 …. put in some garlic bulbs…..JCB helped in prepare ground for my next sow of board beans…..planted in 5 x raspberry plants given by Hazel……..

Week 38 …. the first frost of this winter…. harvest all the sweet corns and pak choi…. still a lot of vegetables growing there ….

Week 37 … love to see and display all the pumpkins and squashes…..

Week 36 …. quite a present week in weather wise, with help from JCB work at the plot is very very pleasent….love to see lot of happy growers with their bumper harvest at our allotment site….have sow some winter seeds at home……

Week 35 …. fill in home supply compost into allotment compost trenches and it looks promising good to the soil ….. bumper harvest with spaghetti squashes…. plant out boardbeans, strawberry plants and the sprouted potatoes in bags……

Week 34 …. dug up the second half of the compost trench and fill in as much as I can found all these green stuffs…… lots of picking too….see Pauline’s big pumpkin and tempt me to grow one next year……

Week 33 …. Beautiful autumn days, blue sky bright day though a bit chilly in the early morning and night…dug up compost trench to make soil rich for next growing season…. cabbages and onions are growing fine…. sweetcorns are still holding on….

Week 32 ….. Under the spell of a slight cold…rough rough feeling…. but found that walking down to the allotment did help to ease and refesh ….. JCB helped in empty the compost in the row and relocate all 4 compost bins……Leeks not looking good attacked by Leek Moths…..

Week 31 …. Radish has germinated within one week, it must the moist in the air… manage put in some new plants (cabbages, kohlrabi, spring onion and winter onions) …. the sweetcorns are yum yum, a must for next year ……..

Week 30 …. Manage dashed in and out of rain to get into the allotment … get some radish seeds in ….. dug in composts from the first bin into trench and relocate the bin to other row ….. looking after the soil is vital to all plants ………..

Week 29 …. I love my family, especially they love what I love – plotting the vegetables and plantings …. this week we finished harvesting all the potatoes, dug the ground and prepare for next week fill in composting ….most vegetables are doing fine… the forecast weather for next week is very gloomy….

Week 28 … they are here, all the way from HK, my family and I are excited and delighted to meet up ….. Mum loves my allotment, enjoyed to pick the beans, dug up giant potatoes, cheerful to see the flower blooming…..all and all ….we are in the same tune all things big and small have their own beauty….we love beautiful things….

Week 27 …. visitors start rolling in… very pleased to see that they share my joy with the allotment ….. the project of moving a shed there has been completed and just need to do some redecoration and fittings when the busy season calming down …….

Week 26 …. meet up with wet and humid weather….. flowers and vegetating blooming……the new project of moving a shed to the plot has started rolling with foundation built …. just happy with all things small and beauty…

Week 25 …. lots of harvest for eating and the paces are produces faster than our digesting…. take up a new project which is setting up a half shed at the plot which turn out a major manoeuvre…….

Week 24 ….. every plants seems growing fast while I am away, the turnips turn to giant, sweet peas blooming like mad…… did a lot of harvest,…..put in new plants and new addition, noted that Mike’s apple tree suddenly full of apples and pretty poppy appear in Pat’s plot….slow worms still happily staying in Bill’s 5*+ hotel……

Week 23 ….. a brief break @ Riverside Retreat, visited the awesome Truro Cathedral, have a dip in sea @ our favourite Crantock Beach, filled up many Cornish pasties and satisfied with all the beautiful moments…… am I easy to please….Yes I do.

Week 22 ….. quick dash around the plot weedling and tidy up, reason 1 is for the First time Allotment competition and the next reason is away for a week family outing, wait and see what happen while the cat away …. the mice (weeds) will………

Week 21 ….. growing continuously and discover the speed rate of the plant growth of this time of year is speeding up….more JCB and HandyMan BIA to help along to catch up the speedy growing season…..also the slow worm family is prosperous too….

Week 20 ….. the scents of Sweet Peas really take my breath away, a must for the future in my plot lot…. JCB BIA (back in action) digging out the jewels (potatoes) and turn around the soil for the next round (new plants)…. A plant list has made up for future references…..

Week 19 …. in mid of June, the best of time for all plants, vegetable like lettuce, board beans, potato, most greens are ready to pick, taste better while they are young. Of course they can keep on growing and just wait for the pick…. planted new plants like parsnips, swedes and butternut squashes where ground is available…… flowers are blooming and taking my sights on them…

Week 18 ….. pop down to the allotment almost everyday this week, dug out couple rows of first early potatoes,…..tastes fantastic, stir fry a few pak choi too. Plant in some mooli and celeric, planning to fill in new plants at the dug out potato ground……

Week 17 ….. a sad time to hear that Uncle SeaFull has passed away…. found working in the allotment easy the sorrow mood… notice that the potato crops are looking great and promising…..

Week 16 ….. My plot at the end of May…I can say it is a success so far, at least we have a few freshly fresh green meals and looking forwards for more in the future…..

Week 15…. May’s weather, a change to cold spell, get fleece ready to protect young plants. First attempt to grow Brussels Sprouts and lots of new to me plants…..

Week 14 …. what a week with emotional high of the China earthquake news, with a heavy heart working in the allotment, let the working with nature to smooth out this ragged feeling…. it works….

Week 13 …. the warm weather did get me out to put in the sweetcorn young shoots and the sunflower young plants in the ground, filled up some gaps by sowing more radish, beetroot and onions. Yummy first taste the thin out greens……

Week 12 ….tadpoles are growing and frogs are sighting in my little pond, besides weeding at the plot 25A, I did some spring clean at home garden too. I have ordered a ladybird house on line and hope it will help in control aphids….. There will be more planting and sowing in the coming weeks..

Week 11….another productive week, Bernard helped in fixing the front edge which was hard labour job, plants in runner beans and sweetpeas and all the berry plants, noticed that the potatoes has shooting up from ground. April shower does a good job for the planting, although weeds are sprouting up, that is the good sign for the plantings too………

Week ten fixed all seven pathway with bark chips for easy access, posts up for supporting raspberry….

Week nine met most allotment members, probably the nice weather; mind that we are in April now, the hibernation is about to shift. Pat from plot 9 gave me some cabbage seedlings to put in the ground, Melvin from plot 6&7 gave me his special sprouting and Bill from plot 20 gave me some of his sweet grown rhubarb…. this is the beauty of grow and share. I am fully appreciated and shall follow up this beauty gestures…..grow and share……

Week eight has been a productive week…board beans in, potatoes crops in, onion and garlic in. repair some edge of plot, water butt fix for using, well I am pleased, thanks.

Week seven cold and wet to start with, manage get some man power to erect the water butt on the stand and tie it up in case it became one the pin for bowling. In the shed fixed the tools rail. Also manage to dug in all compost into the front row and relaid the front shape. Rhubarb was given by Janet to grace the front…..

Week six Easter week, still wet and cold, manage made the 2nd pathway. Enjoy being Easter Egg bunny…….

Week five green house, cold frame, chips bark and pathway. WordPress come and WordPress org discovery…….

Week four sink in there are a lot to work in the allotment, edges needed to repair, gadget tools to help to easy the labouring, the main excited thing has to be the plants; there are so many to choose from and have to make sure all space use too……

Week three still into this compost making, sort out the shed and prepare planting…..

Week two is all exciting with compost making, all informs are welcome….

Week one is fun, bless with good weather, everything seems on the right direction….

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