42 Dumplings

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II has granted us extra day holiday, supposed made use of the time plotting at the allotment…. but weather forbid plus wouldn’t want to miss the television show on the celebration….. the next best thing is to cook out something to enjoy…. and one of my favour is making dumplings…. As the title said this time I have made just a total forty two dumplings…..

dumplings 1

dumplings 2

Here are the 42 dumplings I have made….

dumplings 4

They are served in two version, fired and soupy….. with my favourite vegetable Broccoli….. the sauce goes with it are my latest invention… thinly sliced ginger, garlic, spring onion and chilli with soy sauce…. (so deliciously yummy that has been rated Dip of the 2012)….  

dumplings 5

The fried one……

fired dumplings

The soupy one….

soupy dumplings

Inside the dumpling is the juicy meat and veg……

juicy meat & vegs

The end result is….. all gone with very satisfied feel…. fantastic good food with fantastic occasion…….

bots up all gone

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Beginning of May–year 5

Here are the views of all my beds at the allotment at the beginning of May, some are already filled and some are preparing for the newbies….

Bed 1 – Rhubarbs are flourishing…. Gladiolus, Sweet peas has planted in….. on the side the hardy Lovage, Chives and Welsh onions are coming back to live….     

Bed 1 early May 2012

Bed 2 – prepared half of the bed to become seed bed which has been sown in Pak Choy, Iceberg Lettuces, Spring Onions, Spinach, Radish, Parsley and Parsnip….. the second half of the bed has set aside for the Mange touts peas, Iceberg Lettuce….

Bed 2 early May 2012

Bed 3 – planted in some Iceberg Lettuces in between the First Early potatoes…

Bed 3 early May 2012 copy

Bed 4 – same as bed 3…..

Bed 4 early May 2012

Bed 5 – Board beans and Strawberries….

Bed 5 early May 2012 copy

Bed 6 – Main crops of potatoes…

Bed 6 early May 2012 copy

Bed 7 – Main crops of potatoes too…

Bed 7 early May 2012 copy

Bed 8 – one fifth of the plot has been planted with Board Beans through winter months… the rest of the bed will be dug for Cabbages, Calabrese and Cauliflower…(the treble C)…. Bed 9 has been dug over with compost trench through the winter months and at the moments is waiting for plants….

Bed 8 early May 2012 copy

Bed 10 – the bed of Onion (both white and red), Shallots, Garlic… this has been through the winter months…. Bed 11 is being dug over ready for Beetroot, Carrots and Sweet corns..…

Bed 9 early May 2012 copy

Bed 12 – the Raspberry bed need a bit of tidy up…. otherwise it looks promising….

Bed 10 early May 2012 copy

Bed 13 – this bed is temporary made and still a testing ground…. by the compost bin I have transplant some Spinach seedlings there and the long end has been planted in main crops Potato….

Bed 11 early May 2012 copy

Bed 14 – the Tansy plants, Comfrey plants gets along fine, and the Globe Artichoke has some new shoots showing too…. Bed 15 the wild flower bed has just sown some new wild flowers seeds……

Bed 12 early May 2012 copy

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Potato Log – year 5

30th March – 11th April 2012

This year I decided only to plant First Early and Main Crop potatoes in my allotment plot.  The week before Easter, we planted in all the First Early…. the variety contains Winston and Casablanca.  After the Easter week we planted in the rest of the Main Crop…. they are Desiree, Romano, Sante and Valor.

We have a near summer effect of the weather in the month of March, most days sunny and warm (sign of globe warming…?…) plus the dry winter months, the news of drought has been broadcasting in all the media….. 

I have used lots of grass cuttings as mulch on top of the ground especially where I have planted the potatoes, hoping this will help to conserve the moist for the growth…. anyhow just watch this space and record the progress later on….

bed 3 copy

bed 4 copy

bed 6 copy

bed 7 copy

bed 13 copy

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Spring View 2012–year 5

My fifth year into allotment and the feel is still going strong……

Especially seeing the beautiful colour suddenly appear among the dull and grey wintry scene…… that is Spring ….

Lots of young buds appear in the fruit plants…. blueberries, black currents, red currents are covering full of buds….

Already started chitting my potatoes at my cool bedroom and they will be down to earth around Eastertime…..

Also some young plants has been started growing steadily in the greenhouse….

Here are the Spring views at the home front and those of the allotment will be posting next…..

Spring 2012 a copy



potato chitting 2012 copy

greenhouse seedlings 2012

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Hong Kong Trip (1) Discovery

Spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong after the Christmas, among all the happenings over there…. I discovered a small paradise… a drop of greenery within the concrete buildings and blocks… and the people who look after them are real gardeners who know the best… that is grow the plants that suit the local climate and it always work out fine…..


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Three sisters planting trial 2011

This year I have put bed no. 10 be my trialling bed for my ‘Three Sisters’ planting’… that is putting Sweet corns, Beans and Squashes together in one bed…. this mix and match planting has its own advantage for these three different kinds of plants….. 

Since this bed has been dug over during the winter months 2010, best bed to try on…..

The end result of all these three was the Squashes…. really champion for all my last three years outputs and that means I have lots of Courgettes, Marrows, Patti Pans, bountiful of those Lebanese white Bush Marrows…. Next best was the beans, my Borlotti Beans has a good year, my 2 tepees had bountiful and I have to recruit a helper for my beans harvest…. Unfortunately my sweet corns were not as my expect… mistake noted that they were put in centre of the bed as a crowd, which looks nice at the beginning but I found it difficult to access into the enlarged crowd to apply any TLC at the mid of its growing stage, therefore the yield was only half alright….

Here are some images I took for this project…..

3 sisters a 2011

3 sisters b 2011

3 sisters c 2011

3 sisters d 2011

3 sisters e 2011

3 sisters f 2011

3 sisters g 2011

3 sisters h 2011

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