Potato Yield 2012

Finally the potato planted around Easter time are ready to harvest…..

With so much rain this year….. though not suffer from any flooding scenario, caught the blight in some and have to cut down the top part in earlier stage and left the tuber in the ground continue to grow on before the harvest….

Here are the look of my this year’s yield….

First Early….

First Early July 2012 a 

Mid July harvest…. First Early type….

Mid July harvest 2012 

End July harvest… First Early type…

End July harvest 2012

the Main Crops harvested during August…..

Main crop Aug 12 a

Main crop Aug 12 b

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Extraordinary harvest–year 4

2nd of July 2011

Giant or mutant potato

I should put it extraordinary… as this is my very first found…. the variety is Arron Pilot, first early…. it weights 1360g, 3 pounds on its own…. just dug out from bed 7 by the carrot bin….

super king size

the follow are from the same mother potato, my second, third and fourth largest so far…

2nd large     3rd in size     4th in size

These four potatoes easy fit in one basket….

potato 1  potato 3

The king size one is larger than the hand trawl ……

Giant potato 1

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Week 37 – Year 2

19th October – 25th October 2009

My niece and nephew will come to stay for a few days during their half term this and the coming week.  Delighted to have a full house for awhile and get myself busy in the kitchen.

We have couple dry spell this weeks and decided to planted out Garlic in the plot…


Planted all the garlic in different beds as I use them in cooking frequently and I use them as they grow…

Garlic w37y2

Spaghetti Squash

My stack of Spaghetti Squashes planting system is working, I have 9 big squashes out of 2 plants, when the time I decided to pull the stack down and here come 2 more hidden inside….

Spagheti Squashes w37y2


It is around this time of the year, after most veggie have been harvested, the ground need to be turn over dig in some nutrition for the next crop…. here come my favourite helper my favourite humanoid JCB in action…

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Week 29 – Year 2 (Potato Feast)

24th August – 31st August 2009

Decided to dig out all the main crops potatoes and prepare the ground for next planting season…

Potato Galore

It was absolutely fun and hilarious wonderful to dig and harvesting the potatoes from the ground. I have my spuds and they are alright, reasonably in size and good texture for my cooking up a Potato Feast….

Potato Feast

Here is my last pick of my main crop potatoes…. not bad for my second trial this year….

vegetplotlot spuds

I couldn’t help to take a peek on how others doing with their spuds growing and what a good found…..

Mike spuds

Bill & Rose's spuds


So I have a good pick this week, lots of spuds now store in stacks in my garage, and the rest are Runner Beans, Beetroot, Sweetcorns…..



I have noticed that my first trial of Chilli which I sowed from seeds are fruiting and have lots of promises….


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Week 25 – Year 2

27th July – 2nd August 2009

Constant picking at this time of year and admiring and pick up tips from others….

Here is one example of someone’s allotment….

Pat & Barry (plot 9)

A mini garden with mini pond created at their front row… attract wild lives like frogs and all kinds of flying insects helpers for pollinating veggie plants…. they dry the onions above ground under plastic cover with air through both ends and bottom… grow left over beans from pots….

plot 9 w25y2

Parsnips, Potatoes and Turnips

Decided to dig out some parsnips to check how it looks like and found myself very satisfy by the look of them….some said it best to leave till the first frost.  Dug out some more potatoes too.

parsnips & spuds w25y2

I love Turnips especially use them to make savoury Turnips cake… my first time growing of the Red Globe type is successful and definitely will  grow more next year… my plotter friends Bill and Philp who have their special type of Turnips at the plot and kindly share some with me…. all tasted wonderful….sweet and yummy….

Turnips galore w25y2

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Week 42

24th November – 30th November 2008

The last week of November and the next day started the last month of this year, time really flying fast.  I had this bomb shock news from my neighbour friend that really spoil my whole week and the news has been the top topic of this week.  She and her husband’s 47 years marriage has come to separate situation, they had 2 married daughters and 4 grandsons.  I was really shocked when she told me that she is moving out to live in shelter home, because to me and to us;  all around the neighbourhood, they appeared a lovely couple, the senior modal of success marriage.  But and when there is a but coming up it definitely a bad sign ……. I had experienced shock, sad, annoying and anger emotions since this bombshell dropped in…… I do believe every door closed the business behind is closed too untill it get too big and exposed…..and another true is no body knows whats happening behind closed door, because there was not a sign that this couple is in trouble, deep trouble…..

I went down to the allotment mainly weedlings, grass cutting, the walk to and fro keeps myself calm, the air clear my muddle thinking .    While I am not happy;  kneading of dough was really soothing and here I have made some fried and soupy dumplings for tea….

The record so far is my sweet peas are now 4 inches tall in the growing pots at my green house, winter lettuce in the seed pots thriving well at my conservatory.

Week 12

27 April – 2 May.

After last week heavy labouring work, the new front look is a lot better.

April shower does a lot of good to the plants and so does weeds too, I did mostly weeding this week. Also I have not forget my home garden, did some spring cleaning, remove old plants and cleaned most pots for the new season dressing. Lawn mowing is another task, I prefer dig out all the weeds instead pouring chemical stuff, and see the nice neat lawn under my green finger plus back ache.

Here are some of my spring plants doing their best cheerio before the new season.

Remember my little tadpole and my frog pond, and here they are…..

The plan for next week is planting lattice, sun flowers or may be sweet corn, put lobelia and fuchsia into flower pots and baskets….