Board Beans & Mangetout Peas 2012

There are more to add on my Trinity in beans area…… the Board Beans and the Mangetout Peas…..

Board beans has been planted in late November the year past, though the cold weather has snapped down a few I have replanted some in February…..they has produced another bumper lots at harvest time….

Mangetout Peas has been sowed and planted during May …. since the stir fry call for more and I have planted some more during June…. they are another kind of beauty with the juicy green jackets…. another must for every year to plant for…..

June View of the Board Beans… the wet June kept fatten the beans and heavily laden the plants…

Board Beans 2012 copy

one bag of Board beans weighted around 12 pounds (5.5kg)….

Board Beans harvest 2012 a copy

another sack harvested another day weighted 22 ponds (10kg)…

Board Beans harvest 2012 b copy

watching couples episodes of NCIS and shelling all these beans at the same time…. great fun…

Board Beans harvest 2012 c copy

Mangetout Peas too has a great show this year even with all the downpour of rain… have to play the seeker role very sharp as they like to hide…

Mangetout 2012 copy

Stir fried recipes to call for when harvested all these juicy peas with its green jackets…. even put them in simple salad has its many encores too….

Mangetout harvest 2012

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