42 Dumplings

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II has granted us extra day holiday, supposed made use of the time plotting at the allotment…. but weather forbid plus wouldn’t want to miss the television show on the celebration….. the next best thing is to cook out something to enjoy…. and one of my favour is making dumplings…. As the title said this time I have made just a total forty two dumplings…..

dumplings 1

dumplings 2

Here are the 42 dumplings I have made….

dumplings 4

They are served in two version, fired and soupy….. with my favourite vegetable Broccoli….. the sauce goes with it are my latest invention… thinly sliced ginger, garlic, spring onion and chilli with soy sauce…. (so deliciously yummy that has been rated Dip of the 2012)….  

dumplings 5

The fried one……

fired dumplings

The soupy one….

soupy dumplings

Inside the dumpling is the juicy meat and veg……

juicy meat & vegs

The end result is….. all gone with very satisfied feel…. fantastic good food with fantastic occasion…….

bots up all gone

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