Potato Log – year 5

30th March – 11th April 2012

This year I decided only to plant First Early and Main Crop potatoes in my allotment plot.  The week before Easter, we planted in all the First Early…. the variety contains Winston and Casablanca.  After the Easter week we planted in the rest of the Main Crop…. they are Desiree, Romano, Sante and Valor.

We have a near summer effect of the weather in the month of March, most days sunny and warm (sign of globe warming…?…) plus the dry winter months, the news of drought has been broadcasting in all the media….. 

I have used lots of grass cuttings as mulch on top of the ground especially where I have planted the potatoes, hoping this will help to conserve the moist for the growth…. anyhow just watch this space and record the progress later on….

bed 3 copy

bed 4 copy

bed 6 copy

bed 7 copy

bed 13 copy

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