Water Butt project 2011

At last decided to correct the uneven level of the water butt by the concrete shed.  The base was built by the former plotter which had its years and sank from one side.  When it rains the water just leak out and zipped into the shed and end up with flooded floor…..

Thanks for the JCB, the dear worker of the plot…. he got a grip to rebuild the foundation, and righting the level.  Also he has build another concrete stool for another water butt by the wooden shed… well done of this ‘a stone for 2 water butts’ project ….

P1040862 copy

P1050011 copy

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Potato Log 2011–my plot

The simple beauty is to plant a potato and see what it can give… Thank you Lord… I am very pleased with the outcome of the bountiful of yield….

Seeds potato

From King’s Seeds catalogue, I invested in Winston, Sante, Cara and Desiree. From B&Q there are Arron Pilot and Desiree…. chitted all of them inside at the conservatory and in G’s bedroom before planting out before Easter …. (as the Easter was late this year, on the 22nd of April…)

seed potato 2011

Bed 2

Planted Arron Pilot and Winston in this bed, 2 long rows each variety….. Arron Pilot did well as usual like my last three years, flowers well indicated the yield underground. My last post Extraordinary Harvest shown that can be grow large if planting them near compost bin or some sort of nutrient centre (like next my carrot bin)….

Winston – this early variety has not much flowers shown as much as Arron Pilot, but still an Early crop.  Like treasure hunt, I found the jewel as this variety has a subtle sugary taste…. simply boil them, they keep in whole even over boil, even without any seasoning…. my world…. they just taste above class…. wonderful… the real beauty….

Bed 2

Bed 8 and bottom half Bed 7

Planted in Sante, the early main crops variety, good yield though have a dry summer….

Bed 7 & 8 copy

Bed 11

Planted in late main crops of Cara and Desiree…. the reliable Desiree done well and the yield is excellent… but Cara is not as good as Desiree, some of them has been attacked by slugs and once they got in they just made lots of small holes…. I shall give Cara a miss for next year and try another variety…. like I said, keep on the treasure hunt…..

Bed 11


When harvesting potato, it is always full of fun and excitement…… my JCB enjoy working on this task too….


Here are some footage of the fun work…..

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