Livings at the plot – beginning of March year 4

Besides soil and plants at the plot… the other living things are foxes, birds, butterfly and many more…..

this time caught by my camera are…


Pauline caught sight of this butterfly at her plot and leading me to shoot out a few images of it, it is early to see them around… those who study butterfly must know its species and name… not I…



Seen the foxes on and off at the plot, and this time seeing two together in this playful scene is first time…


While I was clearing out the back plot, here comes this live music from this little Robin, so very delicate and sweet and yet so close that can nearly touch it… obviously not doing so… just enjoy this wonder of nature beauty….

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Coming up to Year 4th

February 8th 2011… my 4th year allotmenting…..

Some photos that I have taken during this time of year to mark my beginning 4th year… all around the plot…


The cabbage greens are still growing strong and so does lettuce….

Cabbages 1 copy

Cabbage 2 copy

Winter Lettuce copy

Google on the subject “ranting about allotment rent increase”

Read an article from one of my blogger about the rent increase on allotment, and when Google it, there are a lot of unsatisfied customers, in fact count on me and I am one of them, what on earth of excuses to increase the rent like mad….

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