Bumper Produces of October – Year 3

I have to add this second post for October as there are so much to record….  besides the fall of the big tree… digging trenches and the itching wild fox…. My very joy is the outcome of all the hard work…

Pumpkins and Squashes

Before I am to show off this year’s Pumpkins and Squashes, I have to post the images how the work of God’s art in the display of the plants…. could not believe a tiny seed can flourish the beauty of all those vines, leaves and giant yellowish flowers…. and the squashes are all hidden under the layers of leaves and vines…. amazing…

Squashes plants1 copy

Squashes plants2 copy

Here are the lots of Pumpkins and Squashes I have been harvested from my plot….

Pumpkins & Squashes1 copy

Pumpkins & Squashes2 copy

Harvest Galore

I am very pleased with the Pak Choy, Chinese Green Rocket Cabbage, Fennels, Raspberry and ….

Pak Choi1 copy

Green Rocket cabbage copy

Fennels1 copy


Growing successful this year and they have met my merit and my steamed Mooli cake is really yummy….


Besides  Mooli cake, here are some more feasting dishes for the month…..

4 inches high chocolate cake….

4 inches tall Chocolate Cake copy

Make use the Raspberry Coulis to sandwich sponge cake, this one with cream and strawberry too….

Raspberry Couli Cake copy

Besides Mooli cake, here is Mooli and Potatoes curry……

Mooli & Spud curry copy

Mooli cake… one more to look at….

Mooli Cake copy

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Fall in October – year 3

Looks like we are into the Autumn time and seeing leaves had turn yellowish…that is time for harvest all to prepare the ground for the coming winter months…

Trench 2

Bed no. 10 has got the full treatment this time, after filled in one trench with all the composted materials, my JCB has dug the second trench on the other half of the bed…. this certainly a good job done for the next planting season…..

Trench 2 copy

Timber Master

The biggest tree at our allotment has a new dress up during this month, the fantastic timber men has pruned down the far out stretch branches.  At last those plots under the shadow of the tree has given the chances to share the sunlight as it should be. Thanks to all the marvellous timber masters….

Timber Master1 copy

Timber Master2copy

Timber Master3 copy

Wild Life of the plot – Fox

Here comes the the plot Fox, caught him again while I am harvesting my Mooli.  Still do not know whether he or she fox, looks like he’s mange infected, scratching briskly most of the time…

Wild Life copy

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