Blooming June – Year 3

High season…. Heating up weather…. Sunny and not much rain…

The hard work of watering the crops has started paying back some results…. Runner beans’ pods has swollen, Mangetouts peas has lots of young peas showing among the bushed up plant and same as the Kelvedon Wonder Peas plants…. Pak Choy and Choy Shum are ready to pick too… the excitement is the first early potato are ready to dig out…..

Here are some of the highlights this time of my year 3 allotmenting….

Beans & Peas

Beans & Peas copy

Wild views of the others

This is Mike’s wild flower patch…. have lots of bees and butterflies attracted to his plot….

Mike flower patch copy

Shirley’s also has her wild moment…. blooming foxgloves and poppies…. the best of all is the edible Cauliflower which she has a bumper harvest….

Shirley's flower patch copy

June Feast

This is the real beauty of growing my own vegetable, from ground to pot through my own hands…. as fresh as it is…..

June feast copy

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Beginning of June 2010 – Year 3

Since taking over the other half plot during the growing season just took all my time away from  blogging….. this monthly post is more less contain what happening so far on the plot and some bits and pieces of what happen at home front….

Family outing at the end of June…..

Flaming June….. we have heat wave…. lost both footsie and tennis of England team….

All together I have 15 full beds and 1 tiny bed at the front….. Here are some imagines taken at the beginning of June, we are half way on the planting ladder…..

Front mini bed

This is only a small patch at the front of the plot next to the shed, the Jerusalem Artichoke has been planted here since the first year when I took over the plot. I left some tubers every time when I harvested them at the end of October.  Again this year they are thriving well……. planted a few Chives here too….

Front  view

Bed 1

This square patch has cramped in with Spring Onions, Garlic, Rhubarb, Sweet Peas, Lovage, Tansy, Lemon Balm, Gladioli, Feverfew and Chives….

Bed 1  June 2010 y3

Bed 2

This L shape bed has planted in Beetroot, Garlic, Lettuces, Turnip, Parsnip, Choy Shum and Pak Choy.  While I was weeding found an raw egg hidden inside the leafy plants, guessed a fox’s work…… My first time of Choy Shum are doing well here….

Bed 2 June 2010  y3

Bed 3

This bed no. 3 planted in summer onions, Peas, couple Board Bean plants at the edge and one bees’ plant, on the other end of this bed, there are Lettuces and Spinach too….

Bed 3 June 2010 y3

Bed 4

Bed no. 4 planted in Early potatoes, and through winter Board Beans…

Bed 4 @ June 2010 y3a

Bed 5

Bed no. 5 has my first grown Strawberry, my first time growing AYR Cauliflowers, Cabbage and Pak Choy…….

Bed 5 June 2010 y3

Bed 6

Brussels Sprouts, Garlic and Mangetouts are settled well here in Bed no. 6….

Bed 6 June 2010 y3

Bed 7

Half bed with my Berries towards the third year, 3 small rows of Early potatoes, and more Garlic….

Bed 7 June 2010 y3

Bed 8

After my winter onions harvested, planted in some runner beans , Spinach, Lettuces, and Carrots. The next half bed is Mangetouts and Board Beans. At the far edge I have planted in one NZ Spinach and some radish salad and Spring Onion…..

Bed 8 June 2010 y3

Bed 9

This is the extended plot, in this bed no. 9 planted in Early and Second Early potatoes to loosen up the ground…..

Bed 9 June 2010 y3

Bed 10

This bed no. 10 with all the main crops of potatoes……

Bed 10 June 2010 y3

Bed 11

This bed created with some digging in lots of compost and manure, my three sister planting are put in work here…. Borletto Beans, Climbing Beans, Sweet corns and different kinds of Squashes…..

Bed 11 June 2010 y3

Bed 12

We kept this bed as it is which made by former tenant, mainly Raspberry…… have a quick clean and redressing the ground with some compost…..

Bed 12 jpg

Bed 13

Temporary made up this bed to plant in 9 pots (bottomless pot) of tomatoes (Sweet Millions), at the far end one side with Rhubarbs (rescued from the corner of plot), the other side next to the compost bin planted in some Spinach…… If the tomatoes are growing fine this year, this will be my bed of Tomato in the future…

Bed 13 June 2010 y3

Bed 14

All the Comfrey plants that I have rescued are planted here with,  4 Tansy plants and 1 Globe Artichoke are all here in this bed no. 14……

Bed 14 June 2010  y3 copy

Bed 15

This is my JCB’s experience of his cottage garden test field… a little pond dug in with some cottage plants dotted in, mainly sowed in a pack of wild flower seeds…. wait and see this space…..

Bed 15 June 2010 y3

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