May 2010 – Year 3

The working out at the extended plot is in the heights…. planting, watering and weeding…. as a saying “Nothing sow nothing gain”…. so here I am ready for the ball rolling…..

We still have not much rain during this month….. so watering is essential… elbow grease is needed….

Here is photo of collage view of my plot in May….

May begin collage copy

Beginning of May

Lots of seedlings are ready to plant out at the plot, some has been germinated well at the plot, such as beetroots, turnips, Spring Onions….

A short clips of what is happening………

Into the Mid of May…

At last the bed 11th has been dug over and ready to plants out young plants….. a lot of ad hoc works around the plot…… just keep life more entertaining…

Mid May planting copy

Coming to the End of May….

We have been busy around the plot just the busy bees, planting in tomatoes, corns, beans, Comfrey, Spinach, Lettuce…..  Weedlings has a big bloom too….. where is the supposed moist May…. we are having fun carrying water here and there…..

End May 1 copy

End May 2 copy

End May 3 copy

Obviously the joy is having the goodies after all the hard work, we have start the bumper harvest now and watch this space and more to the storeroom….

End May 4 copy

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April 2010….. Year 3

This was a month of happening of all things great and small…. Easter holiday…. reground plot 25B…. seeds germinated in rocket way….plus the unexpected Icelandic volcano eruption

Volcanic Ashes visitor

My sis was unfortunately caught up with the Icelandic volcano disruption on all flights, and she stayed at my home for a few days…. ended we had a good time together and she really enjoyed my allotmenting lifestyle and helped in doing a bit of planting too…..

Veronica BD

Home Front Garden

April is a month of colour appearing…. Tulips and Daffodils and many more….

Home plants


Sowed lots of seeds at home’s tiny greenhouse, it works fine and most seeds has germinated and ready to plant out…….

seedlings for plot

General view of the plot during April

During the month, I have planted in all Mangetouts and Peas, onions, sowed in Beetroot, Parsnips….

Dug out some unsuccessful Board Beans which has been suffered from the severe winter…

new plants 2

new plants 1

Noted that Ladybirds has appeared and Board Beans flower started blooming…..

Board beans flower ladybird


Board beans out

Reforming of plot 25B

My JCB and I have work up a wonder to reform this plot 25B….

We have created bed 9, 10 and 11….. Both bed 9 & 10 have planted in potatoes to kick off a start… dug over bed 11 for future plantings…

Cleared up the jungle of Raspberry bed, recover some and planted out some donation form Janet…. now we have bed 12 as our fruit bed….

At the back of the plot, we planed to create 3 tiny beds…. bed 13, 14 & 15… watch this space…

Bed 9 & 10

Bed 9, 10,11

Bed 12 after aka25B

Bed 13,14,15 before ala 25B

Views at the end of the month

We normally have April showers during the month, but this year we have sunny dry weather instead…..

I have to fill in water into holes before planting in…..

Popped into the plot mostly for watering and watering…..

Bed 5

Borrowed the roller to roll out the bed before planting out my Brussels Sprouts….

Turnips has germinated….

Started the clearing job at the back of plot…. dump dump dump……

growing and dumping

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Plot 25B take over – Year 3

25th March 2010 ….


One day in March, the plotter of 25B suddenly evicted all their plotting equipments from the shed, it just looked so untidy so I made a call to ask what has happened.  The answer was they gave up because of ill health. I made a call to the warden and took over the task to transform this half plot which connected to mine…..

Here are the images of the before ……


Lot of seedlings has been germinated and growing steady …. waiting for the right moments to plant out….

Spring seeds

Spring View

Just couldn’t help to upload some lovely home planted Spring flowers images ….

Spring flowers @ home

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Easter season – Week 7 – Year 3

End week of March 2010

Here comes the busy Easter Festival… I said, as it is really a celebration of the  reborn, relive and refresh for all…. as a church goer and believer, this is another big time besides Christmas… busy both in mind and physical….

My favourite hymn at this time of the year… Now the Green Blade Rises… great lyrics and soothing hopeful tune….


Noted that new grasses has appeared in the newly dug footpath by JCB, at last we shall walk on balance steps in the coming years ….



We decided to plant in the First Early potatoes in Bed 4 and Bed 6…. traditional saying that plant in potato around Easter time and gradually plant in First Early, Second Early and then Main Crops…. My First Early are Arran Pilot, Foremost and Pentland Javelin and I have only limited space to plant in this year’s First Early potatoes… as I am well advised not to grow potatoes in the same spot in concession at least 2 years… rotation… rotation and rotation…..

Early potatoes w7y3


My spring salad radish has germinated well… looking forward to have some munch…..


Easter Feast

I couldn’t help to upload this photo of my loved main character of this festival feast, it has served us well satisfactory and have great honour on our table… thank Lord of our great bounty….

Feast for Easter

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